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Amplify your purpose: A worksheet to identify your internal communications charter and pillars

Internal communications transcend the boundaries of emails and newsletters. Internal communicators become strategic allies when grounded with a solid foundation and guided principles — a communications charter.


Applied artificial intelligence: What to know when using AI in communications strategy

If you’re an internal communicator experimenting with generative AI (like ChatGPT and others), you’re not only an early adopter but are also likely taking a lot of questions from your team about applied artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of communications strategy.


8 Types of Communication Models and How They Differentiate

Communication plays a vital role in our everyday lives, shaping how we connect, comprehend, and interact with others. In this article, we will go on an exploration of eight diverse communication models, each offering valuable insights into the intricate processes that govern communication and collaboration in the workplace. From classic theories to modern frameworks, we will take you through the fundamental principles that underpin successful communication.

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Communication Etiquette: Best Practices for Engaging with Customers Online

In an age where every click, like, and share holds monumental value, navigating the landscape of online communication can be a daunting task. As business engagement blurs into the digital realm, it is essential for companies to understand the essence of communication etiquette when interacting with customers online. This holds especially true as successful customer engagement holds the potential to contribute to a significant 23% increase in business revenue.


Creating an Effective Executive Communication Strategy

Leadership skills are not always innate to leaders. In fact, effective leadership roots in inspiring and motivating action toward achieving a team or organization’s goals. To do that, leaders must have communication skills to connect with their audience. Company leaders or executives are the de facto “face” of the team or the company. They are the ones who face the internal and external stakeholders.


Lack of Communication in the Workplace, Its Effects and Solutions

Communication plays a big role in work success. It’s like a thread that connects teams, helps them understand each other, and drives businesses to greatness. But what if this important connection starts to weaken? That’s when we encounter the mysterious “lack of communication” – a problem that can quietly harm productivity, teamwork, and employee well-being. In this journey, we’ll explore the effects of this issue and how it can cause significant challenges at work.


From drab to fab: 10 free online design tools to boost your internal communication visuals

Generating visually captivating content for internal communication no longer demands professional design expertise or a substantial budget, thanks to the wide range of accessible design tools at our disposal, many of which are entirely free. We listed ten of the best free online design tools below to empower you to transform your IC visuals and enrich the overall employee experience.

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Bridging distances: Effective communication strategies for remote teams

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind about remote work? Pajamas all day? Flexible hours? How about communication? Yeah, we thought so! As cool as the ‘work from home’ life sounds (and it is!), it’s not without its unique challenges – and communication is right up there at the top of the list. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about that remote work life here at Time Doctor. But we also know that communication can make or break a remote team.