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Hybrid Work Attendance Monitoring: Here's What You Need to Know

Before the pandemic, the term ‘Hybrid Work’ was in theory. As COVID-19 has changed the work culture totally upside down, companies going fully remote work policy have experienced the pros and cons of in-office and remote work. Therefore, over 90% of mid-size companies are moving to hybrid work culture.


Employee Monitoring: A Cost-Effective Way to Survive an Unstable Economy

Click for Transcript BrowseReporter is a versatile computer user activity monitoring software that helps organizations enforce policies, meet compliance requirements, and understand how their users operate – no matter where they’re located.


Talk Of The Town: Billable hours vs. Non-billable hours vs. Hours worked

Keeping an eye on ‘how employees spend their work hours’ has always been a common practice. When the industrial revolution began, floor managers or supervisors were aligned to take care of managing & monitoring employee hours. Of course, the scope of manual errors was a huge challenge for employers. Once computers became a regular part of work life, technology took over the time management task.


How to Bring Employee Retention in Your Organization without Money?

Employee retention is no easy feat, but its not impossible. So it’s time to bring that employee back without investing extra money? Well, there are many ways to bring employee retention. In this article, we’ll talk about how not only to retain employee without money. Also how to make them excited about working at your organization.

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From Haphazard to High-Performing: How Employee Tracking Software Can Transform Your Business

As the world shifts towards remote work and virtual teams, managing productivity can feel like navigating uncharted waters. Gone are the days of physically observing employees at their desks, managers must now find new ways to ensure their teams are operating at peak efficiency. However, with the advent of innovative tools and technologies, it's possible to effectively track and measure productivity, even when teams are spread out across the globe.


10 Productivity Improvement Strategies Companies Need To Try

Most everyone would like to think that they have great and, consequently, productive employees. However, studies show that employees are only productive for 2 hours and 23 minutes of their work day. While you might be blown away by that statistic, the truth is that employees can become very distracted by chatty co-workers, unproductive websites, and other workplace distractions. These issues are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to improving employee productivity.