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Faster, Better, Stronger - The Case for Agile Performance Management

As companies shift to working in a more agile fashion, shouldn’t their performance management take a similar approach? Find out how to begin implementing a more agile performance management model to suit your modern workforce. Discover digital tools like employee productivity tracking software that can help support your business and its agile transformation.

How To Have Successful Sprint Review Meetings

If you want to run your team agilely, you need a successful sprint review meetings process. This is a meeting where the team demonstrates what they have accomplished in the last sprint and discusses what they will do in the next one. As with any Agile meeting, the goal is always to keep the whole process focused on specific objectives. This means that a successful sprint review meeting is well-organized and runs smoothly.

Agile Project Management: Lean Requirements Practices for Teams, Programs, and the Enterprises

Organizations are under constant pressure to release new features and products in today’s business environment. This necessitates the use of agile project management practices, which help teams move FAST (Forward, Achieve, Synergize, and Troubleshoot). Agile project management has been rapidly growing in popularity over the last few years, and it’s clear why.

5 Steps to Becoming an Agile Organisation

Moving towards Agile has become something of a trend in business today. It’s an attractive model; lean, but incredibly effective. No wonder more businesses want to adopt Agile. But for software companies, IT companies and development teams, it’s kind of been the only way to work. And many have learned, sometimes the hard way, that it’s not so much a transformation as it is a transition. It takes time. It takes dedication.

10 Reasons Why Agile Sprint Planning Is Crucial for Product Management

Information matters. But what information team members have and when they get it is just as important as the information itself. In the world of Agile product management, information is best funneled to teams through sprint planning, an essential Agile productivity tool. If sprint planning is not used – and product owners or scrum masters don’t take the time to schedule upcoming work properly – team members might misunderstand what they must focus on and when.

Agile Development - Making it easy one step at a time

Have you ever come across the phrase "it is all in the smaller steps that add up to the bigger things?" Well, the same ideology can be applied to Agile Development. Rather than having a project go on for years, why not break it down into smaller releases, or "sprints"? In a sprint, projects are broken down into chunks of work or iterations, which can be worked on for short, repeatable phases or working cycles Here's how agile development is going to help you improve your business agility.

Agile Development Methodology Explained: Benefits and Disadvantages

Agile is an iterative approach to project management and software development. One of the main benefits of Agile methodology is that it helps teams deliver value to their customers faster and with fewer headaches. Here in this video, we talk about the Agile methodology steps and go through benefits of Agile as well as its disadvantages. Looking for solid Agile project management software? Try Bitrix24 - it’s free, it’s powerful, it’s easy to use.

From teams to Portfolio: How to truly unleash the power of agility

Solving big problems in the enterprise requires the coordinated work of many teams. It also requires the discipline of many new behaviors and practices. But how can leaders put new systems in place without disrupting teams and their workflows? In short: Lean Portfolio Management. It's the way leadership can achieve a maximum flow of value through the enterprise while at the same time mitigating delays.