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4 Examples Of Good Customer Service In Schools And What You Can Learn From Each One Of Them

Customer service is often associated with consumer-facing companies, like Amazon or your favorite e-commerce store. When mentioned in relation to schools, it’s often overlooked. However, good customer service in schools can help build stronger ties with existing students and parents, as well as earn a reputation as a preferred educational institution that lasts for years to come.

What's happening to customer experience in this post-pandemic world? - Ft. Nick Mehta, CEO Gainsight

This post-pandemic world is changing everything - and customer experience is no exception. Hear from Nick Mehta, CEO at Gainsight, as he talks to Puneet Mehta (CEO of Netomi) about the changes he's seen in CX and Customer Success since the start of the pandemic. Nick Mehta is CEO of Gainsight, the Customer Success company that helps businesses improve customer retention, accelerate expansion and capitalize on customer advocacy. He is the co-author of “Customer Success: How Innovative Companies Are Reducing Churn and Growing Recurring Revenue,” the authoritative book on the field.

5 Tips for Writing Perfect Tech Support Emails

‘What’s the big deal with technical support emails?’ you might ask. Aren’t they simple? In theory, they are, yet many customer support agents manage to make a significant mess. Though it’d be ideal to hand-craft every email you send, it can also be time-consuming and counterproductive. We know our share of agents in tech support, and some of the support conversations they’ve recounted have ranged from terrible to occasionally hilarious.

Zendesk Deep Dive on Messaging

In our first post Relate event, the Community team hosted a deep dive into what’s new with Zendesk Messaging. We sat down with Paul Lalonde and members of the Messaging team, where they highlighted recent product updates such as improved bot building and updates to the mobile app UI and shared a deep understanding of what Messaging has to offer. The team also hosted live Q&A addressing questions submitted by attendees on various areas of the Messaging product!

Digital Transformation & Customer Experience: What's the Connection?

The ways in which most businesses now operate and interact with customers is drastically different from what they were a few years ago. For example, customers can research their options, learn about other brands, and make purchases all from the comfort of their own homes. And though this has meant a lot of change and adjustment for businesses, many of those changes have been for the better. This is because digital transformation and customer experience influence each other.

A 3-pronged approach to creating (and scaling) legendary customer service experiences

More than half of people have higher expectations for customer service now compared to a year ago, according to Microsoft’s State of Global Customer Service Report. But providing consistent, quality customer service is a challenge. You can’t simply automate or template your way to success.

The 8 Best Customer Service Tools to Aid in a Connected Customer Journey

Today’s customer support professionals have a lot on their plates – from interacting directly with customers and managing a steady stream of support tickets, to creating and updating libraries of self-service content. All this, while under pressure to keep customer satisfaction high and resolution time low.

The Top 15 Customer Experience Experts You Need To Follow in 2022

In any profession, success comes to those who are constantly evolving, staying updated on current trends and learning best practices. We often look to leaders and industry experts to show us the way forward whenever there’s a roadblock, and if your work profile is dependent on keeping up with evolving customer trends and expectations, you need ongoing guidance.