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Delivering Customer Support

In the world of youth activity centers, keeping kids engaged and active is paramount. Jackrabbit Technologies, a leader in management software for youth activity centers, has dedicated itself to this mission by ensuring their client support is unparalleled. In this blog post, let’s delve into how Jackrabbit, with a 100% remote workforce spread across several states and even Canada, managed to elevate its customer support from ordinary to extraordinary.

Choosing Sales Dashboard Software: A Practical Guide

Any Sales Director worth their salt knows you need to be on top of your numbers. And if you want your sales team to be successful, you need them to be on top of their numbers too. For many, the single best way of achieving this is with a sales dashboard. A sales dashboard gives you and your team a single view of your most important metrics – so you can access them at a glance.

From Complexity to Clarity: Navigating Customer Support with TeamSupport

Businesses often find themselves entangled in the web of complex customer interactions and inquiries. As companies scale, the intricacies of providing consistent, high-quality customer support can escalate swiftly. That's where TeamSupport steps in, turning complications into simplified processes. With a laser focus on efficiency and clarity, TeamSupport streamlines the customer service experience.

10 Help Desk Metrics to Measure Support

Help desk metrics, also called help desk KPIs, are quantifiable indicators, such as charts, graphs, or reports used to measure the performance of your support. Help desk metrics are crucial to tracking the performance of your team and ensuring you are providing quality service. You can use help desk metrics to measure support in virtually any industry. If you perform services for customers or internal end-users, you should consider using the following help desk metrics to measure support.

Raising the Bar in Support Software: The TeamSupport Method

In the world of customer service, businesses of every scale are constantly on the lookout for that perfect tool. That one solution that not only promises to streamline their customer support, but actually delivers on that promise with grace, agility, and, most importantly, tangible results. Enter TeamSupport. What truly sets TeamSupport apart in a sea of competitive offerings? Let's discuss the landmarks that make TeamSupport stand out and ensure we excel in delivering unparalleled customer support.

Transforming Customer Support with a User-Friendly Ticketing System

In the fall of 2020, POMS Corp., a leader in the manufacturing industry, decided that enough was enough. For years, the POMS support team had battled a ticketing system that seemed to create more problems than it solved. Support requests were frequently buried and lost, only to resurface too late. Some tickets were even left unanswered, leading to unsatisfied customers and frustrated team members.

Enhancing Customer Support in Software with Live Chat Integration

In the digital age, where instant gratification is the norm, immediate responses to customer inquiries can make or break a brand's reputation. This rings especially true for software companies. Jackrabbit Technologies, an online class management software provider catering to children's activity centers, learned this firsthand. Before their partnership with TeamSupport began in 2011, Jackrabbit relied solely on emails to handle customer support.

TeamSupport Launches AI Assist, a Powerful Suite of Tools for Customer Support

TeamSupport is thrilled to announce its latest suite of AI-powered tools, built to increase agent efficiency and help your team take customer support to the next level. TeamSupport’s AI Assist incorporates the latest conversational AI technology, acting as a seasoned copilot to help agents close tickets faster, bringing faster, more satisfying resolutions to customers with less tedious manual work for agents.

3 Ways to Set Up Real-time Analytics for your Business

If you work in a fast-paced business, it’s not hard to see why real-time analytics might be valuable. Being able to analyze live (or near-live) data can help you and your team react faster, and make more informed decisions in the moment. Setting up analytics and reporting systems always has the potential to cause a headache – this is especially true when it comes to working with real-time data.