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Nov 28, 2022   |  By Dale Pearson
Several years ago, I took part in a two-day workshop at Google Digital Academy. The workshop was designed to show ‘how Google does things’ – from how they hire top talent, to how they support a culture of innovation. One of the topics that most resonated with my fellow attendees was the idea of “open data”. Open data is the principle that your company’s data should be made as accessible as possible to everyone who works there.
Nov 25, 2022   |  By Richard Ingram
Zendesk is one of the most popular customer service platforms on the market, and for good reason. Its user-friendly interface and robust feature set make it a great choice for businesses of all sizes. But what really takes Zendesk to the next level is its impressive app marketplace. There are over 500 apps that extend Zendesk's core functionality, many of which sit natively within the Zendesk interface.
Nov 25, 2022   |  By Dale Pearson
For agencies, consultancies, and even freelancers – getting your reporting right is crucial. How well you report back to your client can make or break your relationship. That’s because the reporting process goes well beyond: “did we do well this month?” It’s about demonstrating how your performance contributes to your client’s overall strategy.
Nov 8, 2022   |  By Richard Ingram
At Geckoboard, we work with many Zendesk customers around the world. One of the great things about Zendesk is that it offers a variety of pricing plans to suit different budgets and levels of usage. A key consideration when budgeting for a Zendesk Suite plan is allocating the number of agent seats (paid user licenses) for team members you add to your account. You can choose to start with a few seats and then increase your seat count as your team grows.
Oct 25, 2022   |  By Dale Pearson
When it comes to connecting with customers, Zendesk is a fantastic solution. From Sales teams to Customer Support, over 100,000 businesses rely on Zendesk to create seamless customer experiences. With Zendesk being such a fundamental part of many businesses' data stack, it’s not surprising that many wish to visualize their Zendesk metrics on a live TV dashboard. In this article, we’ll take you through our step-by-step guide to setting up a TV dashboard for Zendesk
Oct 12, 2022   |  By Richard Ingram
A data visualization dashboard provides decision makers with a high-level view of their most important metrics. It combines numbers, charts, graphs, and other graphics designed to focus an audience on the metrics that matter. They can be helpful for spotting problems early, making decisions about where to allocate resources, and measuring progress over time.
Oct 11, 2022   |  By Dale Pearson
For the companies that use it, Slack is the business equivalent of mission control. The collaboration hub that connects everyone’s work – wherever they are. Much more than a messaging platform, the secret to Slack’s success is how easily it integrates with the tools businesses use every day. From popular collaboration tools like Google Docs, to automated alerts and notifications for thousands of niche and specialist products.
Oct 10, 2022   |  By Dale Pearson
Statistically, if you own or manage a website, you’re probably using Google Analytics. For countless business owners and marketers, Google Analytics is their go-to source for website performance data. Google’s dominance in the analytics world looks set to continue, even as it currently migrates its 35 million customers onto Google Analytics 4 (otherwise known as GA4 – the new version of its product) by July 1 2023.
Sep 6, 2022   |  By Richard Ingram
KPI dashboards display your most important business metrics in a way that’s instantly understandable. As a result, they help individuals and teams make better, faster business decisions. In any business, it's important to have a clear understanding of your goals and how you will achieve them. That’s why developing strong Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is a crucial part of the goal-setting process.
Sep 5, 2022   |  By Nick Smith
We recently shipped a new Geckoboard integration for Bannerbear. Why should you care? Because now you can generate snazzy images and graphics that display instantly on your Geckoboard dashboard. From live weather reports, to more engaging ways to visualize customer feedback, the possibilities are endless. And the best part is, you can automate the entire process, end-to-end. What is Bannerbear?
Oct 19, 2022   |  By Geckoboard
Dale shows us how to build a live dashboard for Google Analytics 4. A custom GA4 dashboard makes it easy to share important Google Analytics metrics with team members – via desktop, TV dashboard, Email or Slack.
Sep 9, 2022   |  By Geckoboard
Dale explains how you can recreate the Source / Medium Acquisition report from the old version of Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) – in Google Analytics 4 (GA4).
Sep 9, 2022   |  By Geckoboard
Dale explains how you can recreate the Landing Pages report from the old version of Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) – in Google Analytics 4 (GA4).
Sep 1, 2022   |  By Geckoboard
Dale explains recurring revenue – how it differs from normal revenue, and the metrics we use to track it.
Aug 31, 2022   |  By Geckoboard
What is MRR? What is ARR? Dale explores Monthly Recurring Revenue & Annual Recurring Revenue – two metrics widely used by subscription and SaaS companies. Including what they are, how to calculate them, and how to use them in a smarter way.
Jul 30, 2022   |  By Geckoboard
When it comes to measuring and using conversion rates, many businesses make some costly errors. In Episode two of Data Smarties, we take a look at six of the most common mistakes – and how you can avoid them.
Jul 19, 2022   |  By Geckoboard
Are your business KPIs telling you the whole story? In our first episode of Data Smarties, Dale explores:– How summary metrics can lie– Anscombe's Quartet– Why you should always break down your KPIs. Chapter titles
Jul 5, 2022   |  By Geckoboard
Dale shows us how we can set better, more effective goals, using a framework called SMART goals. Then keep track of your goals using a live KPI dashboard.
Jul 1, 2022   |  By Geckoboard
Learn how to connect your Zendesk account to Geckoboard and create KPI dashboards to keep your team and stakeholders in the loop.
Apr 4, 2022   |  By Geckoboard
Dale shows us 12 tips to design better dashboards. Whichever dashboard tool you are using, the lessons we cover in this video are applicable to all forms of dashboard design. However, Geckoboard is easy to use and integrates with over 80 data sources. 12 Tips

Achieve more together, whatever your business. A TV dashboard ensures your metrics are front of mind for everyone, focusing teams on what matters now to move the company in the right direction.

No distractions. No unnecessary complexity. No room for misinterpretation. Our visualizations are designed with one thing in mind: to make your most important metrics clear and easy-to-understand. Build a TV dashboard in minutes using a drag-and-drop interface that makes setup and visualization changes so simple anyone can do it.

Bring Any Metric Into Geckoboard:

  • 60+ pre-built integrations: Pull live metrics from popular business tools into Geckoboard without any technical know-how.
  • Powerful Spreadsheet Integration: Effortlessly turn data tracked in a Google Sheet or Excel file into live visualizations.
  • Flexible Datasets API: Visualize metrics from databases, in-house systems and third-party software.

A different KPI dashboard, for whatever you do. There’s no ‘one dashboard fits all’ with Geckoboard. Our software makes it really easy for you to tailor TV dashboards for your team.