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The hunt for BPO paradise: Why so many companies are outsourcing to Fiji

The outsourcing industry has come a long way in the past few decades, posting huge growth numbers year on year – even during the pandemic. But outsourcing remains a complex business and both BPOs and the clients that use them are always looking for an extra competitive edge. Traditionally, Asian countries like India, China, and the Philippines have been the go-to places for BPOs to locate themselves and for clients to choose.

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10 crucial outsourcing metrics you should track today

Every company in the outsourcing sector needs a strategy to reduce costs, improve customer service, and boost performance. Fortunately, by establishing the right outsourcing metrics, your Business Process Outsourcing company can quickly boost employee productivity and set your company up for business success. In this article, we’ll cover 10 crucial outsourcing metrics and highlight three benefits of tracking them. Let’s dive in.

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The BPO 4-day work week: A game changer for the outsourcing industry?

The concept of the 4-day work week has gained traction in recent years as companies worldwide seek to reduce workplace stress, boost employee satisfaction, and improve productivity. The UK has now embarked on a pilot trial involving over 3,300 employees from various industries to establish whether this radical new system works. The idea is that employees receive 100% of their pay for 80% of the time while delivering 100% of their expected output.

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BPO vs KPO: 7 key differences + 6 common benefits

Business Process Outsourcing and Knowledge Process Outsourcing share many common benefits. But did you know the primary differences between BPO vs KPO? To start with, KPO is a targeted industry that focuses on the outsourcing of knowledge-based services while BPO is the general outsourcing of non-core activities to a third party service provider. KPO also differs quite a bit from BPO in terms of its services and complexity.

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What is back office BPO? (pros, cons, popular services)

Back office functions like data management, payroll processing, HR administration, etc., play an essential role in a company’s scalability and productivity. But why do companies outsource back office BPO functions? Businesses often find it challenging to execute back office processes as it requires the latest technology, infrastructure, and qualified professionals. Outsourcing these processes gives companies a chance to improve their back office operation in a cost-effective way.