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Is the "future of work" happening in your office? Just look around.

Think of something new you’ve done lately at work. Something that felt easier. Was it an A.I. suggestion, helpfully predictive text, or an app integration that just worked? Maybe a blocker vanished just as an automated workflow emerged. That’s the future of work in action.


The 5 Stages of Team Development

TL;DR: Remote marketing teams have become more common, but unlike “traditional” teams that work in the same physical space, team leaders have the added responsibility of being more proactive and strategic about how they manage their teams. Understanding the five stages of team development enables you to get teams started, resolve conflicts more smoothly, share information effectively, achieve top results, and then review outcomes to keep finding ways to improve.

Impossible Alone: Charting a new era of teamwork

Ever had an idea that seems impossible to realize? Or unexpected obstacles that seem too big to overcome? That’s where teamwork comes in. From space travel and climate change to bugs in code and remote equipment requests, no task is impossible with the right team, apps, and practices. Join co-founders Mike Cannon Brookes and Scott Farquhar to see how Atlassian can help your team achieve what’s impossible alone.

From hierarchies to circles: An evolution of work habits

A few years ago, Accenture Technology in the DACH region began revolutionizing the internal working model, roles, and habits within their Agile unit. Under this new operating model, five thousand team members now have more self-organization and enjoy a more flexible, modern work culture. This session captures the essence of the team’s learning journey, including ways of working, habits, and how they leverage Atlassian tools to steer their business.
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Dynamic Teams: Real-World Examples of Effective Teamwork in 2023

Although there is a tendency to extol the virtues of leaders, innovators, and outstanding individuals, it is important to acknowledge that no one can achieve anything alone. The backbone of any successful enterprise is a strong and cohesive team that works in concert. By promoting a collaborative mindset within the organization's culture, businesses can enjoy the benefits of teamwork, such as increased productivity and sustained growth.