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3 Reasons You Need a Digital Experience Monitoring Solution

Exoprise customers are already enjoying the full benefits of 24*7 active monitoring for their enterprise applications. Don’t believe us? Take a look at one of our case studies. While synthetic monitoring (aka Active Monitoring) is great for proactively detecting SaaS, network, and Internet outages, the IT world has now switched to Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solutions. Thanks to Covid, that took the world by storm.

Returning to the Office? Learn Best Practices to Support ITOps

Whether you accept it or not, the return to the office is happening. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Goldman Sachs, and Citigroup have asked their employees to resume operations on-site. Overall, the number of Covid cases in the US has steadily declined. And many states are now lifting their mask mandates. So sooner or later, more businesses will follow a similar suit, including yours.

5 Powerful Office 365 Time Tracking Tools

Microsoft Office 365 has great apps that make productivity and collaboration easier for businesses of any size. However, it lacks a native time tracker, which can save companies resources in the long run. Luckily, Office 365 allows integrations with some of the best time tracking apps you can use to achieve those goals. In this article, we’ll explore the top five time tracking tools you can use for Office 365 time tracking with their key features, pricing, and customer ratings.

Optimize Device Refresh with Digital Experience Monitoring

Last year, during our Work Anywhere webinar, Forrester analyst Andrew Hewitt said that 51% of the technology teams focused on providing the right technology to enhance the employee experience. By 2021, the entire IT organization saw the need to support a flexible digital workplace with appropriate devices, wherever employees were located. According to computer economics, hardware such as PCs, laptops, and mobile devices age every four years.

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Detect and Fix Slow Proxies For SaaS and Cloud

Crowdsourcing is becoming an essential part of many enterprises, from big companies to startups. This is because it is an incredible way of creating an ecosystem to facilitate different processes within a business. Leveraging the Exoprise platform, companies can benchmark their slow proxies, detect, and fix slow network experiences. Crowdsourcing entails getting information, goods, or services from disparate people worldwide. Often, crowdsourcing is made possible through the magic of cloud-based applications and platforms because of the way the Internet connects people and organizations. Exoprise specializes in crowdsourced monitoring of cloud and SaaS services. We call it crowd-powered.

Slack vs Teams: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Microsoft and Slack have a history that goes back to 2016 when Microsoft attempted to purchase Slack. The deal did not materialize, and in response, Microsoft created its collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams. Slack and Microsoft Teams boast 12 million and 13 million daily active users, respectively – a direct result of the pandemic and the increase in remote work.

How to Test Multi-Factor Authentication for Microsoft Teams

Our last blog introduced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for synthetics and discussed how MFA works. Most of our customers use Microsoft Teams as their Go-To messaging and collaboration application. So in today’s article I will show you how to deploy the Teams Audio Video sensor in your environment with an MFA configuration. This will enable testing MFA while at the same time testing the performance of a Teams audio video conference.

Introducing Multi-Factor Authentication for Synthetics

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) provides an enhanced security mechanism for your entire organization by requiring multiple methods of authentication credentials. Using traditionally managed passwords for accessing your apps, services, and networks is no longer a secure methodology. Indeed, cyber threats are on the rise. Hackers today employ sophisticated techniques such as spear-phishing or pharming to gain unauthorized access to corporate accounts.

Is Microsoft's Teams Productivity Tracker Legit?

In November 2020, Microsoft launched a productivity app named Microsoft Productivity Score to measure the productivity of your co-located as well as remote team. This Microsoft Teams productivity tracker helps your company break down how much time your employees are spending on all Office 365 tools. In this article, we’ll cover what Microsoft Teams productivity tracker is and the eight parameters it uses to measure your company’s Productivity Score.