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Better Together: Miro and AWS drive innovation for product teams

At Miro, we empower product teams to create the next big thing, regardless of their location, by launching diagramming tools, templates, frameworks, and so much more. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Miro has won the Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) 2023 Independent Software Vendor Partner of the Year award, in recognition of our commitment to building software that shapes the future.


Improving Trace Data For Azure Virtual Desktop

The Microsoft infrastructure makes collecting network traces more complicated. Network traces (tracert) inside and out of the Azure Virtual Desktop virtual machine are valuable when diagnosing support issues or when an end-user calls up complaining of poor Azure Virtual Desktop performance. The following information should help improve the collection of network traces and trace data, which will aid in diagnosing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure connectivity.


Top 5 Cloud Migration Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Companies wishing to move from their legacy IT systems, outdated servers and unreliable hardware are regularly migrating their businesses to the cloud. The benefits of cloud computing and various cloud-based project management solutions – including Atlassian, Confluence, Jira, Bitbucket, and an array of others – have allowed businesses to adapt, evolve and scale successfully.


Miro's new solution for Google Meet and Jamboard users: Introducing our app for Google Meet all-in-one devices

We’re working in lockstep with Google Workspace to build a robustly integrated and feature-rich visual workspace experience to help customers adopt Miro in hybrid environments, or as an alternative to whiteboarding in Jamboard. Bringing together the power of Google Workspace and Miro’s visual workspace for innovation ensures customers can seamlessly transition their work and can continue to create the next big thing.


Step-by-Step Guide to Integrate InvGate Insight With Amazon Web Services

Virtual machines (VMs) located on cloud instances allow organizations to run diverse workloads on a shared physical server, optimizing resource utilization and adaptability. However, managing and monitoring these assets can pose challenges for IT professionals, as they can sometimes be hard to track and visualize. If you find yourself in this scenario, you need to learn how to integrate InvGate Insight with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Best Practices for SaaS and Network Incident Management

Computer and network systems have (obviously) become vital to business operations. Occasionally, there are SaaS or network incidents and these systems do not operate as needed. Enterprises want to minimize the potential damage and get their systems back online ASAP. Integrated incident management and a strong End User Experience Management (EUEM) platform that provides synthetic and real-user monitoring is a foundation for meeting that objective.

Leaving the Cloud: The Finale - Rework Podcast

You’ve no doubt heard the 37signals team talking about leaving the cloud. Well, now the transition is complete! In this episode of Rework, 37signals co-founder David Heinemeier Hansson and Director of Operations Eron Nicholson sit down with host Kimberly Rhodes to discuss the unexpected speed of the move, the decisions, the hurdles they faced, and the behind the scenes of the meticulous process of moving their major applications, including those that had never before been run outside the cloud.
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10 Benefits of Adopting a Cloud Data Warehouse for Enhanced Workplace Efficiency

With the evolution in Big Data and analytics, including the advent of cloud data warehouses, there is still beneficial information as to why Data Warehouse, including cloud data warehouses, is still a choice for many organizations that are introducing it to their IT architecture and infrastructure. The business size doesn't matter when it plays a key role in decision-making and business Intelligence.


Turbocharge your CX with Zendesk and AWS

The pandemic dealt some heavy blows to the retail industry. Lockdowns, short tempers and supply chain issues were just a few of the challenges that business owners have faced over the past three years. But retailers who got creative – and engaged with their customers in new and innovative ways – surged past the competition. Learn how to boost your retail CX with Zendesk and AWS.


Miro now integrated with AWS AppFabric: Connect your SaaS apps and improve security

For the past few years, especially as hybrid and remote work have become normalized, enterprise organizations have become reliant on an increasing number of applications and cloud-based platforms to streamline collaboration and improve productivity among teams and individuals. Companies are incentivized to ensure their tools are accessible to everyone and that work remains frictionless, all while ensuring their data stays safe.