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  |  By Dave Ross
What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Agile?” It’d be no surprise if your mind goes straight to software engineering, given Agile’s origins as a self organized way of working for developers in the early 2000s. But in recent years, its methodologies have become ubiquitous as a highly efficient way for all teams to work, with its frameworks used everywhere from marketing to HR, in military operations, and beyond.
  |  By Stephanie Dilley
Previously we launched a new “How I do it in Miro” video series hosted both by regular users and our very own Mironeers. These videos are designed to help you learn — fast — how you can use Miro for your specific job. The first video featured Miro UX researcher Deniz Kartepe, who demonstrated how he uses Miro to run a research project end to end. You can read about it here.
  |  By Mandy Bray
In 1952, brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald closed their BBQ restaurant for three months to focus on one small aspect of their business: hamburgers. Like many other restaurants at that time, their processes were slow and inefficient. They cooked menu items to order, used non-disposable dishes, and delivered meals via carhops. To cut costs and serve hamburgers faster, the brothers took their crew out to a tennis court.
  |  By Dave Ross
Diana Larsen is an international authority in Agile software development, leadership, and transformations. She’s also the co-author of Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great, Liftoff: Start and Sustain Successful Agile Teams, and The Five Rules of Accelerated Learning. Her most recent book, Lead Without Blame, is particularly relevant now, as it addresses the crucial need for enterprises to build resilient teams in today’s increasingly competitive and challenging landscape.
  |  By Mark Strande
Developments in Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) have had a huge impact on content creation, innovation, and collaboration. Everything from creating text, images, and videos, to sorting unstructured information, and generating or analyzing software code are easy to accomplish with the help of GenAI. But what can GenAI do when it comes to security?
  |  By Noelle Salerno
Whether it’s reported in the news or discussed in the boardroom, environmental concerns are top of mind these days — and sustainability is increasingly influencing how companies do business, what projects they’re prioritizing, and how they plan for the future. We spoke with Bram Jonker, Principal Product Evangelist at Miro, to learn how organizations are leveraging innovation to tackle this complex challenge.
  |  By Dave Ross
It’s been 23 years since the Agile Manifesto transformed software development. Frameworks like Scrum and Kanban and other Agile practices have allowed teams to move away from rigid, linear processes to more flexible ones that focus on delivering value to customers faster. Since then, the world of Agile has expanded in scope.
  |  By Kristy Threlkeld
From organizing ideation sessions to automating manual project management updates, the opportunities to supercharge product workflows with artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tools are virtually endless. At this point, it’s less of a question of if, but rather, how teams are harnessing the power of AI to unlock their organization’s full innovation potential.
We’re thrilled to announce that Miro has won the Google Cloud 2024 Technology Partner of the Year Award in Productivity and Collaboration: Innovation, in recognition of our commitment to an excellent customer experience. Today, Google announced all 2024 Google Cloud Partner Award winners, celebrating companies around the globe that play a key role in helping customers drive innovation with visionary technology. Miro included!
Creating an architecture that not only supports your business, but enhances it, is not a one-and-done task. It requires continuous reflection, learning, and improvement. For organizations that build on AWS, Well-Architected Framework Reviews play a critical role in their success. Designed to enable teams to assess and improve their architecture, the process can enhance performance, ensure stability and security, and maximize cost-efficiency.
  |  By Miro
Expand the functionality of your favorite tools by embedding Miro! This detailed tutorial shows you how to seamlessly integrate Miro boards into various platforms and tools, enhancing your workflow and collaboration. Whether you’re using project management software, design tools, or educational platforms, you’ll learn how to bring the power of Miro's visual collaboration into your daily toolset.
  |  By Miro
Discover how Prudential utilizes Miro to foster innovation and collaboration. With remote and hybrid work environments, Miro has become essential for seamless teamwork and design processes. Agile teams at Prudential leverage Miro for PI planning, retrospectives, and other agile events, promoting transparency and collaboration. By replacing traditional in-person retrospectives with Miro's dynamic interface, Prudential enhances visibility and trust within teams. The recent integration of Jira and Miro streamlines workflows, reducing overhead time and increasing employee satisfaction.
