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78% of employees may quit their jobs due to high stress

Mental health care is now a necessity in the hectic work world of today, not a luxury. The worrying status of mental health support in the workplace and its significant impact on employee retention are revealed by a recent survey conducted by Unum UK, a top provider of employee benefits. This blog article explores the results and the crucial actions that employers need to take to close this gap.

Fix these common onboarding challenges to boost productivity

The data doesn’t lie—a good onboarding process leads to happier, more productive employees. But while onboarding can increase retention rates by 82%, only 12% of employees strongly agree that their organization does a great job of onboarding new hires. Creating a smooth onboarding process is challenging, so it’s not surprising that some organizations fall short. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Conquering workplace boredom: A strategic approach

In the world of work, even the most exciting jobs, like being a scientist or a virus hunter, have their share of boring tasks. Neuroscience suggests that being bored can be good for you, but the question still stands: how can you deal with boredom in a way that keeps you engaged and productive?

Sleep's impact on employee well-being and productivity

In the relentless quest for productivity, businesses globally are turning to numerous strategies—from adopting the latest technology to revising management techniques. Yet, one of the most effective tools is often overlooked: sleep. In addition to supporting individual health, proper sleep promotes organizational efficiency, employee well-being, and productivity, which drive cognitive function, creativity, and decision-making.

Sharper Than the Rest: How Precise Metrics Boost Insurance Outcomes

Explore key insights into using productivity metrics to enhance operating efficiency and customer relationships in the insurance industry. Find out how metrics like loss ratios and renewal rates can boost employee productivity and redefine success.

How to Check if Employees Are Working from Home Diligently: WFH Monitoring Strategies

Learn how to check if employees are working from home as productively as expected in this comprehensive guide. Read about implementing objective and subjective methods of monitoring your remote workers to improve workload management and boost productivity and morale.

A four-day workweek results in more productive employees

Taking a bold step toward rethinking the modern workplace, the coaching firm Exos, which is based in the United States, has begun a trial of a four-day workweek that will last for a period of six months. The objective of the effort is to reduce the amount of burnout experienced by employees and to raise productivity, all while preserving or even improving the overall performance of the organization.

Mastering the Hybrid Work Model: A Blueprint For Success

The Hybrid Work Model has become a go-to solution for balancing flexibility and productivity in today’s fast-paced work environment. Employees sometimes feel trapped by rigid office hours. However, the hybrid work model has helped them find a new working method. Employees can boost their performance by blending remote work with in-person collaboration. It is like opening a door to endless possibilities!