29 Questions to Ask Before You Invest in SaaS ITSM Software

As you are learning more about options in the market, it's key to understand what factors indicate the best possible value. Get all the details about these elements such as: Download your free copy of our guide to make sure you're asking the right questions and getting the platform you actually need.

Trello Mobile Device Management 101: How To Secure Corporate Data On Any Device

Employees’ smartphone logins on company applications seem harmless enough, right? Not quite. These logins can cause serious security issues that not only cost your organization money but affect its reputation as well. In the 2021 Verizon Mobile Security Index (MSI), 40% of surveyed mobile device inventory “procurement, management and security” professionals reported mobile devices as the largest threat to corporate IT security.

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How to Ensure Data Security for Remote Workers in 2022

Remote work, in some form or another, is clearly here to stay. But it’s not enough for businesses – particularly small businesses – to simply extend pandemic-era remote work accommodations indefinitely. And there’s a very good reason for that. According to cybersecurity firm Malwarebytes, a full 19.8% of businesses suffered a data breach after switching to remote work arrangements. And the reason for that is clear.

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What is Voice Authentication? (Pros, Cons, FAQs)

Voice authentication is an identity authentication technology that verifies a user based on their unique biometric characteristics. It’s secure, fast, and can be applied across several fields like mobile applications, IoT devices, and call centers. Moreover, the advancement in neural networks over the past few years has enabled the development of faster and more accurate voice authentication systems.


Cybersecurity Firm Enhance Service Delivery Team Workflow with Scoro

A global cyber security firm with a goal of doubling the revenues for its 100-strong Solution Engineering and Service Delivery team over the next year. This team, identified as strategically vital, had been running all its team scheduling and resourcing using: To support their ambitious growth goals, they recognized they needed a much more sophisticated workflow – and software solution to orchestrate that.

How Does SSL Work? Simple Explanation

SSL, HTTPS... What stands behind these abbreviations and why it is important for your website - this is what we’re going to cover in today’s video. We’ll also talk a bit about an SSL certificate and SSL encryption. Bitrix24 is a perfect ecommerce suite for your business. Everything you need to run your online store is here - from a block-based website builder with CRM integration to VoIP telephony.