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Official launch: Miro Talktrack, transforming the way we collaborate async

Talktrack prioritizes collaboration, which is at the heart of Miro. Whether you’re working synchronously or asynchronously, it’s all about collaborating effectively. In fact, the better async collaboration experience that Talktrack offers also adds value to synchronous meetings because collaborators in come in more aligned and ready for well-informed discussions.


Designing the journey from today into tomorrow: Introducing Miro's new visual identity system

Through user research we discovered the “M” is iconic to Miro. “M” is not just a design element; it’s a centerpiece. So, we sought to elevate it. Our goal was to ensure that the “M” logo stands as the crown jewel of our visual identity, representing the bridge that transforms potential into reality, and today’s ideas into the force of tomorrow.


Cross-functional collaboration: Why it's even more essential today

On the surface, cross-functional collaboration is one of those things that seems like a given. A no-brainer. A sure thing. Of course you need to work closely with people from other teams — been there, done that, still doing it on the daily. But dig a little deeper and you’ll realize that doing cross-functional collaboration effectively requires some serious planning and some compassion, too.

Miro for Product Development Teams

Unlock the power of effective teamwork with Miro, your team's go-to platform for product development. Put an end to siloed teamwork and welcome a single space for innovation and execution. Miro enhances your design sprints, planning sessions, diagramming process, and retrospectives by igniting creativity and aligning big teams to tackle complex problems. It's time to reduce frustration and supercharge collaboration.

Fuel innovation without compromising security with Miro and AWS AppFabric

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, innovation is a key driver for success. Organizations are constantly seeking ways to foster creativity, streamline processes, and improve collaboration to develop and deliver products or services quickly and at scale. Visual workspaces have emerged as a powerful solution, facilitating communication and ideation across teams and departments.


6 activities and templates to unite your cross-functional team

We won’t sugarcoat it: cross-functional collaboration is hard. When you pull together people from disparate departments into one unit, it’s common to grapple with poor communication, mistrust, lack of alignment, and confusing team dynamics. As the leader or project manager, you have the daunting responsibility of getting everybody on the same page — and these cross-functional team building activities are a great place to start.


Catena-X Consortium uses Miro to help create transparency in the automotive industry

The digitalization of the automotive industry has created new opportunities to meet customer demands. And with the changing climate and geopolitical landscape, adaptability is more important than ever. But no singular automotive company can solve these challenges on its own. Catena-X is a collaborative effort involving stakeholders from automotive suppliers to recyclers.