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How Dropbox's Virtual First Toolkit in Miro supercharges distributed teamwork

Chances are that you are reading this from your home office (AKA bedroom, living room, or even kitchen). By now, many of us are not only used to working remotely, but have uncovered some real opportunities for efficiency. With our Virtual First strategy for distributed teams, Dropbox committed early on to guiding employees on the behavioral shifts necessary and to providing resources to be effective working from virtually anywhere.

How Under Armour drives innovation with Miro

The Under Armour team is deeply committed to designing products that help athletes perform better on the field. In their office, teamwork and collaboration are the mission-critical values they apply to consistently innovate. To keep the collaborative magic alive during a new era of remote and hybrid teams, Under Armor Implemented Miro to create a virtual conference room that keeps conversations inclusive and teams aligned.

What we launched in March 2022

Behind the scenes, we’ve been continuously improving Miro’s features for seamless collaboration, no matter where or how you work. To make sure we meet the security and scalability needs of enterprises of all sizes, everything we launch — whether it’s a new feature or enhancement — is enterprise-ready, and we’re continuing to focus on ADVANCED SECURITY AND COMPLIANCE.

The future of work: Miro's product vision for hybrid collaboration

As companies around the world design the next phase of work, one thing is becoming clear: the hybrid model is here to stay. Though distributed work is not a new concept, more companies than ever before are redefining these blended ways of working to prioritize inclusion and equity. Within this shift, there’s potential to reimagine the work environment as a place that fosters collaboration like never before and unlock a new, more effective way forward.

On the same page: Aligning on customer value in a time of confusion and chaos

Picture yourself sitting on a call with a client who is pulling out their hair, complaining about their team focusing on arbitrary work or processes that create zero customer value. Does this sound all too familiar? Sadly, you’re not alone. At Think Startup, we’ve seen a considerable uptick in leaders who are exasperated at how hard it is to get things done, facilitate team alignment, and ultimately focus on the right business activities to bring value to their customers.

The Future of Work: Miro's Vision for Hybrid Teams

Companies worldwide are carefully reopening their offices and embracing a hybrid model — with employees working some days in the office and some from home or elsewhere. For hybrid to be effective and inclusive, those companies need a clear POV and a detailed plan. Here’s ours, as discussed by our leaders. Watch Miro’s Head of Operations Grisha Pavlotsky and Head of Product Varun Parmar talk about the key considerations as we design the next phase of work and how our product strategy works to ensure that our hybrid experiences are inclusive and engaging.

How you can become a facilitator of change within your company

Your company probably has a strong set of values around things like inclusion, diversity, and sustainability. And like most companies, with a few positive changes, they can do a much better job living those values. That’s where you come in! For an organization to transition from solely preaching its values to living them, there must be people within who facilitate that initial change, especially around social initiatives like diversity and sustainability.

How ProSiebenSat.1 keeps innovation thriving in the hybrid era

ProSiebenSat.1 combines leading entertainment brands with a wide Dating & Video as well as Commerce & Ventures portfolio under one roof. Offering the latest in entertainment on any device, ProSiebenSat.1 is the company behind some of the most exciting TV broadcasts in German-speaking countries, using its TV reach and advertising power to build up consumer brands. Furthermore, ParshipMeet Group, a leading global player in the dating segment, is part of ProSiebenSat.1.