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AI Powered Attorney Time Tracking Software

There are many #timetracking applications out there, but when it comes to working with lawyers, most are ineffective because they just don’t have the features that make time and billing management simple and efficient. That’s why #Workstatus is different. This #timetrackingtool is built specifically with law firms in mind. And since it’s online, any lawyer or staff member can easily use it from any computer or smartphone.

How do I calculate my salary per hour?

Have you been wondering “how do I calculate my salary per hour?” You know how much you make each year, but do you know how much you make each hour? There are two types of employees — hourly employees and salaried employees (who sometimes have PTO), and only one of them knows how much their employers are paying for them each hour of their time. But salaried employees can also have this information just by doing some simple calculations.

How Ticket Triage AI Can Revolutionize Customer Service

Customer support tickets come in various shapes and forms, and from multiple channels – webforms, email, messaging and live chat. When a ticket enters a support team’s inbox, many companies triage it, tagging it based on the topic or urgency, and route it to the appropriate agent or team. This process helps streamline workflows, ensuring the right eyes are on the right ticket, and issues are resolved as quickly and accurately as possible.

Radisson Customer Service & Digital Transformation Advice | Sr. Strategist, Alexandra Rodrigues

Alexandra da Silva Rodrigues leads the digital transformation journey for contact centers at the Radisson Hotel Group. Join Alexandra and Netomi to learn about how Radisson strikes the balance between emotional intelligence & artificial intelligence. The conversation also covers: Netomi helps companies deliver higher quality customer experiences at scale with AI.

Improve customer experience with AI and conversational service

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of customer service. This is because 73% of companies now report a direct link between customer service and business performance, according to our 2022 Customer Experience (CX) Trends Report, and 60% of customers will now walk away after just one bad experience – a 22% jump from the previous year.

How AI is Radically Transforming Information Management

Over the last decade, virtually all industries have been altered and improved by the growth of artificial intelligence. However, one area that has changed radically, but many might not think of, has been the document management ecosystem. Information-rich tasks have benefited from AI enormously, particularly in terms of knowledge management, business process management, security, and compliance.

Essential Customer Service Skills that Can't Be Replicated by AI

Today, many companies worldwide are doubling down 1 on their reskilling and upskilling efforts, and equipping employees with the crucial skills that they need to thrive in the world of work today. Here, we review the key skills that customer service agents need to hone, in today’s ever-evolving landscape of work.

The opportunity for 3PL providers to transform shipper and carrier partnerships with AI

As consumer behavior rapidly changed during the pandemic, accelerating the shift from in-person to online shopping and the expectation for speedy shipping, the Third-Party Logistics (3PL) industry has boomed. 63.5% of shippers now outsource their warehousing activities to 3PL providers1, 81% outsource domestic transportation2 (which is the most common services outsourced1), and 44% outsource freight forwarding3.