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3 Ways Nifty Transformed the Automotive Industry for This Startup

Nifty has been the versatile Swiss army knife for an automotive tech start-up, Schmicko. They specialize in professional mobile car care services, held together tightly with smart technology, starting with Nifty. With so many moving parts of the business, from onsite technical services to customer service, marketing, and so on, it becomes incredibly easy to get caught up in daily activities instead of the ‘main objectives’.


How Retailer Farmacity Optimized the Number of Agents by 30% with InvGate Service Desk

Farmacity is one of the major retail store chains in Argentina, with a business model that combines pharma with convenience stores. Since its foundation in 1997, it has consolidated its position as the largest employer of pharmaceutical professionals in the country. With more than 300 stores and two distribution centers, Farmacity employs over 7,000 people. Before working with InvGate Service Desk, Farmacity was using a self-developed ticketing solution.


RSPB works with HaloITSM to Streamline their Processes

We are a UK-based, but globally reaching conservation charity. We carry out conservation work that you can see from space, built from the ground up. We protect habitats, save species, and help to end the nature and climate emergency. We do this through five main work areas: science, species, places, people and policy. With 2500 staff and 12,000 volunteers, we have the power and resource to act, influence, collaborate and empower people to save nature.

Samsung builds a happy framework with Slack | Slack

The framework R&D group of Samsung MX is creating their own Digital HQ where they can collaborate as if they were playing a game through Slack, which can be more closely connected. "It was thanks to Slack that gave us the best solution in terms of security and productivity that we were able to improve both our performance and our organizational culture." - Sally Jeong, Vice President, Framework R&D Group, Samsung MX

Agency delivers excellent client service with Scoro

Hub began life as a video production company 20 years ago, operating from a single room. Now, it is an agency that delivers extraordinary audience engagement for its clients in a variety of sectors, notably financial services, legal, education and retail. When we spoke to Co-founder Kate, Hub was preparing to move to larger premises to accommodate a team expected to exceed 50 within the next three years.


How Dropbox's Virtual First Toolkit in Miro supercharges distributed teamwork

Chances are that you are reading this from your home office (AKA bedroom, living room, or even kitchen). By now, many of us are not only used to working remotely, but have uncovered some real opportunities for efficiency. With our Virtual First strategy for distributed teams, Dropbox committed early on to guiding employees on the behavioral shifts necessary and to providing resources to be effective working from virtually anywhere.