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Migrating to the Cloud: clearing up the top concerns

Atlassian says that 95% of new customers choose Atlassian Cloud. That’s a pretty convincing statistic – and proves that Cloud isn’t the future: it’s now. But many organisations are still hesitating to migrate to the Cloud. Cost concerns, security implications, downtime and compromised data integrity – there’s so much to worry about. Except, there’s really nothing to worry about at all, if you have the right Cloud migration strategy in place.

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Cloud Based Time and Attendance System: Top 5 Tools & Benefits

It’s no secret that tracking your employees’ time and attendance can help you optimize workflows and grow your business quickly. And due to remote work, cloud-based time and attendance systems have been gaining traction. Besides offering powerful time and attendance management features, these tools are also easy to set up and maintain, making them suitable for all types of businesses and teams.


Vivantio's New Integration with Microsoft Power BI

As a provider of a Unified Service Management Platform, Vivantio allows you to seamlessly switch on integrations with virtually any other essential business application for a holistic view of your customers. Whether it’s JIRA, Active Directory or, as we will show you today, Microsoft Power BI, you can easily use these tools in concert with each other to get the data your team needs.


How Cloud is future proofing teams

Cloud adoption is higher than ever. 94% of enterprises already use Cloud solutions in some capacity. Covid-19 accelerated adoption to rates nobody could have imagined, but those who’ve adopted it only recently are in no hurry to go back. That’s because the future is unequivocally in the Cloud. It’s not just working remotely in the Cloud anymore. It’s everything.

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How to Use Interaction Analytics to Improve Customer Service

Your business probably interacts with hundreds of customers across various communication channels every day. Each interaction holds a vast amount of data regarding your customer’s concerns, expectations, and even about how satisfied they are with your service. Interaction analytics (IA) helps you analyze all this unstructured data to personalize service and avoid negative interactions. In this article, we’ll explore what interaction analytics is and how it can benefit your company.

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The Top 5 Benefits of Using Call Center Predictive Analytics

Today, most call centers use data analysis tools to get an overview of their business processes and improve decision-making. But advanced technologies like call center predictive analytics go beyond that and can help you predict future events. These predictive insights will help you improve service quality, agent productivity, and operational efficiency. Imagine the possibilities!