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7 Hispanic Heritage Month Activities To Celebrate in Your Office

Need some Hispanic Heritage Month activities for your office? Look no further. We have seven suggestions to celebrate with your employees. By the Offsyte Team, September 2, 2022 Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate Hispanic Americans and their contributions to society. President Ronald Reagan signed the law establishing Hispanic Heritage Month, which begins on September 15 and runs through October 15, in the late 80s.


5 Radical Habits of Highly Successful Remote Teams

Remote working has become a global norm since the pandemic. Managing remote teams and getting the best out of them requires a completely different management style, and it’s something enterprises are still trying to perfect. Working remotely was a new experience for most people. It was the opposite of what people were used to – the routine of commuting to the office, working fixed hours, meeting peers in person, and so on.


Digital Dexterity Enhances Remote and Hybrid Work

The leap to remote work happened nearly overnight with the pandemic, and it’s clear that hybrid work and digital dexterity is the way of the future. As a result of this shift in the way we work, companies have invested in new technologies to adapt to the growing remote world, with 69% of companies planning to increase their investment in digital tools even more in 2022. Additionally, over 90% of businesses strive to implement hybrid work environments.


Asana vs Monday: More Powerful Collaboration Tool for the Era of Remote Work

Remote workers face many challenges, but the most pressing one is the lack of clear structure in communication and collaboration processes. Asana and are two popular tools trying to bring some discipline into this otherwise very fluid world. Both platforms offer top-notch features and tools to help remote teams with collaborating, tracking, and managing work. But which of them is right for you?

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7 Crucial Lessons Learned from a WFH Call Center Agent Experiment

The COVID-19 pandemic caught many industries off guard, and the call center sector is no different. With the onset of the pandemic, customer service BPOs like the Philippines-based Phoenix Virtual Solutions had to find ways to adapt to a remote work environment and move away from on-premise technology and in-house call center representatives. In doing so, many faced challenges, which proved to be lessons in disguise.


Make Your Hybrid Work Model Successful with Digital Experience Monitoring

According to a new study, the hybrid work model reduces attrition by a third. As the pandemic shifted work to remote, with some companies going fully remote work for over two years, many organizations are looking to continue to allow hybrid work environments. In 2022, more than 90% of midsize companies plan to implement a hybrid work structure. One of our customers practices this model and is always interested to know what new features can enhance the digital experience of their distributed workforce.


How to Stay Connected with Your Remote Team: Tips for Building a Virtual Bond

Who would have thought 20 years ago that we would lead teams through a screen? Yes, the pandemic has forced us to change the way we interact with people. Leadership has evolved, and nowadays, the way we work and interact has drastically changed! As we know how tough it can be to stay connected with your remote team and to maintain a good working relationship with your remote employees, we have compiled the best tips for building a virtual bond with your remote team! Stay tuned.


How To Ensure Your Remote Workplace Helps, Not Hinders, DEI

Editor’s note: Top-down initiatives can set the tone for how employees experience diversity and belonging, especially in distributed workforces. Successful leaders often cultivate inclusivity through digital workplace experiences. While remote work offers an opportunity to make the workplace more diverse, equitable and inclusive, there are also significant hurdles to overcome to ensure no one is left behind.


Keys to Success in a Remote Team: Tips for Building Trust and Communication

It’s very easy to affirm that trust and communication are essential in any team, but is there a magic formula behind it? After all, as humans, we are constantly trying to keep ourselves safe. Therefore, building trust can be especially difficult to maintain in a remote team. In a remote team, you can’t just pop into someone’s office to ask them a question – you have to rely on tools like email, chat, and video conferencing to communicate with your colleagues and employees.


7 Self-Management Tips to Help Your Remote Employees Stay on Track

Self-management is an important skill to develop, especially when managing other people. If your team members aren’t self-managing, they will probably be less productive, and their efforts may not align with your company’s mission and values. To help your employees keep on track, you can teach them self-management tips.