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22 Team Meeting Ideas To Boost Productivity & Increase Collaboration

Productivity and collaboration are two of the most important aspects of any team’s success. Having productive meetings is a great way to ensure that your team is on the same page and working together towards common goals. However, coming up with new and innovative ideas for team meetings can be challenging. To that extent, in this article, we will share some of the best team meeting ideas we have come across.


Digital Transformation for Australian Healthcare Boards

As the pandemic unfolded, healthcare services locally and internationally performed monumental efforts to persist and remain relevant. Hospitals and medical services across Australia started shifting their healthcare systems using the latest technology to continue moving forward in a challenging economic climate.


Upholding Healthcare Governance through a Board Management Platform

Global crises, like the Covid-19 pandemic, have revealed the significant role that governance plays in securing health and lives. Care practices and measures in response to health crises are only a portion of healthcare governance. Concerned with the processes and systems of an organization, governance is an overarching framework that underpins the efficacy and stability of an organization’s operation.


Your Guide to Shifting to Hybrid University Model

There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has completely redefined not just the workflow of businesses but also educational institutions. From holding online classes and board meetings remotely in the past two years, to shifting to yet another relatively new work setup, such changes further reinforced the need for innovation in modern governance.


Live Voting in Annual General Meetings: What You Need to Know

In annual general meetings, apart from presenting annual reports and interacting with shareholders, voting is one of the most sought activities. This includes voting on electing the next board of directors, approving resolutions, and settling motions. However, as meetings are now held virtually or in a hybrid format, regulating authorities are requiring an efficient and transparent live voting technology.


How Can a Board Portal Improve the Cybersecurity of Financial Institutions?

Security should be the utmost concern for all financial institutions for various reasons. Top on the list is to protect customer and client assets. By strengthening cybersecurity measures, financial companies can ensure that customer data is protected — eventually securing trust from stakeholders. This calls for financial boards to integrate advanced security measures across all governance practices, including meetings and data management.


Everything you need to know about collaborative meetings

In business, meetings can feel like wasted time more often than not. It’s true that no team gets anywhere without a collaborative spirit and tight lines of communication. But there’s a reason for the saying, “too many cooks spoil the broth.” Trying to engage everyone in everything with no process and structure for doing so can lead to stagnation.


How Can Team Leads Encourage More Voices In Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings have undeniably improved workplace communications. With so many remote team communication tools with advanced features like Q&A, breakout rooms, chat, reaction icons, virtual whiteboards, and so on, it has never been easier to ask questions and seek ideas from meeting attendees. But, think back to your virtual meetings this week. How many of them were successful? Are awkward silences the norm in your meetings?


How to sync a Trello and Google Calendar integration for better meetings

How much time can you spend on a single task in a given day? It can be as little as three minutes, and after an interruption, it can take more than 25 minutes to get back on task. Pings from colleagues, Slack, or urgent requests mean less time to work overall. But one of the biggest time sucks on the job comes from context switching—or constantly toggling between tools—a known destroyer of high performance.


Exploring the Role of Audit Committees in Corporate Governance

Audit committees are vital in every company as they are involved in maintaining the company’s financial stability. One of their responsibilities is to prevent any misconduct in auditing and fraud in the company’s finances. Thus, they are crucial in gaining the trust and confidence of investors and stakeholders. Audit committees have an impact also on the board’s plans and decisions.