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Shareholder Activism Trends in 2022 and Beyond

Increasingly, companies are being challenged by shareholders seeking to influence change and exercise power over corporate activities, practices, and policies. Shareholder activists use their stake in the company to enact campaigns that can contribute to the overall company value or advocate for a social cause. Giving shareholders a voice has proven to increase corporate efficiency and mitigate any practice that can hinder the company from achieving optimal value.

Navigating through SGX's ESG Disclosure Requirements

The concept of ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) is an emerging trend among organisations and investors. In Singapore, more investors are now demanding companies to report their sustainability impact, issues, and efforts, alongside financial factors of their annual performance. Hence, this focuses on integrating ESG factors into business operations. Policymakers and regulating authorities are now rolling out requirements and standards with measurable targets and objectives.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Board Post-Meeting Processes

During board meetings, the directors set goals and strategies and resolve critical issues that need urgent attention. But in reality, optimizing the organization’s performance doesn’t end during board meetings. What happens outside meetings is equally important as what happens during board meetings. Most of the time, directors need time to ponder before coming up with a sound decision. Moreover, their hectic schedule makes it difficult to monitor action items that need to be accomplished.

ESG Disclosures: Its Importance, Challenges, and Best Practices

For the past years, companies and organizations faced new operational threats and compliance risks, both in their industries and communities. One beneficial strategy to address these matters is through a sustainability lens, or environmental, social, governance (ESG) lens. Businesses and investors have set their eyes on evolving ESG criteria to comply with regulations, and improve their entire operations and performance.

Emerging Cloud Security Threats & How to Address Them

Cloud hosting is becoming the norm due to its efficiency, accessibility, flexibility, and scalability. Not only that, but it also optimizes IT expenses and encourages collaboration. However, with the rise of digitalization comes the surge of cyber attacks. With such threats, business leaders must be attentive to the cloud security of their businesses.

CiT: Adding Efficiency in Your Meetings and Workflows

Businesses nowadays are operating at different heights of hybrid work environments. This setup eventually offers flexibility to workers with over 70% of them wishing remote work options to continue. With business operations and employee expectations changing all at once, technology becomes more beneficial for bringing collaboration and connectivity together. Microsoft Teams, in particular, is one of the tools designed with virtual and hybrid work environments in mind.

What is ESG: Issues, Importance, and Initiatives

Back then, the only important milestone that mattered to an investor was the steady increase in the company’s profit. However, things began to change, especially when climate change proved to be more than just an imaginary scenario. Affected businesses have experienced lesser profits which have affected their laborers. These non-financial factors have pushed investors to pressure organizations to incorporate ESG into their businesses.

10 Ways To Conduct Virtual Meetings

It’s 10 am and you’re sitting in front of your computer, waiting to be let inside the virtual meeting room. It’s the first meeting for the day but you’ve probably lost the count of the number of “circling backs”, “follow-up emails”, and calls you made before this one. As you sip that morning coffee in a hurry and wait for this meeting to begin, you probably know how many more virtual meetings will sprout from this one! Does this sound like you?

Annual Stockholders' Meetings: Conducting In-absentia Voting and Cumulative Voting

Corporate formalities are essential for every organization’s unique structure. These include fiduciary duties, financial record-keeping, as well as special and scheduled meetings. Speaking of corporate meetings, an annual stockholders’ meeting (ASM) is a statutory requirement for all Philippine corporations. This formality is highly essential, requiring careful planning from the cost considerations to the voting rights navigation.