6 Trello Security Features That Safeguard The Enterprise Cloud

Businesses are investing heavily in cloud technology as work models shift to remote and hybrid. In a 2021 Flexera survey, 37% of enterprises reported an annual cloud spend of over $12 million. Workers depend on cloud apps to collaborate and produce their best work, but worries remain around company data security in the cloud. A report by (ISC)² and Cybersecurity Insiders found that 96% of organizations feel moderate to extreme cloud security concerns.

4 Business Data Security Risks That Could Cost You Millions

Data from eight million users of Cash App Investing customers, including names and brokerage account numbers, was compromised in April 2022 after a former employee downloaded confidential reports. Unfortunately, data security breaches like this are too common. Cybersecurity threats happen with just the smallest human error—and wreak havoc on your business’s finances and reputation. In a 2021 IBM research report, the average cost of a security breach went up 10% to $4.24 million.

How Rocket.Chat meets the needs of government agencies across the globe

Governmental agencies and public sector organizations are catching on to the digital transformation trend. Besides the need to upgrade their internal processes and services to citizens, they need to be extremely careful about data privacy and data security. Organizations in this sector look for secure ways to collaborate internally and with external partners. Moreover, they want to efficiently manage incoming citizens’ inquiries and requests.

The Top 10 Best DevSecOps Tools for 2022

Over the last decade or so, we have seen organizations competing to rapidly launch products and new updates. This also often meant that information security lagged behind, as evinced by the fact that we have seen many companies facing major breaches and attacks over the last couple of years. The DevOps approach which focused on rapid development proved ineffective for robust security. This is where DevSecOps emerged.

How To Tighten Cybersecurity For Remote And Hybrid Teams

Human error can open up your business to serious security vulnerabilities. Add security for hybrid or remote businesses presents extra challenges. Think third-party applications and slow response times from workers in scattered time zones on flexible schedules, and IT has a long row to hoe. In one 2021 IBM report, the average data breach costs $4.24 million, plus $1.07 million more when remote work is the reason behind the breach. And, 17.5% of companies report cyberattacks due to remote work.

Best Enterprise Password Managers According to IT Specialists

Even with advances in security practices and technologies, passwords continue to remain a weak point in an organization’s cyber security strategy. Strong passwords are still an essential part of security strategy for most organizations, and poor password hygiene can make their IT network vulnerable. According to the 2021 Verizon data breach investigation report, shared credentials and poor access management practices were among the top reasons for data breaches all over the globe.

Are Trello Boards Private? How To Use Privacy Settings To Secure Your Work

Are Trello boards really private? In the spirit of infinite flexibility, Trello’s privacy settings can instantly secure your board for any workflow. Here’s how. Every Trello board has a variety of privacy settings: Depending on how you use your board, each of these settings can come in handy for different reasons. Let's take a look at how you can adjust your settings and take control of your privacy.

Emerging Cloud Security Threats & How to Address Them

Cloud hosting is becoming the norm due to its efficiency, accessibility, flexibility, and scalability. Not only that, but it also optimizes IT expenses and encourages collaboration. However, with the rise of digitalization comes the surge of cyber attacks. With such threats, business leaders must be attentive to the cloud security of their businesses.

Apple Zero-Day: How to Spot Devices to Update in Your Company in Seconds

Just a couple of days after Google announced a high-risk zero-day vulnerability in Chrome, Apple disclosed two zero-day vulnerabilities affecting their operating system on both mobile and desktop devices. The company has already issued updates for its iOS and macOS users. The patched versions are as follows: As for the Apple zero-day exploits, they were reported anonymously.

Chrome Zero Day: Find vulnerable devices for patching

Google issued an emergency security update due to the severity of exploit CVE-2022-1096. A few days later, Microsoft joined the recommendation, advising Chromium Edge users to update their browsers as well. Therefore, if you haven’t already, you should check your browser details to check if it’s updated to version 99.0.4844.84 of Chrome or version 99.0.1150.55 or higher of Edge. Matt Beran shows you how you can find vulnerable devices across your inventory for proactive patching using InvGate Insight.