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Securing mission-critical communications with a self-hosted, air-gapped collaboration suite

Defense industries deal with sensitive information that, if leaked, could compromise national security. So, the digital battlefield holds just as much importance as its physical counterpart. Therefore, safeguarding mission communications and thwarting cyber attacks is the perpetual objective. One way to ensure secure mission communication is through the use of a self-hosted, air-gapped environment.

10 top encrypted collaboration tools for secure digital workplaces

Did you know that as per recent estimates, 43% of cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses? As a matter of grave concern, only 14% of SMBs are geared up to counter such an attack that often severely impacts their brand position and prospects of growth. In this scenario, encrypted collaboration tools can help enterprises strive to safeguard their digital workspaces.

Securing mission-critical communications with a self-hosted, air-gapped collaboration suite

This webinar aims to introduce the ultimate toolkit for highly-regulated industries. Our panel of experts includes key representatives from Rocket.Chat, Bluescape, and Pexip, each providing a vast array of knowledge and experience in delivering secure communication platforms for the defense sector.

10 top in-app messaging best practices to engage users

In-app messaging can be an excellent channel to communicate with users, provide support, deliver updates, and sell your offerings. Appropriate usage of such messaging helps businesses secure customer trust and enhance user experience. So, with targeted elements and dynamic messages, businesses can leverage in-app messaging to drive user engagement and increase sales. In the blog post, let’s explore the in-app messaging best practices you must follow to leverage its fullest potential.

10 best instant messaging SDKs and real-time chat APIs in 2024

For businesses all throughout the world, fast and secure communication is fundamental. With over 3.21 billion active users engaging in over-the-top messaging apps daily, the significance of real-time chat solutions continues to surge. In this scenario, leveraging real-time chat APIs and instant messaging SDKs has become critical. These technologies provide a streamlined method of communication, whether it is for smooth customer service or internal cooperation.

Product Roundup: What's new in Rocket.Chat 6.6

Welcome to Rocket.Chat's first Product Roundup of 2024! Another year, another brand-new collection of updates crafted just for you! Whether it's improved features for team collaboration or great news for those using Rocket.Chat to build their own in-app chat experiences, this roundup provides a glimpse into the advancements marking the beginning of a year filled with meaningful improvements. Let's jump right in!

8 examples that define a positive patient experience

Healthcare has transitioned from focusing solely on doctors' proficiency to a patient-centric approach, bringing patients' needs and experiences to the fore. As a result, positive patient experience examples have become integral to the healthcare system. In fact, it is now globally recognized as an independent dimension of healthcare quality, shaping a person's perception of the quality of care they receive.

8 key aspects of military messaging for secure communication

Secure military messaging is key for many institutions and states today. Heard of 'Ruse de guerre'? It's a term for the art of deception in warfare — think of the Trojan Horse, a classic example of battlefield cunning that turned the tide of war. History is packed with moments where smart, unorthodox strategies outplayed brute force. Fast forward to 2024, and the battlefield has transformed.