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March 2024

Managing Employee Workload in 2024: The Complete Guide

Everyone has 24 hours and the same amount of skills more or less. However, some are more successful than others. It is because of employee workload and time management expertise. In today’s digital era, no matter how much technology has made our lives easier, it has made our lives harder at work. Today’s workload or digital workload as we would like to call it is a boulder, which is squeezing us.

Check Attendance | Importance, Implementation, and Benefits

You can check attendance of your employees by setting up a simple attendance tracking software. Check out our top five picks below 👇 You can generally use three methods to track your employees’ attendance: Checking your employees’ attendance is important for several reasons: Take control of your employees’ attendance with modern tracking tools for better efficiency and productivity.

How DeskTrack can Enhance Team's Productivity and Efficiency

Productivity and Efficiency – the two most key elements, skills or you can say output of your staff, which ultimately lead to overall productivity boost for your company. If you want to increase these outputs, in this era of advanced technology and internet, you need to monitor your employees all the time. In this digital era, DeskTrack is a productivity monitoring software, which acts as an all-see eye for you.

How to: Authenticating end users in messaging for the web | Zendesk

👉 How to: Authenticating end users in messaging for the web | Zendesk 🔌 Being able to quickly and accurately identify end users is a key component of delivering effective customer service so in this video, we’ll be taking a look at how we can implement end user authentication in the Zendesk messaging experience.

Zendesk + Ultimate: Setting a new standard of service with AI agents

Zendesk announced today that it will acquire Ultimate, an industry-leading provider of service automation, to deliver the most complete AI offering for customer experience (CX) in the market. The latest CX Trends data shows that unprecedented demand for AI is driving up the speed and frequency of customer engagement. In this new era of AI-powered CX, AI agents can push beyond traditional bot capabilities to help brands transform service into a competitive advantage.

The Future of Contact Centers in Generative AI Era

Does your contact center give you what you need to solve your customers’ problems or increase agent efficiency? A contact center with the traditional system can limit customers’ ability to find answers and solve problems autonomously while also adding to agents’ woes. Built on top of Generative AI, a contact center helps transform the customer service experience by making contact centers and their agents more efficient.

How to Choose the Right AI Vendor for your Enterprise

The emergence of Generative AI pushes for rapid adoption of AI like no other technological innovations in recent times. Everyone wants to use Generative AI for its reasoning, logic, and problem-solving skills independent of human oversight. The wave of opportunities Generative AI brings is clear evidence that AI or GenAI would take very little time to become mainstream. Companies want to train or build proprietary models for various business use cases.

How to Monitor Employees' Computer Activity

Whether monitoring security risks or checking an employee’s use of work time, there are several reliable ways to track a team’s computer activity, including software. Choosing a tool that works for the organization requires some forethought and planning, as well as a thorough vetting process that considers company policy and culture without eroding workforce trust and the management team’s credibility.

The joyful feeling of being productive on Zulip

Today is my three-year anniversary as the product leader for Zulip, the organized team chat product. When I left my job as a data science manager at Lyft, the career change felt like an experiment. Now, I’ve been reflecting on why it’s hard to imagine working on anything else. I’ve never had much patience for technology that’s not doing what I need it to do. Confusing interfaces drive me crazy.

Diagram design 101: Tips for effective visual diagrams to supercharge innovation

Diagramming helps us visualize abstract information so we can understand, problem-solve, improve, and innovate. Luckily, you don’t need to be an artist or designer to create a diagram. Anyone can create effective diagrams by following basic diagram design. In this post, we’ll cover why diagrams can be such useful communication tools, the anatomy of a good one, and a few pro tips to take your designs to the next level.