San Francisco, CA, USA
Jan 27, 2023   |  By Kat Boogaard
There are so many adjectives you want your team to be. Innovative. Creative. Energetic. Enthusiastic. Supportive. Collaborative. Bold. But getting there? That’s the hard part – especially if your existing team meetings and brainstorming sessions are filled mostly with awkward pauses, shifty eye contact, and the same few people who are the only ones comfortable enough to chime in.
Jan 25, 2023   |  By Germán Zurro Valdez
Enabling team collaboration has been core to Miro’s vision since day one. And, with the emergence of hybrid work, we’ve seen exciting new opportunities to innovate and build new products and solutions.
Jan 12, 2023   |  By Luna Bernfest
Reflecting on a year of collaborating, creating, and innovating together in an increasingly digitized and distributed world of work. 2022 was a big year for Miro — for our product, our teams, and our users. We started the year strong with an amazing community of 30 million users and our Series C funding, and that was only the beginning. By December’s end, Miro had scaled to 1,800 employees across 12 global hubs and grown to 45+ million users and counting.
Jan 6, 2023   |  By Shipra Kayan
Some of the best-known thinkers and innovators in history have been introverts. From Albert Einstein to Dr. Seuss, introverts have shaped the world as we know it. Nevertheless, many modern workplaces are not optimized for introverted employees — and might even hold them back.
Jan 5, 2023   |  By Gina Dragulin
In the past three years, we’ve seen a major shift in the ways we work. According to a report from IDC, 43% of global businesses are now focusing on increasing productivity and driving team engagement. At Miro, we’re always searching for ways to empower teams communicate and work together better. That’s why we’re excited to release some amazing integrations with leading Business Intelligence tools such as Looker, Tableau, Grafana, and Amplitude.
Jan 3, 2023   |  By Liz Lewis
Today’s workers span four generations, each bringing distinctive perspectives on life, work, and everything in between. From Gen Z to Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers, workers’ life stages and professional journeys shape their preferences and priorities—and also influence how they collaborate with one another.
Dec 14, 2022   |  By Sarah Luisa Santos
It’s not uncommon for knowledge workers today to be confronted by an impenetrable block of back-to-back meetings upon opening their work calendars each day. Our research shows that 40% of today’s knowledge workers say in-person and virtual meetings are the most draining part of their typical work day. In some cases, email and instant messaging have become the default alternative to meetings, but they’re imperfect solutions, scrubbing communication of essential context and tone.
Dec 14, 2022   |  By Dr. Brennan Jacoby
The emergence of hybrid as the default way of working within the corporate world is one of the most important and long-lasting changes driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. In theory, at least, it’s a welcome change for employees, who have expressed a preference for hybrid models. Chief among the reasons employees give for this preference is the ability to balance the convenience of remote work with the collaborative, social, and cultural benefits of working in person.
Dec 12, 2022   |  By Kristina Terziyska
So you’ve just built your first Miro app. Now it’s time to tell the world about it. We’re sharing four simple, repeatable steps to help you successfully launch, promote, and grow your app — no marketing experience required.
Dec 8, 2022   |  By Luna Bernfest
This November, we held our annual conference, Distributed ’22, where we shared solutions for collaborating, creating, and innovating in an increasingly digitized and distributed world of work. We also announced some pretty exciting product updates — including Talktrack, Interactive Presentation Mode, and integrations for YouTube, Looker, and Confluence — which will create even better spaces for teams to collaborate and enable new ways of working.
Dec 21, 2022   |  By Miro
As knowledge workers, we often ask, “Does this need to be a meeting?” When the answer is no, we are faced with the challenge of asynchronous communication. In this interactive session, we’ll play a game where we will decide and discuss how to communicate and collaborate with others at work: sync or async.You’ll also get a taste of Miro’s latest asynchronous collaboration feature: Talktrack!
Dec 14, 2022   |  By Miro
