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Top ways to drive collaboration between support and development teams

Customer support agents are your business’ eyes and ears. They know what your customers need, what they expect, and what they think about your product. Meanwhile, if your organization is in the tech or software industry, developers are its backbone. That means collaboration between these teams is inevitable. But few businesses have clean, clear workflows for this kind of teamwork. Usually, it depends on an ad-hoc system of emails, hidden documentation, and in-person meetings.


5 rookie mistakes you can easily avoid in the 2021 holiday rush

For many businesses, the run-up to the holidays is one of the most high-stakes times of the year. With consumer spending expected to rise in 2021, but consumer behaviour more unpredictable than ever, the risks are great, but the potential rewards are massive. For lots of us, whether you work in ecommerce, marketing, customer support or sales, the holiday season is one heck of a ride. So there’s no point pretending we’re not going to make mistakes along the way.


How to keep your KPIs visible during busy periods and peak seasons

For some teams and companies, KPIs come with an infuriating paradox. The busier you are, the more important your KPIs become – but the less you look at them. Why is that? November and December are some of the busiest business months of the year. There’s Black Friday, the run up until Christmas, not to mention the squeeze created by extra holiday days.


How to investigate a spike in your data

So, you’ve just noticed a spike in your data. Maybe your trendline looks something like this? Or if you’ve caught it early, it might even look something like this: Now, obviously, I have no way of knowing if your y-axis represents something really good (like new customers) or something really bad (like system errors). And depending on which it is, you may be feeling a strong urge to pop the champagne or hit the panic button.


Are dashboards really dead?

The dashboard is dead, long live the dashboard... Over the past year, we’ve noticed that some companies and commentators have been declaring the death of the dashboard. Understandably, that got our attention. Because here at Geckoboard, we quite like KPI dashboards. In our experience, they solve many problems and make people’s lives easier. So why do we, very occasionally, keep hearing rumours that the dashboard has ceased to be? Has the dashboard really died?


What is a dashboard - and does my business need one?

We don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that an effective dashboard can genuinely change how a business operates. We live in an age where even small companies can be sitting on millions of data points. Yet too often, valuable information goes unseen (or at least – unseen by the right people at the right time). Dashboards make sure your most important data – the data that can shape decisions and drive action – remain in sight and front of mind.