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Google Workspace in Miro: Boost Your Productivity with THIS Integration

Unleash the full potential of Google Workspace within your Miro boards! This detailed tutorial guides you through integrating Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Sheets into Miro, creating a powerful, unified workspace. Whether you're just starting with Miro or looking to use it like a pro, this video is packed with tips and tricks to elevate your productivity and collaboration.

Introducing Retroactive User Rates: Helping client billing be as accurate as possible

Although time travel is still a figment of our imagination, our latest release will give you the illusion of going back in time. Picture this: You’ve given your team member a much deserved promotion for their hard work on a big project and amidst the happy celebrations, you’ve forgotten to change their billable rate on said project.

Managing Client Expectations Through Communication & Visibility

Managing client expectations is an essential part of delivering positive experiences. If you are leading a service-based business and do not know how to manage client expectations, you are setting yourself up for failure. From the outset, you should attempt to manage client expectations through communication and visibility. This article will explore practical ways in which you can keep all parties aligned. ‍ ‍

Client Management: What Is It? And How to Do It Right

In project management, there’s a critical skill that sets the exceptional apart from the average: client management. It’s not an optional add-on anymore—it has emerged as an essential pillar of a project manager’s role. Think of it this way: If your project is a finely tuned machine, your clients are the engine powering it.

10 Best Practices for Client Relationship Management

Client relationship building is the lynchpin of business growth and sustenance. It is the harbinger of rewarding customer experiences, meaningful interactions, customer loyalty, brand credibility, and improved reputation. As such, it comes as no surprise that 73% of business leaders attribute client relationship management as a direct link to success.

How to increase client retention with innovation

Maintaining client relationships and preventing churn is a never-ending battle for most companies, B2B and B2C alike. Based on our users’ experience, we’ve identified that client churn is most commonly linked to low work output, lack of innovation, and employee engagement. Preventing client churn is not only a key profitability driver, but it can also contribute to expansion and acquisition through referrals and relevant case studies.

An essential guide to client orientation

Pop quiz: How much of your agency’s revenue comes from clients? If you didn’t answer “all of it,” the percentage is still pretty high, right? (And if it’s not — well, we want to know your secret!) Without clients, an agency can’t continue to pay its people or keep the lights on. This reality isn’t lost on managers and CEOs, and if asked, just about every one of them will say their agency is customer-centric.

Client Management Strategies for Agencies to Build Better Relationships

Good client experiences in the agency world aren’t always the norm. Here’s how to make them yours. Horror stories about poor client experiences make the rounds online, in friend circles, and between colleagues. These stories can include anything from a lack of communication to being scammed out of money for deliverables. Either way, your brand reputation extends beyond just your work; it encompasses the entire client experience.

Introducing Clients View: The one place to oversee your clients and their projects

Note: If you aren’t seeing Clients in your left-side navigation, not to worry! Click here to learn about how to enable it. When managing multiple clients and their projects, the last thing you need to worry about is manually cobbling together metrics across their projects just to get a sense of how things are going, or realizing you have a client directory with gaps and outdated information. Being the only platform built to run client work, we have just the fix for you!

Client Management 101: Key Strategies for Growing Your Business.

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