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Why is prioritizing citizen experience crucial for governments?

In today's fiercely competitive business world, attracting and retaining customers is no simple feat. Companies that fail to grasp the value of providing a smooth and efficient customer experience (CX) run the risk of losing out to rivals who understand that good service is defined by the customer and not the company. Nearly 66% of organizations that focus on customer experience report higher retention rates.

Why is collaboration between government and private sector organizations vital?

In the fast-paced world of technological growth, where invention drives progress, the government and private sector organizations must collaborate. By collaborating, these industries have the potential to create a future where technology progress is easily matched with the needs of people, companies, and society at large. One such example of collaboration is Brazil.

What is a citizen service platform? 6 best tools in 2024

At their core, government agencies function to deliver effective public services to the citizens. Its services and programs help people meet basic needs, respond to crises, address health and public safety concerns, and grow economically. The quality of these services plays a crucial role in shaping public trust. Whether it is about paying taxes or renewing a license, citizens expect transparent pathways, responsive services, and easily accessible citizen service platforms.

8 most secure government communication platforms

Clear and accessible government communication is key to building trust and transparency between the government and its citizens. It empowers citizens by keeping them informed about policies, initiatives, and decisions, fostering a more educated and engaged society. However, accomplishing these purposes on a large scale presents a major challenge regarding compliance, security, and interoperability.

How can you elevate the citizen experience with technology?

Citizen experience refers to the collective interactions and perceptions of the citizen with the government institutions and the services they render. Whether it is about applying for permits and licenses online or a healthcare emergency, people expect accessible, transparent, and secure platforms. A positive citizen experience increases citizen’s trust in the government. However, research shows that their expectations are unmet.

67% of federal employees say return to office lowers productivity

The Biden administration began advocating for more regular, “meaningful” in-person work at federal agencies in April 2023. The vast telework methods that were implemented during the epidemic were significantly altered by this instruction. But after a year of this change, federal employees are starting to wonder more and more about the reasoning behind it, which is igniting discussions about whether it is really necessary or beneficial return to office settings.

What is government software? 5 ways to choose the best one

In recent years, government software has increasingly enhanced efficiency, transparency, and citizen participation for governmental organizations. However, this indispensable tool also comes with vital concerns like security, compliance, interoperability, and scalability. Government data is critical, which necessitates robust security and compliance measures.

What is a government messaging app? 6 must-have key features

When we're talking about government messaging apps, what are we talking about? Messaging has become a popular mode of communication because of the desire for ease, real-time conversations, and access from anywhere, at any time. In fact, Gartner's 2022 Channel Benchmark and other research studies show that instant messaging platforms have surpassed email as the primary mode of internal workplace communication.

Cybersecurity resilience in the Government and public sector in the US

Our world is more connected than ever. For many, this has accelerated knowledge exchange and advanced world economies and living conditions. However, it has also made our digital presence more complex. Data security and privacy are at stake, and in some industries, like Government and Defense, this presents significant challenges.