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Are you really agile? How to measure your business agility

Are you doing agile – without even knowing it? You probably are if you’re reading this. Most companies today are actually on the agile business roadmap, somewhere. But what’s the destination? If you’ve read our post on setting SMART goals, you’ll know that it takes a goal to make a plan, and that measurement is a huge part of the journey to success. Becoming an agile organisation is no different, and measuring your progress towards your final destination is a key factor.

How Jira Align Works with SAFe and Other Frameworks

In this video, we explore how Jira Align supports the Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe, as well as other methodologies for scaling agile practices. This includes support for all levels of SAFe, support for allocation of investments to strategic themes, robust backlog functionality, kanban boards, product roadmaps, and more.

A Quick Guide to an Agile Workflow Lifecycle

An agile workflow is crucial for a on organization both large and small to release product updates efficiently and quickly. As many with a technical background are aware the most difficult thing for a software development team is to release a product that works perfectly, in a timely fashion without any bugs and mishaps. In most cases, their product is riddled with bugs and issues that render the software unusable.


8 Alternative Agile Development Tools to Jira

Since its release nearly two decades ago, Jira has always been a firm favourite among software companies. Developed by Atlassian, the agile project management tool is currently used by over 70,000 teams worldwide. It has definitely made its mark and helped shape the entire development sector over the years. However, in recent times Jira has become increasingly unpopular with the teams who were once all too happy to sing its praises from the rooftops.


5 Predictions For the Future of Agile and Teams

As a consultant, I have had the privilege of working with a large number of organisations; from world-class software development powerhouses, to startups just getting their feet wet. No matter the size, the technology, or the market, they all have at least one common interest: to gain a competitive advantage. They might not always word it the same way from company to company, but it’s what they want.


What Is An Agile Organization? How To Use Trello To Transform Your Organization's Workflows

If you work in software engineering, chances are you’ve heard the word agile thrown around a couple of times. For years, both developers and startups have gravitated to the modern project management methodology in which teams work on larger projects in small, iterative chunks—allowing them to make progress faster, collect feedback more quickly, and continually improve. If that all sounds pretty good to you, you're not alone.

Jira Align Blueprint - OKR

Description: Atlassian’s Agile at Scale Solution Blueprints are manuals that connect best-of-breed scaled agile concepts to the tactical how-to details of implementing those concepts with Atlassian’s agile products. In this video we explore how to define goals for the business, how to make sure teams are aligned on the most important things, and how do we know if we’ve achieved a goal or if we have to pivot.