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4 mind mapping methods to spark creativity

Reflect on the last time you had to sit down and think through something — whether it was a complex problem, an important project, or a new product feature. Your brain was likely a jumble of questions, ideas, tasks, and tangents. And while that buzzy creative energy is a good thing, it can be tough to make sense of all of the random pieces of information spinning in your head. That’s exactly where the mind mapping method comes in handy.

Autodesk Integration for Miro: Import 3D Files and Capture View Angles

The Autodesk for Miro app allows users to import 3D files, capture different view angles as a widget, instantly capture screenshots, and more. With this integration, you can bring the complete Forge Viewer experience to your Miro board. The video also shows how you can capture these different screenshots from your 3D Autodesk files, and place those screenshots strategically within a design presentation on your Miro board. The app helps facilitate quicker collaboration between different stakeholders.

ServiceRocket extends the power of Miro with a new suite of enterprise-ready integrations

ServiceRocket’s new apps and integrations provide incredible value to Miro users across Salesforce, GitHub, and Autodesk. ServiceRocket is a technology solutions partner that helps thousands of enterprises get the most out of their software. The latest addition to their portfolio of enterprise-ready solutions: a suite of new apps and integrations for Miro’s public App Marketplace.

GitHub Integration for Miro: 2 Way Data Sync with GitHub Issues

The GitHub integration for Miro introduces a realtime, 2 way data sync between GitHub Issues and Miro. The video shows how to choose a repository, import issues, and then update and sync those updates all within Miro, without leaving your Miro board. All updates to GitHub issues will be updated to GitHub in real time. You will also learn how to create multiple GitHub issues at once by selecting sticky notes and then converting those Miro Sticky Notes into GitHub Issues. Those converted sticky notes will appear as app cards on the board.

Database modeling made simple with new ER diagram templates in Miro

You might already know that Miro is an intuitive workspace where you and your team can collaborate on work from end to end — from brainstorming and designing to iterating and delivery. But did you know you can also use Miro to build ERD diagrams? In this post, we’ll explore several ready-made ERD templates in Miro that will kickstart your database design process, facilitate effective communication, and ensure data consistency across your organization.

Salesforce Integration for Miro: 2 Way Data Sync

The Salesforce integration for Miro integrates a real time, 2 way data sync between Salesforce and Miro. This video will show you how to import Salesforce opportunities, accounts, and contacts directly from your Salesforce instance. Once you’ve imported your Salesforce Objects within Miro, you can then edit, update, and collaborate on Salesforce Objects directly in Miro without leaving your Miro board. All updates you make in Miro will be updated in Salesforce in real time. At the end of the video, you will learn a bit more about enhancements which will be made to the app in the future, such as more filtering capabilities.

Get started in the Miroverse: Here are our most popular templates

The options for what you can create in Miro are nearly limitless. Wondering where to get started? We’ve rounded up 10 of our best and most popular Miro templates along with related Miro board examples from our community templates gallery, Miroverse. Check out these templates and examples to see how our users treat templates as launch pads for their own creative, unique, and customized boards.

Do more with diagramming: Combine the powers of and Miro

If your work requires you to create diagrams, you might be familiar with (also, an open-source, web-based diagramming tool offering complex and niche diagrams: network diagrams, server rack diagrams, floor plans, and more. You might also use Miro, an innovation workspace that lets you virtually collaborate with colleagues on a variety of tasks and projects — whether it’s brainstorming, planning, designing, or building the next big thing.

How I do it in Miro: Networking diagramming with software engineer Andre Mocke

Technical diagramming tools help engineers and other IT workers visually represent systems, infrastructures, and complex interactions. These diagrams can help to optimize cloud performance and, in turn, ship products and services more efficiently. But not all diagramming tools were created equal. Some tools have a limited library of shapes and symbols, make it difficult to collaborate or communicate with team members, or require a separate tool for exporting and sharing work.