Wire for Android - Changes under the hood and the way ahead

Just recently, we have relaunched Wire for Android on a completely new code base. This brings a lot of improvements, especially better performance in the app, seamless notifications, and much better reliability. But even more important: The release will allow us to deploy features much faster in the future and brings better modularity to the development process. This approach comes with some compromises, though. We had to disable a few features that are loved by many of our users.


Complete Guide To Data Security: Comply With Regulations & Prevent Data Breaches

With data breach happening at an alarming rate, data security has become a critical concern for organizations worldwide. With such alarming statistics, ensuring your organization is equipped with the right data security measures and tools is highly essential. To help IT professionals protect their organization’s sensitive data and comply with relevant regulations, we have created this comprehensive guide.

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On-Premise vs SaaS: Security Considerations for Enterprise Solutions

Even though the globe has been termed the "digital world," many businesses cannot distinguish between on-premise and SaaS. The security factors may be complex, but understanding the differences can make matching them to your company's needs more accessible. To take advantage of security advantages, businesses quickly switch from SaaS solutions to on-premise software or vice versa.

Cybersecurity in government agencies: challenges and opportunities

For government and public sector organizations, cybersecurity is a big obstacle to digital transformation. The two seem at odds: implementing digital transformation best practices seems impossible while upholding the highest cybersecurity standards.


How to Keep Your Applicant and Employee Data Secure

Are you looking for a better way to manage your team? If so, you’re in luck! There are many top-rated software solutions available that can make team management a breeze. In this blog post, we will take a look at 10 of the best team management software solutions on the market today. We’ll discuss what each one offers and how it can help improve team productivity.

Reset Password Notifications with Python and Auth0

Learn how to create secure password reset notifications using Python and Auth0. Attendees will gain hands-on experience integrating Auth0 into their Python applications and implementing password reset flows. Throughout the workshop, participants will learn how to use Auth0's APIs and features to handle user authentication and authorization, and will have the chance to test and deploy their code.

Top 11 self-hosted chat apps in 2023 for secure communication

Organizations adapting to the global trend of working remotely or in hybrid settings must maintain data privacy by adhering to local or industry-specific regulations. This can be achieved almost effortlessly with the help of self-hosted chat apps without compromising the organization's ease of usage and smooth communication. Self-hosted chat apps are open-source software that one can download, modify, and deploy in their organization as needed.

What is multilevel security, and why does it matter?

In today’s world, organizations must be conscious about protecting data and safeguarding the exchange of information. On top of that, digital transformation has become ubiquitous, covering everything from the organization's top-secret business leads to unclassified day-to-day operational information. With this level of digitization, the risk of cyberattacks also comes to the fore. A multilevel security (MLS) approach is crucial in privacy-conscious organizations prioritizing data security.