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10 ways to get call center contracts & grow your business

You’ve trained a team of call center representatives, perfected your standard operating procedures (SOPs) and service-level agreements (SLAs), and successfully signed contact center clients. You’re ready to take on new contracts and scale your business plan. So, where should you look for new clients? Whether you’re relatively new to the industry or already well established, you have plenty of options to find more clients.

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SoftActivity vs. ActivTrak: Head-to-head comparison

When you need to add an employee monitoring tool to your tech stack, SoftActivity and ActivTrak might be at the top of your list. Both software solutions track employee time and activity to help teams work more efficiently. However, both have downsides. SoftActivity lacks in-depth productivity insights, while ActivTrak has fewer security-focused features. So, which tool is the better choice for your organization, or is there a better option?

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Creating a strong remote work culture within your organization: tips and tools

A few decades ago, working from home was a luxury. However, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has boomed, and flexible work environments have become almost an expectation of employers. The accelerated shift to remote work has presented many challenges, particularly around communication, monitoring progress, and meeting deadlines. But it has also created many opportunities, such as access to more talent, better work-life balances, and enhanced company cultures.

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10 essential tips on how to improve company culture

Are your employees engaged at work? Chances are, they’re not. Data shows that only 32% of the American workforce is engaged in their work. That leaves a whopping two-thirds who feel some level of disengagement from their job. A company’s culture profoundly affects employee engagement levels, as well as other aspects like customer service quality and staff retention. Fostering a healthy workplace culture is highly important, and most people agree.


11 Best Product Management Tools for Teams in 2023

No project manager can handle everything alone. They need the power of product management tools by their side to get things done faster, smarter, and optimally. If you are looking to add a robust suite of product management software tools to add to your tech stack, this guide is for you. We will deep-dive into some of the most powerful product management tools you can leverage and don multiple hats like a pro!


The Growth Mindset Strategy: A Blueprint for High-Level Management

Are you looking to take your business or team management to the next level? Do you want to challenge yourself to develop a strategy to motivate and engage your staff while producing maximum results? If so, then the growth mindset strategy is for you. This article provides an in-depth look into how this approach can help high-level managers get more out of their employees and explain why it works so effectively. With a growth mindset, everyone will feel happy and supported.


The wrap-up: 5 key takeaways from the 'Time-tracking framework to keep your team engaged' webinar

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Marcel Petitpas, Co-Founder and CEO of Parakeeto, to unpick his surefire time-tracking framework for agencies. If you’re an agency leader who has ripped up your time-tracking methodology and thrown it out the proverbial window (let’s face it, who hasn’t?) then this blog is for you. Time-tracking is notoriously difficult to get right, but with Marcel’s guidance and the right tools in place, it really doesn’t have to be.

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Employee utilization rate: How to calculate and improve it

Do your employees always seem to be working hard, yet their total billable hours remain low? Tracking your employee utilization rate is essential for service providers that need to optimize resources and improve profitability. Not monitoring this metric means you could be doing a lot of work without many client deliverables or billable hours to show for it. How do you calculate this rate and keep it as high as possible?