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Contact Center of the Future: Empower Agents with AI Co-Pilots

Despite the accelerating pace of Generative and Conversational AI innovation disrupting contact centers, today’s customer experience (CX) agents are under the same pressure points as always – business performance pressures from one side and demanding customer expectations from the other.


How to Build a Customer Experience Strategy: 5 Best Practices + Examples

There are many moving parts in play when trying to explain, let alone execute, an exceptional customer experience. It truly takes a village and a good customer experience strategy to get things done effectively. Staying on top of your CX strategy is vital as customer behavior and digital channels of engagement continue to change how business is done. But it’s easy to be overwhelmed even before you get started.


Customer Service Trends in 2023

With 92% of consumers expecting to continue to contact customer service at or above pandemic-era rates, we are facing a future where companies that aren’t customer-centric will have a hard time surviving. This is why companies must keep up with customer service trends so that they’re able to cater to these evolving customer needs.

#WinWithMarketplace: Calendar Integration apps with Freshservice

As businesses grow in today's fast-paced world, they routinely face new challenges in their tech stack. A key aspect of overcoming these challenges is having the right product at your disposal to help you do more and be more! Freshworks customers can count on Freshworks Marketplace to solve their integration, customization, and automation needs. Freshworks Marketplace houses more than 1300 apps that solve customers' essential business needs by helping them extend their Freshworks experience.

Netomi's Framework Is In the Center of Forrester's Take the "Crisis Approach" For Successful Chatbot Deployment Report.

The world has had its share of crises in the last few years from a health pandemic, political tensions, climate change, humanitarian risks, economic downturns, to technological disruptions and demands. As with any crisis, those who embrace it as an opportunity emerge as leaders. In tech, the rise of Generative AI and launch of ChatGPT disrupted the industry overnight, accelerating digital transformation investments and the adoption of Conversational AI.


7 Steps to Develop a Winning Customer Service Strategy

A good customer service strategy can be extremely rewarding in the age of soaring customer expectations. People love to publicly acknowledge when they’ve had a memorable customer service experience. On the other hand, poor customer service can make them forget all the good experiences your company has offered. Building an airtight customer service strategy is the best way to weather the demands of today’s savvy customers.


Agents of change: How AI can improve agent efficiency and experience

Call center agents are often asked to do the impossible: Make every customer happy—while struggling with slow tech, increased workloads, stress, and burnout. Thankfully, many in the world of CX are discovering how to spell relief: AI. According to “The New CX Priorities,” a new industry report from Freshworks, CX leaders must treat customer support as a strategic function with far-reaching impact across the organization.


8 Best Customer Service Companies in 2023 (Tips included)

According to Freshdesk’s Future of CX report, the pandemic has forced consumers to adapt to digital channels. While the consumers of 2023 prefer digital-first experiences, they expect service providers to keep up with quality customer service across channels. As companies revisit their customer service strategy, they can take a leaf out of companies that get customer service right.


AI is Key to Elevating CX Quality for Support Channels for Fintechs

Even Fintech companies are not immune to financial crises. In the last few weeks, we’ve seen banking systems collapse with yet another rise in interest rates by the Fed. Global financial regulators agree that the banking system is secure, healthy and flowing with cash. However, while that may be so, all that borrowing and decrease in consumer confidence shows just how much strain is on the financial system – and fintech customer experiences.


AI deployment could end up being 'the industrial revolution moment for tech': Netomi CEO

Generative AI and the hype of ChatGPT changed the tech industry overnight raising concerns over the role of social responsibility in AI. We need to welcome AI into the workforce in a brand-safe way where enterprises, employees, and consumers feel safe using it. At Netomi, we invented Sanctioned AI to do exactly that – a powerful combination of generative tech and LLMs that allow brands to respond to more customer queries, while preserving brand safety and customer experience.