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4 steps to create an effective employee onboarding process

An onboarding process is a structured approach to welcome new hires and set them up for success. When done right, onboarding helps new employees learn quickly, grow in their roles, and understand why their work matters. Learn about the benefits of great onboarding and how to achieve them, plus create your own onboarding process with four simple steps.

How to Create an Onboarding Checklist for New Employees

An onboarding checklist is a comprehensive guide for new employees that outlines all the necessary steps and tasks to be completed during their initial days, weeks, and months at a company. It serves as a roadmap for both the employee and the employer to ensure a smooth and successful integration into the organization. According to Forbes, a well-structured onboarding process can improve employee retention, increase job satisfaction, and boost overall productivity.

Customer Setup Workflow: Best Practices For Onboarding Customers

Customer onboarding is a critical first step in cultivating long-term customer success. ‍ This process sets the foundation of your entire customer relationship, presenting an opportunity to impress, engage, and retain your clients. ‍ If executed correctly, a thoughtful onboarding process can significantly enhance customer satisfaction, encouraging them to remain with your business and become advocates of your products and services. ‍ ‍

How to Automate Employee Onboarding and Offboarding Process Using BambooHR and Azure AD (Webinar)

Tired of complicated paperwork when bringing new employees onboard or when they leave? Our latest webinar recording has the answer! In this easy-to-follow session, we talk about the problems with old-fashioned onboarding and offboarding methods. Then, we show you the awesome benefits of using automation to make things simpler and faster. No more confusion – just efficient and accurate processes that make employees happy!

Automating your new hire checklist with HR project management software (template included)

If you’ve ever hired a new employee, you know how stressful the process can be. Applications. Interviews. Decisions. And once you’ve hired somebody, your job still isn’t done — now it’s time to provide a comprehensive, stellar onboarding experience to give them everything they need to do their job, and a great first impression of your agency. A new hire checklist is the best way to help new employees blend into your agency quickly and easily.

8 Employee Onboarding Best Practices to Make Everyone's Lives Easier

New hires slog through a lot before they’re ready to operate at the rate of someone who’s been there for years. And should you leave out important steps when getting someone set up, you could end up with a new employee who doesn’t know where to go for help, isn’t sure what they’re supposed to be doing every day, and ends up regretting their decision to join your company. New hires are also judging you during their first weeks at the company.

5 steps to successful client onboarding

In agency life, there’s no better feeling than the buzz of winning a new client. Did someone say “open bar”? But with it now being 16 times more expensive to build a long-term relationship with a brand-new client than an existing one, there’s never been so much pressure on agencies to get client onboarding right. That’s why more and more agencies are choosing project management software to track projects and centralize communication between stakeholders and your team.

Remote Onboarding: How to Successfully Onboard a New Employee Remotely

We are sure you have been in the position of: I have new remote employees starting soon and I don’t know how to onboard them. First, congratulations on your new staff! Second, don’t worry. We got your back on your remote onboarding! Yes, onboarding a new employee can be challenging, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Not only will your new employees be productive sooner, but they’ll also feel like part of the team faster.

New Work Management Software Onboarding: Essential Tips for a Successful Transition

Congratulations! You have chosen a tool that helps your team to plan time and projects most profitably! Or maybe you have yet to make your final decision because you still have questions. One way or another, it’s good to know what happens after new work management software enters the building. At first, it might feel a bit overwhelming – where to begin, how to get the team on board? How long does it take for this change to happen? All these questions are valid.