Cybersecurity in B2B Tech: Safeguarding Communication Channels

B2B tech companies often handle sensitive and highly confidential information such as financial data, patents, copyrights, proprietary information, and trademarks. This information can be incredibly valuable to competitors and other malicious actors. Cybercriminals can commit fraud, account takeovers, social engineering, or industry espionage with stolen information from B2B tech communication channels. Cyberattacks on B2B companies are increasing every year, and many of them are financially motivated.

Ensuring Financial Security in Business Collaboration Tools

Businesses today need secure collaboration tools to protect their financial data. With cyber threats evolving, choosing platforms with top-notch encryption and robust security features is crucial. Advanced AI-powered systems, for instance, are transforming how companies guard against breaches. They not only safeguard information but ensure seamless operations without compromising sensitive details.

Importance of Data Privacy - Effective Solutions for IT Teams

Around 90% of organizations expressed concerns about growing internal data threats in 2024. Among them, 53% of organizations struggle to detect and eliminate data risks while 37% of organizations face difficulties in predicting and preventing internal data breaches than external data attacks. The rise in unvalidated data exposure has almost doubled since 2019 hinting at an urgent need to control malicious insiders and ensure information security.

Rocket.Chat AI: Empowering you with data sovereignty and accuracy

We live in an era of artificial intelligence, and its benefits are undeniable. However, it is critical to ensure organizations can trust what AI has to offer and reduce risks, especially in government, defense, and critical infrastructure. The European Union AI Act and the Biden Administration’s AI Bill of Rights are a testament to this. At Rocket.Chat, security isn’t an afterthought; it’s an integral part of our original blueprint.

Why You Shouldn't Trust Unencrypted Communication Apps with Your Business Secrets

In today's business world, communication is the lifeblood of any company. Whether it's sharing new product ideas, confidential competitor information, unreleased financial data, or discussing personnel matters, these interactions are vital and involve every employee. To protect such sensitive information, companies often rely on NDAs, confidentiality notes on presentations, or email footers. However, one crucial aspect they frequently overlook is the security of the communication platform itself.

Impact of Fraud Attacks in Fintech and Call Centers - How Leveraging AI Security Can Help

Growing threats have caused a grave security concern for organizations where data is at the center of business operations, including the Banking, Financial Services, Insurance industries (BFSI), and BPOs. The rising threat landscape indicates an urgent need to adopt strong countermeasures for threat mitigation and operational efficiency.

Impact of Data Breaches in the Healthcare Industry - Effective Strategies to Mitigate Threats

Healthcare is the most targeted industry by malicious actors with an 8.2% increase in threat incidents since 2022 costing it an average of $10.93 million. Growing risky insider incidents and hefty regulatory fines indicate an urgent need for the industry to adopt a robust security system and gain strong control over rising data attacks leading to regulatory compliance breaches.

Stand Against Chat Control: Protecting Privacy and Data Security in the EU

As a company committed to ensuring secure and private communications, Wire vehemently opposes the EU Commission's legislative proposal known as "Chat Control." This proposal threatens to establish an unprecedented mass-surveillance apparatus in the European Union, undermining the very foundations of privacy and data security.

Palo Alto Networks drives cyber security innovation with Asana

Palo Alto Networks, a name synonymous with cutting-edge cybersecurity, faced a challenge familiar to many: multiple work management systems created inefficiencies that made it difficult to scale. Their solution? Consolidate into Asana and connect their workforce. Thanks to their visionary leadership, Asana is helping define the future of work at Palo Alto Networks, where AI is an integral teammate accelerating the way work gets done.

Managing and Mitigating Remote Work Security Risks

Remote work brings security risks lurking in the shadows. Securing your home Wi-Fi, protecting sensitive data during video conferences, and staying vigilant is now our shared reality. Implementing a remote work security policy and educating employees is paramount. These practical tips and strategies are your shield against cyber threats. Secure your digital fortress today; confidently work from home. But remote work isn’t just about warding off threats.