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Top 5 Remote Employee Engagement Activities

As more companies offer virtual positions or hybrid schedules, employee engagement becomes a priority. Take a look at the top five remote employee engagement activities. By the Offsyte Team, May 13, 2022 By 2025, an estimated 36.2 million people will work remotely. As more companies offer virtual positions or hybrid schedules, employee engagement becomes a priority. To help your team work together and build a sense of community, planning remote employee engagement activities is ideal.

Top 30 Best Remote Work Tools You Need to Check Out-2022

The COVID-19 pandemic showed us how vital remote work tools could be to manage all the remote working. We have made a list of the best remote work tools to select the perfect tools for your business. Though remote work is more common nowadays than it used to be, it can be challenging without the right remote work software. Miscommunications, difficulties with time management, fragmented team communication, and countless distractions are not only the hindrances you might face while working from home.

How to Avoid Burnout While Working Remotely: 20 Ways to Keep a Healthy Work/Life Balance

The recent covid pandemic has familiarised us with the term ‘burnout’ and remote work. With the sudden spread of a worldwide pandemic in 2020, even those who were not believers in the power of remote work had no choice but to join. Now, we are familiar with and feel comfortable working remotely.

How To Tighten Cybersecurity For Remote And Hybrid Teams

Human error can open up your business to serious security vulnerabilities. Add security for hybrid or remote businesses presents extra challenges. Think third-party applications and slow response times from workers in scattered time zones on flexible schedules, and IT has a long row to hoe. In one 2021 IBM report, the average data breach costs $4.24 million, plus $1.07 million more when remote work is the reason behind the breach. And, 17.5% of companies report cyberattacks due to remote work.

How to Manage A Remote Agency (Tips and Tools) - 2022

Now-a-days remote work is the new norm. However, the accompanying challenges of managing a remote agency are real. Here we will discuss how to manage a remote agency effectively. The pandemic is far from over, given its ever-evolving nature. As such, it has opened the doors for remote work for everyone across the globe. Employees have been working remotely from home. For many, this could be a long-term arrangement. However, managing remote workers is not a walk in the park.

How Working Remotely Empowers Time Doctor's Employees

It’s actually hard to believe that remote working was a new norm just a couple of years ago. As of 2018, only 3% of the employees worked from home. A major reason for this is the negative reputation of remote workers. Before the pandemic, working remotely was not appreciated as employers believed their workforce would be distracted. Also, keeping track of your remote employee’s productivity was tough. Working from home was a rare thing and only allowed in exceptional cases.

6 Tips for Onboarding Remote Employees Efficiently

As more companies offer remote jobs, onboarding remote employees has become a priority. To get employees set up and ready to go quickly, check out these six virtual onboarding tips. By the Offsyte Team, April 27, 2022 Remote work is now more common than ever. Eighty-three percent of employers say the pandemic-induced shift to work-from-home was successful for their company, according to a survey by PwC.

The Great Resignation - What's at Stake for IT?

Roughly 47.4 million people quit their jobs and left the workforce last year in search of better ones, leading to what we now call the Great Resignation. Then, as the economy re-opened and companies intensified hiring efforts, millions of people switched careers, searching for better working conditions and higher salaries. Experts say the trend will continue as the Gen Z population reshapes the labor market.

Zoom Webinar vs Meeting: Which Platform Works Best for Your Virtual Event?

Hybrid and remote working are increasingly becoming prevalent in today’s world. People can stay productive, connected, and engaged from anywhere with video collaboration solutions, thus they have proved themselves to be very efficient. But for most businesses, the dilemma isn’t if they need a video collaboration, but rather what type of video collaboration suits them the best.