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What's Using Your Bandwidth? Here's a Monitoring Tool

Bandwidth monitoring provides IT administrators with the assurance that the network has sufficient capacity to run business-critical applications. In addition, network ops team have end-to-end visibility to identify network hogs that cause the congestion. Typically, when a single component overloads in any network, it can bring the entire operation to its knees and impact the employee digital experience. For example, even if you may have a dedicated service plan from your ISP, employees will end up complaining about issues like large file transfer time and slower applications.

Cloud vs. on-premise security: Who wins?

Software as a service (SaaS) and cloud-based tools have become critical for companies to stay competitive and agile. Modern Saas tools, like Salesforce, have become crucial for companies to collaborate efficiently. Public cloud providers have made it easy for businesses to use these tools. However, this shift to the cloud has led to some serious cybersecurity challenges. The data security parameters have shifted from traditional, on-premise security to cloud-first.


The Risks of Cloud Migration and How to Overcome Them

Migrating to the Cloud has been proven to improve productivity, and has enabled even the smallest business to become truly global. And yet, there are still organisations that haven’t gone all-in, relying on legacy hardware and software to get critical work done. The problem is – it won’t be long until in-house server rooms and legacy software are all but dead. Hardware becomes obsolete fast, and maintaining even the simplest server setup is expensive.


How software and cloud services companies can scale CX with self-service and intelligent triage

The software and cloud services industry has seen market-defying growth in recent years, but growth comes with its own set of challenges. As you add more customers and prospects, you’ll also find that you have more questions pouring into your support channels – everything from basic FAQs to the most complex technical questions – and your team is on the hook for every single one.

Monitor ALL of Salesforce with Exoprise

Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) performance is critical to sales, marketing, and customer service for smooth business operations. As a result, Information Technology (IT) teams and developers often customize the cloud platform using thousands of apps, plugins, and APIs available in the Salesforce AppExchange Store to boost collaboration and improve efficiency.