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7 Proven Strategies to Improve Customer Service in BPOs

Customer service business process outsourcers (BPOs or “outsourcers”) have similar goals and challenges to in-house operations—and some additional ones of their own. They’ve got to keep several plates spinning at all times such as: Do they have a secret sauce that helps them to achieve that?


Should I Outsource my IT? Pros, Cons, and Things to Consider

We are approaching the end of Q4 and it is time to defend the IT budget for next year. It is then that, as IT managers, we ask ourselves: wouldn't it be convenient to outsource IT? Of course, this is not a simple question to answer, mainly because we need to analyze multiple factors in order to find an answer that fits each organization. So, if you're looking for a yes or no answer, we're sorry to disappoint you.

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How Time Doctor helped these BPOs achieve high employee engagement rates

Employee engagement has long been an issue for BPO companies, but never more so than in today’s post-pandemic world of hybrid and remote work. Among the companies we interviewed, we found that they shared common problems that emerged as a result of poor employee engagement levels. These included a lack of productivity, reduced customer satisfaction and retention, and increased employee attrition.

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How Time Doctor is helping several BPOs reduce employee attrition and improve talent retention

Employee attrition has always been a severe challenge for BPOs. Whether they specialize in contact center and customer experience (CX) outsourcing, IT helpdesk and IT support, outsourced software development, marketing, recruitment, HR, back-office processing, finance, accounting, or staff leasing – they can experience attrition rates as high as 45%. Few companies can thrive while they’re having to replace 5% of their workforce every month just to stand still.

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Improving employee engagement at your BPO: 5 tried and tested strategies

For outsourcing companies, the depth of connection and support experienced by frontline employees has a direct relationship to how empowered and enthusiastic they’ll feel about solving customer issues. That has a flow-on effect to your client churn and operational costs. Yet many BPOs lack a strategic focus on increasing employee engagement levels as a means to boost performance and profits.

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How BPO & outsourcing leaders are using technology to reduce employee attrition

These are difficult times for business leaders. Challenging situations are nothing out of the ordinary for the people responsible for overseeing organizations, with topics such as cash flow, digital transformation and productivity always on their radars. However, the past year has seen a unique concern dominate boardroom conversations around the world – employee attrition.

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7 strategies for BPO firms to retain top talent

The ‘war for talent’ is as intense as ever. A quarter of a century since global management consulting firm McKinsey first used the term when highlighting the increasingly fierce competition to attract and retain employees, the global pandemic has taken the challenge to a whole new level, so much so that one global survey of almost 1500 C-suite executives and board members has revealed the issue is now the number one concern for business leaders.

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How to do an effective call audit in your contact center BPO

Call auditing involves evaluating and reviewing your contact or call center’s performance to ensure maximum efficiency and team productivity. An effective call audit process can help you identify opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses by determining if the operation meets specific, measurable performance criteria. Ultimately, a successful call audit will provide insights into precisely what is happening in the contact center. You can then utilize the data collected to make improvements.