  |  By Miro
Product designer Maureen is here to show you her journey map creation process in Miro. See how Maureen deep dives into understanding users' experiences, working hand in hand with them to sketch out their journey. All within the platform. She'll share the details of how she and her team brainstorm ideas to tackle insights they uncover — and craft a practical plan to move forward.
  |  By Miro
Revolutionize your online meetings with Miro's seamless integration into video chat applications like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. This video provides a step-by-step guide on how to use Miro effectively during virtual meetings, making your collaborations more interactive and productive. Ideal for remote teams, educators, and anyone looking to add a dynamic visual element to their video conferences.
  |  By Miro
Unlock the full potential of team collaboration with Miro! This video is your ultimate guide to harnessing the collaborative features of Miro, making teamwork more efficient, engaging, and productive. Whether you're working on a complex project, brainstorming sessions, or coordinating with remote teams, our tips and strategies will help you collaborate in Miro like never before.
  |  By Miro
Step up your Miro game by mastering the use of templates! This video is a deep dive into the world of Miro templates, showing you how to select, customize, and effectively use them for various projects and workflows. Whether you’re managing a team, planning a project, or organizing information, our guide will help you leverage Miro’s templates for maximum efficiency.
  |  By Miro
Dive into the world of sophisticated diagramming with Miro's seamless integration of open-source tools: draw.io, PlantUML, and Mermaid. This video is designed for professionals and teams who want to enhance their diagramming capabilities, offering comprehensive insights into creating network diagrams, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, and more within Miro's collaborative platform. From straightforward interfaces to intricate designs, we cover the essentials to harness the power of these integrations effortlessly.
  |  By Miro
Step into the dynamic world of Agile coaching with Miro and discover how this powerful tool can elevate your coaching strategies. This video is crafted for Agile Coaches looking to integrate Miro into their coaching practices, providing deep insights into how Miro can enhance collaboration, planning, and agile methodologies. From fundamental features to advanced techniques, we delve into everything you need to employ Miro effectively.
  |  By Miro
Embark on a captivating journey into the heart of collaboration with Miro! Miro is your visual space for innovation, an all-encompassing platform designed to change the way teams think, plan, and create together. Whether you’re initiating brainstorming sessions, managing complex projects, running workshops or just looking to organize your thoughts, Miro provides the ultimate canvas for all your creative and strategic needs. Tailored for both beginners and seasoned professionals, this guide dives deep into Miro’s functionalities, ensuring you leverage every aspect of this dynamic tool.
  |  By Miro
Step into the innovative world of engineering with Miro and discover how this versatile tool can revolutionize your projects. This video is tailored for engineers who want to integrate Miro into their daily workflow, offering in-depth insights into how Miro can enhance collaboration, planning, and problem-solving in engineering. From basic functionality to advanced tips, we cover everything you need to use Miro like a pro.

Miro is the ultimate hub for your team or company where you can collaborate, visualize and collect ideas and share work. It can be a focal point for your offline meetings, or an endless workspace for distributed collaboration. Miro is your company-wide normalization layer for notes, media, data and other inputs — all from different sources and in different formats.

All of you — managers, designers, developers, coaches, marketers and other talented professionals — work together to build great things. Team members are all different and speak many "languages" — data, pictures, spreadsheets, tasks, charts and more. Miro combines all these pieces in one place to let your team or whole organization collaborate beyond formats, tools, locations and timezones.

Collaborate as a Dream Team:

  • Real-time collaboration: Fast and responsive — as close and engaging as it can get to in-person collaboration for teams working in a remote setting.
  • Infinite workspace: It’s critical for seeing the big picture. Our whiteboard is endless, yet zoomable and easy to structure.
  • Enhanced whiteboard toolkit: We digitized everything you like about working with a physical whiteboard.And more!

Miro is the #1 online whiteboard trusted by over 2 million users from global companies big and small.