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Measure Employee Productivity: 5 Best ways

Measuring employee productivity has some clear benefits in the business world as it helps employers retain the best performers and clearly get insights into the company's performance. This article shows why it is essential to measure them, offers ways to measure employee performance, and how Apploye can solve your pain points regarding employee performance measurement.


Employee Email Monitoring (Guide & Tool)

Email monitoring protects against any unforeseen event brought on by hostile conduct inside and outside of an organization, is one of the most critical steps in keeping digital security and is one of the essential measures in maintaining good digital security. No matter where you work, you are likely to handle sensitive information. It is necessary to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands to protect your company and the customers it serves.


11 best ways to Increase Employee Productivity

The assessment of workers' levels of productivity is an essential component of human resource management. Since performance is not being measured in any way, it is impossible to improve it in any way. Consequently, it is impossible to boost any degree of performance. The primary issue is that it can be difficult to quantify "performance" in and of itself at times due to the many different variables in the workflow. This is the fundamental problem.


A Complete Guide to Remote Project Management -(Tools, Practices, and Jobs

Project management is the process of achieving any goal with successive tasks and constant effort by the team. All type of project has a few basic aspects: budget, team members or individual, specific goals or objectives, and a complete schedule. Project management can be found in several job sectors. These job sectors are equally important for relevant tasks and job seekers. Project management skills and techniques can be a game changer for recruiting process.


20 Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity in 2022

The Chinese Business Maestro Jack Ma once said- “If there are nine rabbits on the ground, if you want to catch one, just focus on one.” The digitized workplace has brought a lot of distractions that eventually eat your time away, and no matter how busy you act, you look desperate at the end of the work week to fulfill the agenda.


13 best productivity apps for mac

How important is productivity for our day-to-day business activities? If we want to accomplish our daily goals and give our best when we work, productivity is one of the key elements. But, it’s not always easy to achieve, especially if we’re trying to do it all on our own. Luckily, all you Mac users out there have a wide selection of brilliant macOS productivity apps that can help you improve different segments of your work and boost your productivity significantly.


The Best SEO Agency Tools in 2022

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective marketing strategy and has a long-term positive impact on your business. It helps your website get more visibility. More visibility helps to get more website traffic, more leads and creates more opportunities. SEO is cost-effective. Without paying anything to google, it helps drive high-quality traffic to the website. This article will give you an overview of the best SEO agency tools with experts’ recommended SEO agency tools for SEO in 2021.


20 Best Apps for Freelancers in 2022

Freelancing is awesome. You can work from home in your pajamas and enjoy flexible work setting your own schedule. There are no office politics or tedious meetings to attend. But while freelancing has many benefits and perks, becoming your own boss has its own set of challenges. Freelancers often face distractions that can compromise productivity. Contrary to what we may think, freelancers lack support and need to handle their taxes and employment.

Employee Monitoring Software

Apploye is the #1 employee monitoring software with time tracking. It allows you to monitor your employees’ work hours and online activities. Apploye offers features such as time tracking, screenshots tracking, and apps & URLs usages tracking. You can see the real-time view of what projects & tasks your employees are performing and can take an instant screenshot of your employees’ PC. Also, you can compare your employees' performance by seeing the comprehensive time and activity report.

Time Tracker with Screenshots

Apploye time tracker with screenshots can be used to monitor employee time use during work. It allows you to track activities, take multiple screenshots, and see the Apps & URL usage of your employees will help you to understand whether they are working or lounging. Apploye captures your screen randomly at a 10 minutes interval. That means you can get 6 screenshots in a row in 1 hour. If you want more screenshots, you can set the frequency of taking screenshots to get up to 3 screenshots in 10 minutes. Also, you can capture real-time instant screenshots with a single click.