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Top 5 Call Center Monitoring Software for 2021

For any call center, ensuring customer satisfaction is a priority. However, with all the processes a typical call center needs to handle, ensuring if your agents provide the right support can seem challenging. That’s why call center monitoring software can be such a game-changer. With features like advanced reporting and automatic call recording, these tools can help you gain detailed insights into agent performance and call quality.


Monitoring Cloud Environments at Scale with Prometheus and Thanos

In Mattermost, our monitoring solution is continuously evolving to meet our scaling infrastructure needs. Our previous architecture used Prometheus federation and was perfect for our small/medium infrastructure size, but was not able to scale in the way we needed. This post will explain how we used Thanos and the Prometheus operator to scale our monitoring infrastructure and meet our long-term storage needs.


Streamlining developer access to Prometheus and Grafana

Our Makefile entry point for developing against the Mattermost Server already tries to simplify things for developers as much as possible. For example, when invoking make run-server, this build tooling takes care of all of the following (among other things!).


Building an app with a focus on observability

Applications deployed on the cloud keep growing in size and complexity every day, bringing the need for DevOps engineers to make sure that their application is running in the most efficient way possible. There are a lot of problems, solutions and best practices to make sure an application is efficient, under various categories. Observability Observability is the measure of how well your application’s state can be understood, and how clearly inferences are drawn from that.


Monitoring the Mattermost server with Prometheus and Grafana

Lately we’ve been working on improving different parts of the Mattermost server, including our monitoring and observability capabilities. We’ve been using Prometheus and Grafana to monitor our cluster for a while now, and you can read this great post where my colleague Stylianos explains how we have them working for our multi-cluster environment.