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How a One Man IT Firm uses OneDesk to manage his client projects and requests

Working in a small company comes complete with its own unique set of challenges. These challenges are only magnified when your company is as small as it can get – a single person. When you only have yourself to count on, managing the time that you put into projects becomes of the utmost importance, and as more customers are brought on board, this time-management becomes tricky to deal with.


Cybersecurity Firm Enhance Service Delivery Team Workflow with Scoro

A global cyber security firm with a goal of doubling the revenues for its 100-strong Solution Engineering and Service Delivery team over the next year. This team, identified as strategically vital, had been running all its team scheduling and resourcing using: To support their ambitious growth goals, they recognized they needed a much more sophisticated workflow – and software solution to orchestrate that.


How a school integrates OneDesk's customer widget into their learning management system

For small teams, using managed software solutions is an easy way to provide functionality without investing in resources to build it. However, managed solutions can also be restrictive when customizations are needed. It then becomes a burden trying to find other tools that will seamlessly integrate. In particular, content management systems (CMS) are streamlined to help companies create, manage, and deliver content, handling much of the scaffolding for users.

How Webhelp Tackled Challenges During Their IT Transformation With Freshworks

Mariano Bañón, Global IT transformation program manager for Webhelp shares his experience of working with Freshservice. Mariano is leading an initiative in Webhelp to simplify IT processes and technology for more than 60.000 employees worldwide. One of the initiatives under the program is to rollout Freshservice across different regions and shared services. In this episode, he will explain how and why Webhelp's IT team made the decision of shifting their IT support strategy, and the challenges they have faced along the way.

How an ERP Firm uses OneDesk to serve its customers

For an expanding enterprise resource planning (ERP) firm, providing quality service is of utmost importance. ERP covers a wide range of day-to-day business areas—from procurement to accounting and everything in between—so staying organized and on top of everything is the key to success. Bringing the management of these needs all into one tool makes it easy to find everything in one centralized spot. With this in mind, one ERP firm came to us with a few priority requirements.

How Comensura Managed to Route Tickets to the Right Teams Using Freshdesk

For Comensura, the ability to quickly route queries from their client base to the right group and agents, and resolve them efficiently, is key to delivering great customer service. Comensura have used Freshdesk to increase their resilience, enable new ways of working and achieve their KPIs. Amazing Customer Stories is a video series by Freshworks interviewing leading organizations who have adapted their customer service during the Coronavirus crisis.

LinkedIn's first steps towards a centralized notification strategy

In the past, each LinkedIn application team decided their notification strategy in isolation. Business logic and infrastructure sharing were limited between the teams. This resulted in a fragmented and inconsistent tech stack across LinkedIn and a less than savory member notification experience. To combat this disjointed experience, Linkedin set up a small team to build an orchestration layer, the Air-Traffic Controller (ATC). This became one of the more complex notification systems and helped Linkedin grow into the top social platform for business and networking.

Customer Story: Project management was a pain for Marketeers until they found Zoho Projects

Marketeers is a 27-year-old market research company situated in Egypt. Watch how they use Zoho Projects to plan and estimate their work, keep track of progress, collaborate within their team as well as with clients, and record work hours for billing purposes.