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Remote work's impact: Morgan Stanley reports 30% price drop in US office buildings

There were big changes to the standard business setting during the COVID-19 epidemic. Working from home used to be a perk for millions of people around the world. These days, they have to do it. The industrial real estate business is also changing because of this shift in how things are thought about. Morgan Stanley says that the prices of office buildings in the US have dropped by 30%. Let’s think about what this change means and look into it more.

The evolution of performance management tools: A historical perspective

The search of excellence has always been the most important thing in the ever-changing world of business. Performance management, which is a planned way to check and boost efficiency among employees, has become an important part of reaching company goals. This piece takes you on a trip through time to look at how performance management tools have changed over time, from their simple start to the cutting edge technologies we use today.

The analytics edge: Leveraging data in performance management tools

In the fast-paced world of contemporary business, companies are constantly striving for perfection. To achieve this, the significance of data analytics in performance management has grown. This helps companies streamline their processes and increase their output. In this piece, we will explore the significant influence of data-driven strategies on performance management tools. We will also explain how these strategies facilitate organizational development while streamlining decision-making.

Project management information system (PMIS): What it is and how it works

Project management software comes in a lot of shapes and sizes — and some are nicer than others. If you want to give your project team the tools they need to excel, choosing the right type of software should be your number one objective. One type of software that can help with almost all aspects of project management is a project management information system (PMIS).

Sales and operations planning (S&OP): A project manager's guide

Sales and operations planning is a six-step process that can help you achieve focus and alignment in all areas of your organization. Learn what the steps are and the impact this type of plan can have on your team. Have you been struggling to align teams at your organization? It’s a problem many project managers face. Thankfully, there’s a solution. Sales and operations planning is a six-step business process where a leadership team achieves focus and alignment in all areas of an organization.

Maximizing employee potential: Innovative performance management tools and strategies

Every business committed to fostering the personal and professional growth of its employees must prioritize performance management as a cornerstone of its strategy. By implementing innovative performance management tools, organizations can unlock the full potential of their workforce, enhance employee engagement, and ultimately achieve corporate objectives. These tools offer dynamic ways to track progress, provide constructive feedback, and align individual goals with the broader mission of the company.

Work intake isn't working. Here's why-and what to do about it

We know what an effective work intake process should look like in theory—but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to achieve in practice. Dive into the six common snags teams run into during the work intake process, and discover how to tackle them head-on. In theory, a smooth work intake process shouldn’t be complicated: set clear guidelines, standardize requests, and use it all to effectively prioritize projects.

Maximizing productivity: Integrating employee engagement and wellbeing

“Employee engagement” and “wellbeing” are often used interchangeably. That’s no surprise, seeing as they are so closely linked. But employee engagement and wellbeing are unique. Reciprocal, cumulative, and connected – but still unique. Understanding where one ends and the other begins is crucial to integrating these elements to maximize productivity without risking your best people burning out.

Cracking the productivity myth: Overtime isn't the answer

The idea that working overtime increases productivity has long been taken for granted in today’s hectic workplace. But this very idea is called into question by ground-breaking research from the business-to-business marketplace Expert Market. Their 2023 study, which covered 40 nations, sheds insight on the real relationships between productivity levels and hours spent.

HR managers face a surge in paid leave requests

Human resource managers are facing a significant challenge due to an increasing number of requests for paid vacation. This is a result of changing workplace dynamics and extraordinary global events. According to recent data, HR departments in all sectors are facing a significant increase in the number of employees requesting time off. This has led to HR managers revising their traditional leave policies and practices to adapt to the current situation.