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What Customers Love About Exoprise

At Exoprise, we always listen to customers’ input and ensure they have the best experience possible. Our customer success, support, and engineering teams have been hard at work, collecting this feedback and insights to identify the functionality and features loved by our customers. Today, we’ll be sharing the top five favorites that have been brought to our attention in recent conversations.

Microsoft 365 and Azure Network Service Front Doors

As businesses increasingly rely on Microsoft SaaS and Azure-based applications to support their distributed workforce, ensuring optimal performance and user experience becomes crucial. With complex corporate network architectures like SDWAN, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), or Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB), and a reliance on Microsoft’s vast network architecture, monitoring and troubleshooting performance issues can be challenging.

Introducing InvGate Service Desk's Virtual Agent For Microsoft Teams

Our integration with Microsoft Teams has reached a whole new level of proficiency. We’re pleased to introduce you to the InvGate Service Desk Virtual Agent for Microsoft Teams! It’s no news that you could already expand your support communication channels by integrating your service desk instance with Teams. Now, we’re adding new capabilities that leverage the possibilities Artificial Intelligence unlocks for IT Service Management to further improve the overall user experience.

Virtual Agent For Microsoft Teams: Add Teams to Your Service Desk

If you were looking for help desk software that integrates with Microsoft Teams, InvGate Service Desk was already your go-to option. However, our MS Teams integration has reached a whole new level of proficiency. Connecting Microsoft Teams with InvGate Service Desk turns the messaging platform into a formal communication channel while centralizing interactions in the backend. This provides a double benefit: improving the agents' and end-users' experience and simplifying tracking and measuring all service desk interactions in one place.

Teams V2 Synthetics and Real-User Monitoring Support

With the release of Microsoft Teams 2.0 and the Classic Teams client nearing its EOL (end of life), we were eager to explore the changes that Teams 2.0 brought about. Today we will look into the new features and architecture of Teams 2.0 as well as provide insight into the changes and improvements to the CloudReady Teams Messaging and Teams AV sensors.
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SaaS and Microsoft 365 Service Level Agreement Credit Recovery

In this article, we will be covering Service-Level Agreement (SLA) credits and the general steps Software-as-a-Service customers must take to recover them. We'll also go over the typical information required by SaaS vendors, how to collect this information, and how CloudReady synthetics can expedite the SLA credit recovery process. SLA credits are a type of compensation to customers by service providers when service providers fail to achieve the agreed-upon service levels. These credits are applied to customer accounts as monetary refunds or credits to be used for future services.

ConnectWise PSA Integration

In this video, we will be reviewing the ConnectWise PSA integration along with it's benefits. We'll also walk you through the configuration process to quickly configure the integration. The ConnectWise PSA integration allows for tickets to be automatically created and closed upon Exoprise Alarms being triggered. With tickets being created in ConnectWise PSA, you can begin automatically assigning tickets based on the alarms triggered in Exoprise using workflow rules.

Empower your business with M-Files Connector for Copilot - Microsoft365

The M-Files Connector for Copilot empowers your organization to enhance productivity and data utilization across platforms. By seamlessly publishing selected information from M-Files to the Microsoft 365 platform, it ensures that Copilot can leverage crucial data while maintaining the strictest security protocols. Users experience a unified view, accessing only the data they are permitted to see in M-Files, thus preserving confidentiality and compliance.
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Troubleshoot WiFi and Wireless Networking Issues Everywhere

In today's varied workspace dynamics, wireless networking issues can greatly impact user experience and productivity. Whether it's slow download speeds, poor wireless coverage, connectivity, or collaboration problems during virtual meetings, wireless troubleshooting is crucial to ensuring remote and office productivity.