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Vision Helpdesk

Live Online Chat Software: Real Time Customer Service

Live online chat software has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way for businesses to connect with customers in real time. These chat tools allow companies to provide quick and efficient customer service, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction. In this article, we will take a closer look at live online chat software, including a specific product called Vision Helpdesk Live Chat Software.


How to Send Invoice and Add Payment Reminder in Next.js with Courier API

A lot of open-source invoice management apps are built with Laravel. As a Javascript developer, I wanted to build the “React Solution” for devs that are familiar with React and Javascript. A problem I found when building with services in Node.js is that there is no built-in mailer. So, I had to find a 3rd party service to do that for me.

Automatic Check-ins in Basecamp

Basecamp's Automatic Check-ins tool is a simple way to ask your team recurring questions and gather their answers all in one place. They're a great way to replace status calls or meetings while keeping everything on the record. In this video, Kimberly from the Basecamp Customer Success team walks through how to create Automatic Check-ins in the Basecamp project management software. She also shares how the team at Basecamp uses Automatic Check-ins on a daily and weekly basis.

Embracing improv to supercharge your team

There are so many adjectives you want your team to be. Innovative. Creative. Energetic. Enthusiastic. Supportive. Collaborative. Bold. But getting there? That’s the hard part – especially if your existing team meetings and brainstorming sessions are filled mostly with awkward pauses, shifty eye contact, and the same few people who are the only ones comfortable enough to chime in.