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7 Common HIPAA violations and how to avoid them

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal law that requires healthcare providers and other covered entities to protect the privacy and security of patient health information. HIPAA is a common topic in the medical field, but sometimes it can be difficult to track what it refers to and how to avoid violations. Complying with HIPAA rules requires constant effort and customization.

On-premise solutions: 5 reasons why they're getting more popular

Lately, on-premise solutions are experiencing an upsurge. Although many companies choose cloud computing for its convenience and scalability, organizations prioritizing airtight security, complete control, and privacy prefer leveraging on-premise solutions. On-prem deployment has many unique benefits businesses can capitalize on, such as in-house storage of data and software, lower network bandwidth cost, easier compliance, and more.

How can air-gapped networks offer airtight security?

With the advancement in technology and rapid digitization, the potential risk for cyber crimes has also increased to a great extent. These risks often incur a data loss, negatively impact assets, and in some extreme cases, lead to plant shutdowns. In order to mitigate such risks, many businesses are now shifting towards adapting the air-gapped network strategy. This security measure ensures that systems and their stored data are protected from unauthorized access.

6 benefits of open source software for enterprise businesses [+10 best tools]

The days of the old-school proprietary software are gone! Open-source is the new kid in town. And it's taking the business world by storm — including enterprise businesses. Businesses of all sizes are increasingly adopting open-source enterprise software as the digital landscape continues to evolve. Traditionally, we've seen open-source projects being adopted by smaller companies with limited budget or niche software needs.

Why digital communication matters for education?

In 2023, many schools and universities are increasingly leveraging digital communication to further the goals of effective teaching and assessment. However, many institutions are yet to implement such forward-looking changes. Their efforts are often limited by a lack of funding, outdated infrastructure, or resistance to change. Digital transformation is changing how industries and sectors work, bringing transparency, efficiency and speed to manual processes. The field of education is no different.

Top 10 most secure messaging apps for healthcare

In the healthcare industry, patient confidentiality and data privacy are paramount. Healthcare providers must be extra cautious while communicating and exchanging sensitive patient information electronically, especially with the increasing use of digital platforms and the rising risks of cyber threats. Moreover, data privacy regulations like HIPAA make it mandatory for healthcare providers to ensure the confidentiality of patient data.

GovTalk: Navigating 2023's Trends and Challenges

Executive Order to improve the Nation’s Cybersecurity, Zero Trust Initiatives, DoD Digital, and Software Modernization Strategies, are all pushing digitization and security to the top of government project schedules. Gartner predicts that worldwide government IT spending will grow 6.8% in 2023. 🚀 Government organizations are being challenged to upgrade their internal processes in order to deploy innovative new services and enable more effective collaboration, while fully protecting all users' privacy, data, and communications.

Rocket.Chat - Secure and compliant collaboration platform

Rocket.Chat is the world's largest open source communications platform. Built for organizations that need more control over their communications, it enables collaboration between colleagues, partners, customers, communities, and even platforms without compromises on data ownership, customizations or integrations. Tens of millions of users in over 150 countries and organizations such as Deutsche Bahn, The US Navy, and Credit Suisse trust Rocket.Chat every day to keep their communications completely private and secure.

6 best open-source Twilio alternatives

Twilio is one of the big names in the space of omnichannel communication. However, it’s not the only one! As technology advances, more businesses seek communication solutions offering better flexibility and security. While Twilio remains a giant in this bustling metropolis, there is now a multitude of open-source alternatives that offer unique features and benefits. These alternatives may provide additional capabilities and advantages, depending on the situation.

10 best Twilio alternatives to engage with your customers

In this digital era, businesses must lean on innovative ways to communicate with customers as the world becomes increasingly connected. Twilio is one of the most well-known platforms for extending communications to multiple channels, including SMS and voice. However, did you know that several other alternatives to Twilio offer similar features and, in some cases, even more functionality?