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How This Agency Reduced Churn by 50% (with AI's Help) w/ Erik Huberman

Wanna know how a 200-person agency reduced churn by 50% from one year to the next? Even though Hawke Media is one of the most successful marketing agencies in the United States and they’ve scaled to hundreds of millions in annual revenue, their journey hasn’t been without bumps in the road. At the beginning of 2022, they saw client churn on the rise and their CEO, Erik Huberman, knew he had to adjust their strategy to address a new challenge.

Jira Service Management & AI

Jira Service Management offers a variety of machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to help organizations drive their digital transformation and enhance productivity. This video provides a comprehensive overview of Jira Service Management Smarts and Atlassian Intelligence features, including predictive issue assignment and triage, natural language search, AI-powered virtual agent, and more.

How AI will transform employee and clientexperiences in wealth management?

By Yohan Lobo Although topics such as inflation, market volatility, and interest rate mayhem are top of mind for most wealth managers, the evolving AI revolution is making the industry stand up and take notice. But forward-thinking wealth management firms aren't necessarily asking the typical headline-making questions: Will AI take my job? Can we trust AI? Will AI take over the world? Rather, firms are asking: How can we leverage AI to create a superior client and employee experience?

Revolutionize the employee experience with an AI-powered EX platform (ebook)

It’s time to embrace the power of responsible artificial intelligence (AI) to dramatically improve the employee experience (EX). And we’re going to show you how a modern intranet with purpose-built AI capabilities across the platform is the path forward.

Unleashing innovation in the workplace through generative AI and the creative power within you

From coding a website from scratch (ChatGPT) to synthesizing insights with just a click (Miro Assist), generative AI can generate novel content and perform tasks that traditionally only humans could perform, e.g. coding, drawing, writing, etc. As generative AI democratizes access to information globally, it amplifies the quality and scale of creative outputs while reducing the cost of creation. Despite its benefits, generative AI is not without its challenges, including.

Burning AI questions answered with Zendesk's Peter Neels | Conversations with Zendesk Podcast

👏 On this episode, we’re joined by Peter Neels, Senior Director, Customer Experience Strategist of Zendesk. 👀 Peter shares his thoughts on the integration of AI within customer service realms, emphasizing the importance of a strategic, phased approach and the enhancement of both customer and agent experiences. Timestamps: Zendesk makes customer service better. We build software to meet customer needs, set your team up for success, and keep your business in sync.

Don't Overlook the Importance of Automation with All the AI Hype

In 2023, the success of ChatGPT and other generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools accelerated the IT service management (ITSM) and wider business interest in AI. Consequently, it’s hard to talk or read about ITSM these days without mentioning AI and how it will revolutionise organisations’ IT service delivery and support capabilities.

Three ways Knowledge Work Automation and AI will change the way we work in 2024

According to the M-Files CEO Antti Nivala, knowledge workers spend approximately 41% of their day on tasks that don’t fully utilize their primary skills. With the economic turbulence of 2023 continuing into 2024, effectively managing knowledge work becomes crucial for organizations. Here are my top three predictions for how knowledge work automation and AI will impact the way we work in 2024.