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Andrew Carothers on Customer Experience | Customer-Centricity, Trends in CX, Crucial Skills

Welcome back to our series where we interview influential CX Leaders. Recently we spoke to Andrew Carothers (Sr Manager, Digital Experience @Cisco) about the customer-centric business model, emerging trends in CX, crucial skills in the field - and more! "Andrew is a Senior Customer Experience leader helping companies and their partners increase customer adoption and retention, improve renewals rates, and drive growth at scale through digital engagement. Builder of award-winning strategies and programs.

The Modern Traveler Takes Off: 4 Examples of Travel Companies Taking Steps to Enhance the Travel CX

Due to a last-minute cancellation, a traveler from Vancouver, BC was forced to book a flight that cost four times the amount of her original ticket ($960 CAD instead of the original $250 CAD). While she was booked on a replacement flight scheduled to depart days later, this interfered with her larger plans, an “adventure of a lifetime” to Australia. The once giddy and enthusiastic mood quickly darkened.


This Season, AI is in Vogue: Conversational AI For Retail and eCommerce CX

Back-to-school, Christmas, or simply refreshing one’s home decor for the changing season. Whatever the occasion, the holiday shopping season is fast-approaching, and for some, already underway. Yet, this season is a bit different from those of the past. For one, consumer habits have evolved since the pandemic- nearly 40% have switched brands or retailers during the pandemic, and more than 80% have new shopping behaviors, such as adopting “buy online and pickup in-store” services.


The Rise of the Machine Customer: The Next Emerging Market for CX

Staying abreast of all things CX is something we take seriously at Netomi, and the rise of the machine customer is a phenomenon that is shaping the future. This sounds futuristic, bringing to mind images of assembly lines and TV shows such as Westworld. To clarify, the customers themselves are not machines, rather, machine customers, such as virtual personal assistants or smart products, will perform customer service activities on behalf of their human customers for lower customer effort.

Irit Eizips on Customer Success | Measuring Success, Important CS Skills, Career Advice

Welcome to our first episode in a new series where we interview influential CX Leaders. Recently we spoke to Irit Eizips (Founder, Chief Customer Officer, and CEO @CSM Practice ) about measuring success in Customer Success, important skills in the field, advice for new professionals - and more! "Irit Eizips is a world renowned thought leader who has been pivotal in shaping Customer Success methodologies and best practices. Since 2013, she has been consistently voted top Customer Success strategist and influencers.

AI for CX 101: Conversational AI Metrics that Matter

Metrics are critical in order to gauge the performance of both support teams and the technology solutions behind them in any project. In our customer case studies, we frequently talk about milestones such as our customers reaching deflection rates of X%, yet what do these terms really mean? As you progress with your conversational AI journey, which key customer experience metrics can you see improve with AI?


Creating Wildly Successful Customers: A Q&A with Rupal Nishar, Netomi's VP of Customer Success

To help you, our readers, get to know the humans behind Netomi, we chatted with Rupal Nishar, our VP of Customer Success, about the company’s customer-first approach, and trends in the world of CX/CS today. Here’s what we uncovered in our Q&A with Rupal Nishar.