The word “collaboration” shows up in almost every job description. Leaders have to unite teams across cultures, manage across geographies, and gather input across practices. However, most meetings are designed around presentations - a communication tool not a collaboration tool. Jake will share three basic facilitation techniques that will transform your meetings into active collaboration spaces.
Dec 9, 2022   |  By Miro
Discover new solutions for collaborating, creating, and innovating in an increasingly digitized and distributed world of work. At Distributed 22 we announced exciting product updates as well as community requests — including Talktrack, Interactive Presentation Mode, and integrations for YouTube, Looker, and Confluence — which will create even better spaces for teams to collaborate and enable new ways of working.
Dec 1, 2022   |  By Miro
We asked 2,000 people about their relationship with work. And received some very human responses. Watch the highlights of our Distributed ’22 keynote where Paul D’Arcy, Chief Marketing Officer at Miro, shares what we discovered.
Dec 1, 2022   |  By Miro
The Miro community has spoken, and we have listened. Watch the highlights of our Distributed ’22 product keynote where Varun Parmar, our Head of Product, and Briana Rogers, our Head of Product Marketing, share our newest features for helping you and your team solve anything, together.
Nov 18, 2022   |  By Miro
Join Amanda Botha and Swarna Krishnaswamy as they showcase through real-world examples how to get an enriched collaboration experience by bridging multiple sources of content into one hub while ensuring the content always stays up to date. Learn how to bring your team together and break down barriers to knowledge through useful, relevant interactive visual frames of reference for more contextualized faster decision-making.
Nov 17, 2022   |  By Miro
After several years of focusing almost solely on survival, business executives are starting to re-prioritize innovation-led growth. Derive inspiration from Varun Parmar, Head of Product & Briana Rogers Head of Product Marketing at Miro, as they not only share Miro’s recent innovations but also showcase how companies are using Miro to innovate within their own industries.
Nov 17, 2022   |  By Miro
There’s no amount of tools that can resolve systemic collaborative inefficiencies like communication siloes, ineffective meetings, or time spent looking for information. Join leaders from Slack, Dropbox, and Miro who are thinking about how to enable all teams across an organization, and how you can best optimize your own collaboration stack to make work easier, more engaging, and innovative.
Nov 17, 2022   |  By Miro
Miro’s infinite whiteboard isn’t just for businesses. Countless nonprofit organizations around the world use Miro to develop and run innovative programs to serve their communities and the planet. In this session, we’ll meet a few of these organizations and see how they keep Miro at the heart of their work as they strive to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the world today.
Nov 17, 2022   |  By Miro
How have our feelings about — and, thus, their engagement with, relationships at, and perceptions of — work shifted in recent years? In our Distributed ‘22 keynote, Paul D’Arcy, Chief Marketing Officer at Miro, unveils insights from our in-depth exploration of the evolving behavior, preferences, and priorities of today’s employees. Followed by an insightful discussion Katherine von Jan - Chief Strategy Officer, Salesforce Innovation. Walk away with actionable solutions for fostering humanity in the modern workplace.

Miro is the ultimate hub for your team or company where you can collaborate, visualize and collect ideas and share work. It can be a focal point for your offline meetings, or an endless workspace for distributed collaboration. Miro is your company-wide normalization layer for notes, media, data and other inputs — all from different sources and in different formats.

All of you — managers, designers, developers, coaches, marketers and other talented professionals — work together to build great things. Team members are all different and speak many "languages" — data, pictures, spreadsheets, tasks, charts and more. Miro combines all these pieces in one place to let your team or whole organization collaborate beyond formats, tools, locations and timezones.

Collaborate as a Dream Team:

  • Real-time collaboration: Fast and responsive — as close and engaging as it can get to in-person collaboration for teams working in a remote setting.
  • Infinite workspace: It’s critical for seeing the big picture. Our whiteboard is endless, yet zoomable and easy to structure.
  • Enhanced whiteboard toolkit: We digitized everything you like about working with a physical whiteboard.And more!

Miro is the #1 online whiteboard trusted by over 2 million users from global companies big and small.