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Customer Experience in 2022 - Ft. Nick Mehta (CEO of Gainsight) & Puneet Mehta (CEO of Netomi)

Nick Mehta and Puneet Mehta have an insightful discussion, unpacking the future of CX and how to finetune your CX strategy for 2022 & beyond. Nick Mehta is CEO of Gainsight, the Customer Success company that helps businesses improve customer retention, accelerate expansion and capitalize on customer advocacy. He is the co-author of “Customer Success: How Innovative Companies Are Reducing Churn and Growing Recurring Revenue,” the authoritative book on the field.

Travel chatbots: top examples that travelers and businesses love

How are travel companies performing today when it comes to support? In a recent experiment covered by NASDAQ, customer service quality was tested and measured across 3,000 of the top global travel and hospitality brands worldwide. Let’s just say there’s lots of room for improvement. To remove stress and surprise and delight customers with effortless experiences, companies are adopting AI-powered travel chatbots to engage with guests at every step of the customer journey.


How to design dialogue for chatbots

The art of conversation evolved early in human evolution. As a species, we’ve been perfecting our verbal and nonverbal communication skills over hundreds of thousands of years, and it still is something that takes us years to learn. We’re at one of the most pivotal periods since the beginning of human dialogue. With artificial intelligence (AI) powering chatbots and voice assistants, we’re now teaching human brains how to communicate with artificial brains.

Miro Customer Service - Scaling teams, building a unicorn culture, and shaping the product roadmap

Oleg Krasnov is the Head of Support Excellence at Miro, an online collaborative whiteboard platform that enables distributed teams to work effectively together with over 20 Mn+ users. He is an evangelist for outstanding customer relations with 13+ years in tech spanning various industries having worked with companies such as Microsoft, Selectel, Zeptolab, etc.

Customer Service Benchmark Report - eCommerce.

As the eCommerce industry becomes more competitive as barriers to entry shrink, consumers are less loyal and it's easier than ever to switch to a competitor, putting a priority on the customer experience is now required to build and grow a business. Support is now as critical as providing a high quality or unique product, or fiercely competing on price. This Customer Service Benchmark Report uncovers how 2,000 of the world's largest ecommerce companies provide customer support on the leading support channel: email.

The 16 Best AI Chatbots for Business in 2022 and Beyond [Review and Key Features]

Chatbots are used by 1.4 billion people today. Companies are launching their best AI chatbots to carry on 1:1 conversations with customers and employees. AI powered chatbots are also capable of automating various tasks, including sales and marketing, customer service, and administrative and operational tasks.


Hiring Customer Service Agents is Harder than Ever

“Call centers have never been more important — or more strapped1.” Imagine having a 100-year old parent who has a panic button for emergency situations. When you try it out, it takes an agent five minutes to call to check in. Why the delay in what could have been a life-or-death situation? A shortage of agents. A problem brought about by the pandemic2. This medical alert company is not alone.


17 Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions and Templates

In this post, we’re covering everything you need to know about customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys, including: For your business to survive and thrive, measuring customer satisfaction is key. You need to take frequent pulses on how your customers feel about your brand, products, services and interactions to identify pain points and benchmark your performance over time.