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Zendesk Deep Dive on Messaging

In our first post Relate event, the Community team hosted a deep dive into what’s new with Zendesk Messaging. We sat down with Paul Lalonde and members of the Messaging team, where they highlighted recent product updates such as improved bot building and updates to the mobile app UI and shared a deep understanding of what Messaging has to offer. The team also hosted live Q&A addressing questions submitted by attendees on various areas of the Messaging product!

Top 5 CMDB Best Practices (And Worst CMDB Mistakes)

A robust IT asset management solution is key to the efficient delivery of IT services to an organization. It’s important to keep track of the organization’s assets, both hardware and software, to ensure continued service delivery. Without this, these assets may fail or stop functioning as intended and can cause inconvenient service disruption.

5 Tips for Writing Perfect Tech Support Emails

‘What’s the big deal with technical support emails?’ you might ask. Aren’t they simple? In theory, they are, yet many customer support agents manage to make a significant mess. Though it’d be ideal to hand-craft every email you send, it can also be time-consuming and counterproductive. We know our share of agents in tech support, and some of the support conversations they’ve recounted have ranged from terrible to occasionally hilarious.

When SLAs Aren't Enough: Introducing User Experience into the Equation

In what almost seems like a bygone era, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) used to carry considerably more weight with both customers and service providers. Over the years, the use of SLAs as accurate barometers of service has fallen dramatically, as they don’t necessarily reflect the lived experience of customers. This represents a shift in the perception of what used to be one of the key metrics by how service, and thus the user experience, used to be measured.

What is Data Normalization and How Does it Work?

With technologies like AI and IoT becoming mainstream and more and more businesses developing customer-centric applications, we’re living in a data storm. Enterprises are collecting data on large scale and using them for gaining every bit of edge they can get in competitive markets. By 2025, the annual revenue from global big data analytics is expected to reach 68.09 billion USD and around 181 zettabytes of data is expected to be created globally.

Online Chat Software: Why It Should Be Your Priority In 2022

Online chat software is an online application that businesses use to communicate with website visitors and offer timely services to the end-user. The support team and customers exchange instant messages, enabling them to solve customer issues in real-time. Quality customer care plays a crucial role in the success and growth of your organization.

The Common IT Self-Service Pain Points and What to Do About Them

How long has the IT industry espoused IT self-service capabilities’ IT support benefits yet failed to realize them fully? They make so much sense, offering “better, faster, cheaper” service and support capabilities. Still, for many organizations, IT self-service capabilities need so much more than the implementation of the required technology.

Why Listening to Customer Feedback Leads to Startup Success

Did you know that ignoring customer feedback has resulted in 14% of startup failures within the last few years? Besides sketchy products, poor pivots, and lousy marketing strategies, they all boil down to one factor — the lack of constructive criticism. As a startup business, it’s essential to solve problems the right way. Therefore, having a strong personality when facing constructive criticism is necessary, as it will lead to further improvement of your products and services.

A 3-pronged approach to creating (and scaling) legendary customer service experiences

More than half of people have higher expectations for customer service now compared to a year ago, according to Microsoft’s State of Global Customer Service Report. But providing consistent, quality customer service is a challenge. You can’t simply automate or template your way to success.

Support Assist: Introducing New Machine Learning Capabilities to Service Desk

During InvGate’s presentation at SupportWorld Live 2022, we are proud to introduce Support Assist, our AI engine that enhances the support capabilities of service desks for all types of businesses and departments. One of InvGate's guiding principles is to "simplify what is complex," and so for the last year we’ve been finding ways to leverage our solutions with machine learning, testing different tools inside our platforms that could make a real difference for our users.