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WhatsApp for employee communication? 6 reasons why that's a bad idea

With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp appears to be an easy way to get in touch with anyone, including your co-workers. However, using WhatsApp for employee communication can come with a host of security threats to your organization and the lack of appropriate features for collaboration amongst teams and performance tracking. For example, accessing an employee’s phone and stealing sensitive organization data is fairly easy, as WhatsApp does not have essential security features.

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Formal vs Informal Communication in the Workplace: Unveiling Differences

Effective communication is crucial to any successful workplace. It sets the foundation for collaboration, productivity, and positive workplace relationships among colleagues. In the dynamic landscape of professional interactions, understanding the two primary modes of workplace communication, formal and informal, is essential.

The ROI of Using Chatbot and Automation with Your IT Service Desk (Webinar)

Workativ is a FREE no-code SaaS platform for companies to quickly build, automate, and deploy conversational AI chatbots with app workflow automation out-of-the-box in less than 60 mins. No coding is required. Workativ differentiates itself by focusing on employee IT & HR support for digital and hybrid workplace transformation.

Too many meetings? Expert advice on the right meeting cadence for every kind of meeting

Even worse, 47 percent of workers ranked meetings as their number one time waster, while research from Korn Ferry found that a whopping 67 percent of employees claim that excessive meetings keep them from making their best impact at work. So, how do you craft a meeting game plan that allows for connection and collaboration without overwhelming your people? We talked to Dr. Steven G.

WhatsApp for healthcare? 6 reasons why it's dangerous

As of today, WhatsApp has over 2.24 billion active users globally. Launched in 2018, WhatsApp Business has also rapidly grown into a widely adopted business solution. As healthcare professionals seek to enhance efficiency and streamline communication within medical settings, WhatsApp's widespread popularity might seem like an appealing solution. However, addressing the potential risks and limitations of using WhatsApp for healthcare communication is crucial for healthcare services.

Find the root cause with a fishbone exercise

Identifying the root cause of a problem is crucial to finding effective solutions. In this video, we'll walk you through the process of conducting a fishbone (Ishikawa) exercise using Miro. Discover how to structure your analysis, brainstorm potential causes, and drill down to the core issues at hand. By the end of this video, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to conduct a fishbone exercise and uncover the root causes of complex problems in Miro.

Wire for Android - Changes under the hood and the way ahead

Just recently, we have relaunched Wire for Android on a completely new code base. This brings a lot of improvements, especially better performance in the app, seamless notifications, and much better reliability. But even more important: The release will allow us to deploy features much faster in the future and brings better modularity to the development process. This approach comes with some compromises, though. We had to disable a few features that are loved by many of our users.