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How to Create Zoom Breakout Rooms (Step-By-Step Guide)

Want to know how to create and use Zoom breakout rooms? With COVID-19, the way we live and work has changed rapidly. Taking our work out of the boardroom and into the living room means rethinking the way we communicate. Fortunately, tools like Zoom help us stay connected even when working from home. Besides supporting large video conferences, Zoom also allows hosts of the main meeting to separate meeting participants into breakout rooms for smaller, private group discussions.


Integrating Zoom to your ngDesk subdomain

Some consider that text-based support works great for many support inquiries. On the other hand, if a customer issue is very complex or heavy on technical details, written correspondence can be like giving out home works. If a solution is not clear-cut for the agents, the back and forth of a trial-and-error approach might delay the overall process of resolving an urgent issue. Additionally, there is something lost when agents are not used to their tone of voice and body language.


Benefits of Integrating Zoom with Your ngDesk Subdomain

Zoom is considered the pioneer in the cloud platform for video, audio conferencing, instant screen sharing, chat, and webinars. The integration of Zoom with your ngDesk subdomain facilitates you to interact with your existing customers and prospective clients in a real-time environment with a human touch. It is an effective tool for your business, as it allows you to remove the communication gaps in terms of time.


Make meetings actionable with Asana and Zoom

Video meetings are a key source of connection between team members—whether your team is remote, hybrid, or globally distributed. Yet more face time through video calls doesn’t always equal more high-impact work. In fact, our research shows that casual chats have been replaced with unnecessary meetings, costing individuals 157 hours of productivity over the past year.


Introducing the Miro app for Zoom

As we all adjusted to new ways of working over the past year, products like Miro and Zoom helped us stay connected and come as close as we could to meeting face-to-face. Today, we’re excited to announce another major step toward our vision of empowering teams to foster human connection, collaborate effortlessly, and maintain creativity, regardless of where teammates are located, with the new Miro app for Zoom.


Announcing Miro for Webex Messaging

Hybrid work calls for tools that are built to quickly switch between in-person and remote collaboration. This is true for both emerging companies and large, globally distributed teams, who need access to tools and resources that can carry over from the conference room to a video meeting. That’s why we’re excited to announce the first of several upcoming integrations with Cisco Webex: Miro for Webex Messaging.