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Vision Helpdesk

Get to Know the Leading Service Desk Software

Providing excellent customer service is about more than responding to inquiries. Taking a holistic approach to support customers, employees, and IT allows your business to make informed decisions and develop better long-term strategies. Vision Helpdesk’s state-of-the-art leading service desk software takes help desk software one step further by providing a proactive approach to inquiries and supporting your IT needs and objectives.

Introducing the new Starter & Pro plans

In the last few years, we’ve seen Rocket.Chat grow from an open source messaging platform to a fully-featured, extensible, secure and compliant collaboration platform used by many of the world’s most regulated and security-conscious industries. As a Commercial Open Source Business, during this time, we have added a wide range of premium capabilities that help organizations work more efficiently, communicate with their customers effectively, and extend Rocket.Chat intelligently.

troop messenger

How to Communicate Professionally Through Email at the Workplace

Among the various methods of communication in the workplace, emails play a pivotal role in keeping members of your organization and teams informed on important updates. That’s why the ability to convey messages effectively through emails is a valuable skill. For one, effective workplace communication is the cornerstone for collaboration, clarity, and cohesive team dynamics.

time doctor

Improvement-focused employee monitoring: Switching from control to collaboration

Although we’re eager to move past the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s impossible to separate the events of the last few years from the rapid rise in employee monitoring software adoption. As companies worldwide suddenly and unexpectedly found themselves working remotely, employee monitoring software became a way to manage the transition. Companies wanted to ensure their people were working when they were supposed to be working.

FINED! How Financial Services Can Avoid Paying Millions for Using Unsecured Messaging Apps

💰 FINED: The use of unsecured messaging apps cost American financial firms over $500M in fines – Don't be next! Wells Fargo and other major players in the Financial industry were hit with the biggest penalties by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. 🤔The reason? Employees were exchanging messages in non-compliant apps such as WhatsApp, iMessage, and Signal.

Next-level engagement: How to empower teams with UX research democratization

If you want to design optimal user experiences, you can’t skip UX research. It provides insight into what users want and need and how they use your product, which ultimately leads to more satisfied customers. Many companies are adopting a user-first approach to product design. But effective UX research can’t be done in a silo — it requires cross-functional collaboration and engagement from stakeholders throughout your organization.