San Francisco, CA, USA
Jun 1, 2023   |  By Alex Hood
We see enormous potential for AI to empower teams to work together more effectively and efficiently.
May 18, 2023   |  By Nick Lucchesi
Think of something new you’ve done lately at work. Something that felt easier. Was it an A.I. suggestion, helpfully predictive text, or an app integration that just worked? Maybe a blocker vanished just as an automated workflow emerged. That’s the future of work in action.
May 11, 2023   |  By Annie Atherton
The authors of a Power and Prediction argue that to best utilize the predictive power of A.I., leaders should be able to answer three big questions about how the business will use it.
May 10, 2023   |  By David Silverberg
The pile-up of meetings at a company can slow progress. Here’s how to clear the lane so your teams can drive more meaningful results.
Apr 27, 2023   |  By Megan Carnegie
How Cisco, Reddit, YuLife, and TheSoul Publishing make room for productivity.
Apr 26, 2023   |  By Stephen J Bronner
Empathy is tricky. In recent years, it’s become a sniffed-at, laughed-at, or memed trait. Still, leaders who do the work appear to hit their goals and see a boon in productivity, one of the most tangible business metrics.
Apr 24, 2023   |  By Stephen J Bronner
Collaboration can drive stellar results. Here’s how to operationalize trust to make collaboration consistently successful—now and in the years ahead—even as the macroeconomic climate changes.
Apr 24, 2023   |  By Anatomy of Work Global Index
According to the Anatomy of Work Global Index, 79% of workers at collaborative organizations feel well-prepared to respond to challenges—four times higher than weak collaborators.
Apr 21, 2023   |  By Ariela Kozin
Times of crisis can trigger innovation—if leaders can guide the perception of a crisis, and if leaders understand how each team member responds to them. Study Abstract — Although a crisis provides room for creativity, organizations often suffer from creativity deficits in such a situation. Indeed, threat-rigidity theory suggests that an employee-experienced crisis may hinder employee creativity.
Jun 1, 2023   |  By Asana
With Bundles, you can easily create, apply, and update processes across multiple projects in one place. Easily add and update a set of rules, fields, and task templates for as many projects as you need. Use Bundles to drive consistency, save time, and quickly adapt to changing business goals.
May 19, 2023   |  By Asana
Welcome to the May edition of What’s New in Asana! First, communicate with your team more clearly by adding headings, images, and tables to your comments. Next, critical path in the Timeline view lets you quickly see which tasks are crucial for completing your project. Finally, now you can duplicate existing dashboards in the “Reporting” tab for easier setup and standardization across your organization.
Apr 27, 2023   |  By Asana
Portfolios in Asana allow you to organize, monitor, and report on various projects and initiatives across different teams and departments in one place.
Apr 27, 2023   |  By Asana
Time tracking in Asana allows you to budget your workload and keep track of how much time you're spending on each task you complete.
Apr 26, 2023   |  By Asana
Portfolios in Asana allow you to organize, monitor, and report on various projects and initiatives across different teams and departments in one place.
Apr 13, 2023   |  By Asana
Welcome to the April edition of What’s New in Asana. First, apply multiple filters and sorts to help you quickly search for information within your project. Next, we’ve added more smart rules and widgets for integrations with Bynder, Notion, Confluence, and DocuSign so you can keep track of work across your tech stack. Finally, monitor key metrics at a glance in your portfolios. With custom field rollups, see the sum of custom fields across all projects, like budget, costs, and time. And like project Dashboards, create charts to get insights about the work within your portfolio.
Mar 23, 2023   |  By Asana
Welcome to the March edition of What’s New in Asana! This month is all about Asana’s native time tracking. First, plan and monitor the time spent on different projects by tracking estimated and actual time on tasks. Manually enter time or start and stop a timer to record actual time spent on a task. With subtask rollups, the time you track on subtasks will automatically roll up to the parent task.
Feb 22, 2023   |  By Asana
Welcome to the February edition of What's New in Asana! This month we’re sharing some new ways to get consistent results through automated workflows and processes. First, automate workflows that rely on subtasks. Now select an option to run a rule on both tasks and subtasks. And you can now see subtasks in the Timeline view to help you visualize complex projects with dependent workstreams. Next, you’ll find new ways to automate work across your tools. Explore new rules integrations with Google Calendar, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive.
Feb 13, 2023   |  By Asana
Asana is built to connect your individual work to the broader company mission or objective. Think of it like a pyramid, where each task is the building block of a project, which is the building block of a team, and so on. By knowing how your tasks ladder up to your company’s big-picture initiatives, you have the context and clarity you need to get your best work done.
Jan 19, 2023   |  By Asana
Happy New Year and welcome to the January edition of What's New in Asana!

Asana is a leading work management platform used by teams to stay focused on the goals, projects, and daily tasks that grow your business.

Asana helps you coordinate all the work your team does together. So everyone knows what needs to get done, who’s responsible for doing it, and when it’s due:

  • Get organized: Plan and structure work in a way that’s best for you. Set priorities and deadlines. Share details and assign tasks. All in one place.
  • Stay on track: Follow projects and tasks through every stage. You know where work stands and can keep everyone aligned on goals.
  • Hit deadlines: Create visual project plans to see how every step maps out over time. Pinpoint risks. Eliminate roadblocks. Even when plans change.

Asana is free for teams up to 15 members with unlimited projects and tasks. Web and mobile apps are available at, iTunes, and Google Play.