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Understanding OKRs for project management

OKRs can be a powerful tool in an organization’s arsenal for creating alignment, focusing on outcomes instead of just effort or task completions, and surfacing the right operational priorities. They’re just as powerful within departments and teams, and it’s in this latter area that project managers often start to get involved in the OKR process. But what about using OKRs within the project management discipline?


About User Availability in OneDesk

In OneDesk, your resource management tools, such as the workload view, make use of the user’s availability. User availability is calculated based on their working hours and the amount of work assigned to them. The user calendar is a view that is available for each user of your organization. The user calendar allows you to set a user’s individual working hours, create vacation events, and view an individual’s planned and actual work.


How to Write a Project Management Report

Depending on the size and importance of the project, the project manager must systematically present project management report on its implementation to interested parties – colleagues, clients, and investors. What are the reports for? Thanks to them, it is possible to quickly and objectively assess the state of work execution, and reschedule certain points related to the project budget, work deadlines, etc.


How to Conduct Performance Reviews with Remote Employees: Tips and Strategies

More and more businesses are using remote employees to save money on office space and related costs. They are also doing this to take advantage of a larger talent pool. But while managing a remote team can be a great way to boost productivity, it also comes with challenges. The most important thing when you have a remote team is to review their work regularly. This blog post will discuss tips for conducting effective performance reviews with your remote employees.


How to Fire an Employee: Leaders' Guide to Suspension and Termination

Working with multiple clients can be much work, but it’s also a great way to stay busy and make more money. However, if you’re not managing it carefully, it can also lead to chaos and overwhelm. We will share some tips for managing your time so you can stay on top of your work and satisfy all your clients!


16 Best Teamingway Alternatives to Use

As the world is adopting remote work culture, leaders are becoming more familiar with the complexities of team collaboration. This also has raised concerns about the efficiency and effectiveness of work management among teams from different cities, countries, or planet regions. The contribution of the I.T. community in the form of comprehensive management software has been extremely beneficial in resolving the pressing challenge of managers and business leaders.


Asana vs Jira: Which Project Management Tool is Right for Your Team?

Since remote work has become the new normal, companies have been on the hunt for the best tools to make operations more efficient. As a result, tracking the progress of different projects becomes even more critical while working remotely. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to personally keep track of what your team is working on every second of the day.