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How e-commerce brands use conversational AI to reduce customer effort

The e-commerce market has exploded over the past few years and is continuing to grow at an accelerated rate. By 2023, online retail sales are anticipated to reach.17 trillion. With more people doing their shopping online than ever before, e-commerce CX has become a priority for many businesses. With a highly competitive landscape of as many as 12 million e-commerce companies, delivering easy and convenient customer experiences is more than a differentiator—it is a necessity for brand success.


This Season, AI is in Vogue: Conversational AI For Retail and eCommerce CX

Back-to-school, Christmas, or simply refreshing one’s home decor for the changing season. Whatever the occasion, the holiday shopping season is fast-approaching, and for some, already underway. Yet, this season is a bit different from those of the past. For one, consumer habits have evolved since the pandemic- nearly 40% have switched brands or retailers during the pandemic, and more than 80% have new shopping behaviors, such as adopting “buy online and pickup in-store” services.


AI for CX 101: Conversational AI Metrics that Matter

Metrics are critical in order to gauge the performance of both support teams and the technology solutions behind them in any project. In our customer case studies, we frequently talk about milestones such as our customers reaching deflection rates of X%, yet what do these terms really mean? As you progress with your conversational AI journey, which key customer experience metrics can you see improve with AI?

Ai-Powered Time Tracking Solution For Manufacturing Workforce | Workstatus

When running an organization that relies on dozens of human workers, it can be hard to ensure your team members are doing the job with complete efficiency. While it seems easy to manage huge workers but it is much harder. Industries like manufacturing have their own set of challenges when it comes to ensuring their manufacturer are working at maximum productivity. For such challenges, a great solution is Hubstaff, one of the best workforce management software for manufacturing firms.

AI for CX 101: Deploy an AI Solution with Confidence

As part of our new ‘AI for CX 101’ series, we will cover what to expect when you deploy an AI solution, including how to get started on your AI digital transformation journey. Whether you’re early on in the consideration phase or deep into the process, we’re here to provide you with insights and best practices to ensure you are well-equipped to proceed with confidence.


AI to Inflation-Proof Your Business?

Globally, the cost of living is skyrocketing – in the US, inflation hovers near a 40-year high, topping Americans’ concerns for the country, while Canada’s official inflation rate rose at a 6.8% annual pace this past April, a new 31-year high. Prices for everyday necessities – food, shelter and gas – are on the rise, as the COVID-19 pandemic is driving up the costs of raw materials and impacting global supply chains.


Let's Get Phygital: Redefining the Retail Customer Experience with AI

Retail, at its core, is all about connections between brands and their customers. Increasingly, AI is becoming the interface for these brand connections, and is also a necessary relationship facilitator as customer expectations evolve. Prioritizing the customer experience is now essential to driving loyalty and growing revenue, as retailers today compete on customer experience just as much as price.

AI Powered Attorney Time Tracking Software

There are many #timetracking applications out there, but when it comes to working with lawyers, most are ineffective because they just don’t have the features that make time and billing management simple and efficient. That’s why #Workstatus is different. This #timetrackingtool is built specifically with law firms in mind. And since it’s online, any lawyer or staff member can easily use it from any computer or smartphone.
Buddy Punch

How do I calculate my salary per hour?

Have you been wondering “how do I calculate my salary per hour?” You know how much you make each year, but do you know how much you make each hour? There are two types of employees — hourly employees and salaried employees (who sometimes have PTO), and only one of them knows how much their employers are paying for them each hour of their time. But salaried employees can also have this information just by doing some simple calculations.