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Employee Monitoring

Law of Diminishing Marginal Productivity - Why Productivity Tracking Is Essential?

Productivity in the workplace is essential for any business to thrive and prosper, but to be productive, you need to ensure that your employees are working effectively and efficiently. Productivity may seem simple on the surface, but there are many elements to consider to track your productivity and increase it over time effectively.

Build a Better Company Culture with These Tools

A good company culture has become increasingly important to employees over the years, making it equally as important for companies looking to hire and retain employees. Digital tools like LMS, engagement platforms, work tracking software, and even a work time-keeping app can help organizations strengthen their company culture while doubling down on digital transformation at the same time.

The Best Time Tracking App for Productivity in 2022 - Apploye

The best time tracking app for productivity in 2022. This article discusses Time tracking and Productivity management features of Apploye. Tracking employee work hours isn’t an uncommon practice, but not everyone can reap the benefit of monitoring employee time due to having an obscure concept about productivity. This is 2022, and you can’t afford to beat around the bush to claim yourself productive just because you track time! Time tracking productivity apps are commonplace too.

On-Premise or SaaS: Which is Better for Your Business?

You’ve probably heard of both SaaS and on-premise hosting. SaaS (software as a service) and on-premise are two ways to offer the same software to your customers, but they have significant differences that you need to consider before deciding which to use. Even though there’s no right answer for choosing which will work best for your business, it’s essential to keep in mind that each type has its benefits and drawbacks and its customers. If you want to learn more about on-premise vs.

AI Powered Attorney Time Tracking Software

There are many #timetracking applications out there, but when it comes to working with lawyers, most are ineffective because they just don’t have the features that make time and billing management simple and efficient. That’s why #Workstatus is different. This #timetrackingtool is built specifically with law firms in mind. And since it’s online, any lawyer or staff member can easily use it from any computer or smartphone.

Do's and Don'ts of Conducting Workplace Investigations

Conducting workplace investigations is essential for running any business, from big corporations to small businesses, even for non-profits organizations. Initiating workplace investigations isn’t always an easy task. It involves interviewing both employees and managers, which means you may have to put some ground rules to keep everyone happy and comfortable. Conducting workplace investigations can be tricky.

All Work and No Play: How to Improve Your Workforce's Work-life Balance

Evidence shows that proper work-life balance of employees has a tremendous impact not only on employee health and wellbeing but also on employee productivity and retention rates. Companies can support better work-life balance for their employees by following the tips in this article and using tools like remote employee tracking and other HR tools to support better working culture.

How to Monitor Employee Productivity

If you are an HR manager or if you have decided to pursue a career in human resources you might be well familiar with the term “Employee Productivity”. In your conversation, you most frequently use the term, right? Let’s see how it is defined by the Human Resource experts. In this blog post, we will discuss employee productivity, its determinants, and methods to monitor productivity for the success of an organization.

Top Strategies For No-Noise Performance Measurement And Verification

Do you want to make sure your employees are doing their jobs correctly? Are you looking for a fool-proof way to measure their performance? Measuring #employeeperformance is important for businesses because it allows managers to identify and correct problems, understand what employees contribute to the company's success, and determine appropriate rewards and punishments. Workstatus is an excellent #workforceanalyticssoftware or businesses to measure employee performance because of the following reasons-