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5 ways your dashboard can improve team engagement this festive season

As the end of another year approaches, you may be counting down to the start of the festive period (or maybe even dreading it). This time of year can go one of two ways, either you’re very busy finishing up before January, or your team begins to wind down and get into the holiday spirit. Either way, this can cause a shift in the way your team is working. In this case, we’re specifically referring to the engagement with key metrics.


Best Practices for Growing Your Customer Support Team

These days, there are a number of ways for customers to get the answers they need without direct interaction with an agent, including knowledge bases, community forums, and AI-powered virtual assistants. To add a personal touch, or when virtual tools do not result in a resolution, companies must still provide the option for customers to talk to a human.


6 tips for managing Customer Support remotely

If you manage a Contact Center and work fully remote or hybrid, then you will have already learned that the typical setup of an in-person Contact Center just won’t cut it anymore. The biggest challenge facing most remote teams is communication, you don’t have everyone in the same room or even on the same time zone. When it comes to managing, motivating and monitoring a distributed Customer Support team, adopting a remote-first approach to communication is crucial.


Neal Travis on Building Community Within a Customer Support Team

Building community within teams has many perks. It enhances communication, knowledge sharing, productivity, and overall employee well being. This is particularly true for customer support teams, where fast paced environments, conflict resolution, and customer engagement shape day to day operations.


8 Zendesk metrics that are better tracked in real time

For customer support teams, real time data can be a total game changer, as our recent post outlined. Unlike periodic reports Zendesk Explore, or business intelligence tools, real time dashboards have the power to let your team take meaningful, timely action on data that’s seconds or minutes old, rather than days or even weeks old. This can be transformative, speeding up response times, motivating your agents, improving service levels, and reducing day-to-day workload for managers.


Is your Customer Service team getting the recognition they deserve?

Are there times when you feel like your Customer Service team is under appreciated for the work you do? Perhaps your team members have spoken openly about not getting the credit they deserve. Sadly, it’s not uncommon for Customer Service teams to feel like they’re working extremely hard without getting the same recognition that others parts of the business do. *Cough cough* Sales. *Cough cough* Marketing. *Cough*. On one level, you could write it off as paranoia.