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Get More Productive: 7 Golden Rules For Time Management

If you want to accomplish more in less time, mastering time management is essential. However, finding enough hours in a day to get everything done might look like a mammoth task – a mission impossible. But with the right approach, you can raise the potential of your time and make the most out of it. This blog post discusses the seven golden rules for time management that will help you become more productive and achieve your goals faster. Let’s dive in-


How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency

Once upon a time, social media was used to share photos of your meals, blurry highlights from your night out with friends, and general life updates with your family. But then something magical happened. The influencer was born. All of a sudden, individuals with thousands and even millions of followers could post a photo wearing a certain sweater, and that sweater would sell out immediately. It wasn’t long before businesses took notice. Enter the age of social media marketing.


Use This Marketing Agency Proposal Template If You Want New Clients

If you run a marketing agency, you ask a lot of your proposals. Agency proposals are so much more than a few pages of a PDF. They’re old school newspaper hawkers shouting “Extra! Extra!” on the street corner. Not only do they have all the information, but they also need to get your attention and make the sale. That’s why agency owners need a proposal template that stands out.


10 Productivity Improvement Strategies Companies Need To Try

Most everyone would like to think that they have great and, consequently, productive employees. However, studies show that employees are only productive for 2 hours and 23 minutes of their work day. While you might be blown away by that statistic, the truth is that employees can become very distracted by chatty co-workers, unproductive websites, and other workplace distractions. These issues are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to improving employee productivity.


7 Windows Productivity Tips you Can't Live Without

For most working professionals, improving productivity means decluttering their diskspace or downloading a slew of Chrome extensions. However, for those who work in the IT field, productivity is synonymous with maximizing every tool available to perfectly juggle between tasks. Since most IT professionals prefer Windows OS, we’re about to explore some handy Windows productivity tips to help you reduce distractions and optimize your workflow.


How to Fire a Client (Without Making It a Big Deal)

Firing a client will be your reality. Good businesses have standards, and you’re bound to run into people who don’t meet them. A client speaks horribly to one of your team members. A client approaches an employee and attempts to hire them outside of your services for additional work.