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16 Best Teamingway Alternatives to Use

As the world is adopting remote work culture, leaders are becoming more familiar with the complexities of team collaboration. This also has raised concerns about the efficiency and effectiveness of work management among teams from different cities, countries, or planet regions. The contribution of the I.T. community in the form of comprehensive management software has been extremely beneficial in resolving the pressing challenge of managers and business leaders.

DeskTrack Employees Productivity Monitoring Software To Boost Remote Employee Productivity

Is your workplace unproductive because your employees are wasting time? The biggest reason is that companies do not properly monitor their teams. The traditional method is used to monitor employees. Nowadays, employee monitoring is increasingly automated. Most employers currently use employee monitoring software to keep an eye on their employees in an easy and effective manner, so they can move their teams toward greater productivity.

17 Desk Decor Ideas to Help You Revitalize Your Workplace

Across the world, an average working week is typically 35 hours, which means most of us end up spending 7 hours a day at our desks. It is safe to say that in a typical working week, we end up spending at least 1/3rd of our time on office desks. And that’s a lot! Sure, team collaboration tools like Chanty help improve productivity and business communication. But the ambiance and decor of a desk space play a crucial role in productivity too.

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How to Make Staff Communicating Fruitfully Who Work Varied Shifts

Effective communication at the workplace is crucial for every kind of business but it becomes even more critical when the company employs shift workers. Typically, companies that use shiftwork split the shifts into three different eight-hour shifts within a twenty-four-hour period. Therefore, different people will work at different times, which applies to workers, supervisors, managers, and others; like those who work in human resources.


6 Signs of Employee Burnout: What Coffee Won't Fix

There’s a difference between feeling tired and feeling burned out. You can overcome “tired” with a cup of coffee, an afternoon walk, or a good night’s sleep. Employee burnout, unfortunately, is a different animal. In 1974, psychologist Herbert Freudenberger published an early paper on staff burnout at a free medical clinic in Manhattan’s East Village.


Employee Work Tracking Software for Easy Evaluation of Productivity

Presently the market is flooded with a vast range of employee work tracking software because of multiple reasons. Easy evaluation of productivity and management made companies go for the work management system. Employees waste a lot of time while in the organization. Approximately an employee spends 2 hours per day removing distractions at their job.


Eat That Frog: 11 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done

How often do you hear yourself saying, I’ll get to that later, or Can it wait until tomorrow? Do you often work on small, unimportant tasks while larger, more significant ones wait on your to-do list? If so, it might be time to eat that frog. The eat that frog technique will help change your mind about what’s important and get you moving in the right direction. Once you start using this technique, you’ll find that your productivity skyrockets and stress decreases significantly.