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When to hire a new employee for your growing small business

As a founder or leader at a small business, growth is incredibly exciting — it means the thing you’re building is working, gaining steam, and growing market share. But growth can be painfully complicated, too. You’ll inevitably reach a point where there’s more to do than you or your current team can get done — but is there enough work to justify hiring a new employee? In this quick guide, we’ll show you how to decide when it’s time to hire.

Team Structure: How To Create a Team?

Employees are the most valuable asset of any organization, and creating a proper team structure offers an opportunity to maximize their talents. An efficient collaboration within multi-talented team members is a gateway to a company’s success. Three in four employees consider teamwork and collaboration as “very important,” but unfortunately, 39% of employees globally say their firms don’t collaborate enough. The reason?

Why Being Vulnerable And Sharing More Of Yourself Will Inspire Your Team

There are some things you’re probably fairly open about at work. Your go-to coffee order. The fact that public speaking makes you nervous. Maybe even your plans for your upcoming vacation. But, for many of us, that’s the extent of just how much we let our team members in—we’re hesitant to go much deeper than that. In fact, 41% of Americans say their coworkers are just that: coworkers.

How To Strike The Ideal Balance Of Autonomy On Your Team (And How Trello Can Help)

Here’s a little-known business fact: Post-It notes first came about because 3M was in favor of bootlegging. Before 3M sends us a “cease and desist” letter, let’s clarify: not that kind of bootlegging. Rather than selling illegal alcohol during Prohibition, 3M’s gave its employees autonomy to work on their own company projects.

10 effective strategies for promoting team collaboration

Team collaboration in the workplace elevates teamwork to a new level. It enables groups to pool their skills, talents, and ideas to achieve a shared goal. Work collaboration, when done effectively, can have a good impact on your team or business. Collaboration can boost team efficiency, innovation, and relationships. According to Urubit, 33% of employees say that the ability to collaborate makes them more loyal.

How to Boost Team Morale in Remote Teams: The Ultimate Guide to Fostering a Culture of Motivation Among Remote Teams

Remote working is the way of the world these days. While many employees love the flexibility of working from home avoiding busy commutes, there are also many challenges when it comes to managing remote teams and fostering team morale. Without the bustle of a shared office and team coffees during lunch breaks, employees can feel somewhat disconnected, and this can directly hinder business success. Undeniably, morale is essential for teams to succeed.