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4 Basic Work Styles To Build An Effective Team

If you’re thinking about building an effective team, it is important to understand the different work styles that people prefer. This post will outline four different work styles and discuss how to fit them into your team best. By understanding each style, you’ll be able to build an effective and productive team. Let’s get started!


Team Bonding: Why It's Important And How You Can Encourage It

Have you ever noticed how much better things go when you have a team of people working together in harmony? Team bonding is undeniably important for businesses and organizations to succeed, but it’s not always easy to encourage. In this blog post, we will explore why team bonding is important, as well as some practical tips and ideas on how you can promote team bonding within your organization. Let’s dive into it!


10 Tools to Keep Your Workflows Aligned While Promoting Positive Team Culture

A positive team culture encourages people to express themselves freely – while still being professional, of course. Teams need to work as a unit for a company to grow. And they work best when the team culture facilitates and rewards healthy collaboration based on honesty and transparency. Given how dramatically the work culture has changed in the last few years, you need the right tools to keep going.


How to run a team health check (and why you should schedule one today)

There’s a reason we schedule routine dental cleanings, regularly change the oil in our cars, and call our friends to see how they’re doing: When we care about something, we check in. The same goes for workplace priorities. From OKRs to KPIs to to performance reviews, managers have many ways to check in with their team. But if you really want to get a deep understanding of your team’s dynamics, performance, and happiness, try the team health check.


20 team meeting ideas that will help your team bond in 2023

Did you know that your team meetings can be a great opportunity to build psychological safety? Why does that matter? It turns out that psychological safety is a key factor in boosting team performance. In a recent study published in the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers in Psychology, researchers stated the importance of psychological safety like this: People who feel psychologically safe at work are more willing to be vulnerable in terms of contributing ideas or pointing out potential problems.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Learn all about nTask's Mission to Empower Teams

nTask is a task management platform that helps you organize your to-do list and track your progress. It also has features that make it easy to find the tasks you’re looking for, complete them, and get feedback on your work. nTask eliminates the need for you to carry around different pieces of paper with you, or to search through a pile of folders in order to find the task you’re looking for.


17 Best Online Collaboration Tools in 2023

Online collaboration tools are web-design platforms, a technology that helps businesses or organizations connect, chat, share projects, delegate assignments, or share files from anywhere in the world. They greatly support teamwork even if all the parties are in different locations, generating transparency, hence high productivity as an end product to any organization.

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Tips on How to Effectively Manage a Cross-generational Team

A challenge that’s increasingly common in workplaces today is that many generations often work together in one team. Managing a cross-generational team can be challenging. The generation gap between members requires managers to understand the unique habits, behaviors and preferences of different generations. A prime example of age differences is in the use of technology.


5 Effective Strategies In Conflict Resolution At The Workplace

Workplace conflicts can be a challenging experience for everyone involved. Whether it’s a disagreement over work responsibilities, miscommunication, or something more serious, they can lead to tension and frustration. In this article, we provide you with 8 effective strategies for resolving workplace conflicts. Hopefully, this will help you to avoid any conflict before it gets out of hand, and help you to reach a resolution that is beneficial for all parties involved.