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What is Horizontal Communication and How to Implement it in the Workplace?

Technological advancement is growing exponentially. Every day, there is something new that helps businesses reach their potential, and opens up many new opportunities for them. Innovative solutions play a positive role in creating new jobs and motivate employees to develop their skills. It’s no secret that improving skills and developing them helps professionals move up the career ladder. Sharpened skills add value to employees and make them desirable candidates for positions.


How Miro used Miro to power our first national ad campaign

Five days of filming, 60+ crew members, 14 actors, 40 extras, and one Miro board. At Miro, we don’t just eat our own dogfood – we use our product to run our entire company. So, when we set out to create our first national ad campaign this year, it was only natural that we turned to our platform to get the job done. We partnered with Portland-based agency Öpınıonated to launch a multi-channel campaign spanning TV, print, and digital ads across the United States.


6 essential collaboration tools behind every great marketing team

No marketer is an island. Having a great team of people on your side is one of the most important things you can do to set your business up for marketing success, but to maximize your team’s efficiency, you need to make sure everyone is on the same page. This is especially significant because today’s marketing teams have to juggle many moving parts.


How to design a digital employee experience (DEX) for today's workforce

The digital employee experience (DEX) spans the entirety of an employee’s interactions with their digital workplace — new employee onboarding, managing healthcare benefits, company newsletters, employee engagement surveys, project management dashboards, and more. So, why are companies making so many mistakes with its design? We have answers.

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Why working asynchronously is key to remote collaboration that drives growth

Companies know they need an adaptable, diverse and energized workforce — and that flexibility is key to retaining, and competing for, top talent. While remote job listings globally have more than doubled, employers are still catching up to employees’ expectations. For instance, many US workplaces only allow employees to work remotely some of the time, even though, when offered—almost everyone jumps at the opportunity.


The Cost of a Bad Hire? TRIPLE their Salary!!!!

Recruitment, especially in tech, is seriously hard work. Even just for one new team member. Listing a job, sifting through applicants, interviewing them, re-interviewing the best, negotiating an offer… It’s a lot. Imagine going through all of that, finally hiring a candidate, and waiting for their start date to arrive – only to discover that they’re totally wrong for the job, and completely at odds with your company values.


Benefits of Positive Employee Experience in the Workplace & the Quiet Quitting Trend

According to Gallup, the U.S. employee engagement slump continues. The ratio of engaged to actively disengaged employees has been falling consistently since 2019, hitting a recent low in 2022 of just 1.9 to 1. For every 19 engaged employees who are out there giving a company their all, another 10 are actively working to undermine those efforts. On the surface, it might sound like the balance is in favor of engagement. After all, there are almost two engaged employees for every disengaged one.


7 Biggest Digital Transformation Challenges of 2022

In an era ruled by superior customer experiences and businesses converging towards being more customer-focused, digital transformation is a priority for all top business leaders. But not all digital transformation efforts yield successful outcomes. Organizations don’t always see the expected results immediately and often lose the stamina to witness the sustained impact of digital transformation. At times, these digital adoption projects are even halted due to specific challenges along the way.


Measuring the ROI of employee engagement in 5 steps

Subscribers to our blog and podcast series know that Simpplr strives to share tips, tricks and best practices for connecting workforces all across the globe. And subscribers also recognize that this connection significantly impacts ROI. But, how does one prove this to be true? Well, we’re coming in hot with our latest helpful offering – How to Get the HR Resources You Need, By Showing Leadership the ROI They Want—In 5 Steps.