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Better Together: Combine Real User Monitoring with Synthetics

Synthetic Transaction Monitoring (STM) and Real-User Monitoring (RUM) are two different approaches for monitoring end-user experiences with SaaS, Desktop, and networked applications. But in today's digital world, response time, availability, and work-from-anywhere initiatives are becoming closely aligned. Employees need the flexibility to collaborate from any location without disruption. Organizations must look towards a holistic monitoring strategy to make this feasible every day.

Forging Connections in the Cloud: How SaaS Companies Can Leverage AI to Deliver a Superb Customer Experience

It is a digital world indeed, and one in which software, in its various forms, stands as a vital component of daily life. Also known as “on-demand” software, Software as a Service (SaaS) refers to a licensing and delivery model whereby software is licensed on a subscription basis and hosted centrally. A SaaS cloud-based service is accessible through an internet browser, rather than users needing to download and install software on a PC or business network.

Emerging Cloud Security Threats & How to Address Them

Cloud hosting is becoming the norm due to its efficiency, accessibility, flexibility, and scalability. Not only that, but it also optimizes IT expenses and encourages collaboration. However, with the rise of digitalization comes the surge of cyber attacks. With such threats, business leaders must be attentive to the cloud security of their businesses.

AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud: Which Cloud Provider is Best?

Over the last two decades, we have seen companies move to the cloud in hordes and presently, the cloud is often the default option for almost all new enterprises. Only companies in a very narrow niche are sticking to on-premise solutions. And the trend is expected to continue. In 2021 alone, the end-user spending in cloud computing was around 482 bn USD.

8 Cloud-Based HR Solutions to Support Remote and Hybrid Teams

Discover the top cloud-based HR tools to support remote and hybrid teams. HR teams are flocking towards cloud-based solutions for their digital toolkits. Discover the value that HR cloud-based tools can bring to your business, and find out how software for tracking remote employees can benefit your digital HR toolkit.

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Detect and Fix Slow Proxies For SaaS and Cloud

Crowdsourcing is becoming an essential part of many enterprises, from big companies to startups. This is because it is an incredible way of creating an ecosystem to facilitate different processes within a business. Leveraging the Exoprise platform, companies can benchmark their slow proxies, detect, and fix slow network experiences. Crowdsourcing entails getting information, goods, or services from disparate people worldwide. Often, crowdsourcing is made possible through the magic of cloud-based applications and platforms because of the way the Internet connects people and organizations. Exoprise specializes in crowdsourced monitoring of cloud and SaaS services. We call it crowd-powered.