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How Time Management for Managers works in IT Industry

The information technology (IT) sphere includes many areas that need a careful and professional approach. It is vital to choose the right software for time reporting and tracking to handle any processes in your company, whether it is product development, marketing, design, or customer support. While project managers often try to combine many tools in their arsenal, you could find and use a single time management instrument to maximize the performance of your business activities.


10 Ways to Develop Employee Self-Management Skills in the Workplace

Imagine you are working for an organization and facing immense pressure from the senior manager to complete the given task. However, you are unable to finish the same by the given deadline which eventually brings in more pressure. You might be facing this work pressure and deadline issue for a long, but have you ever given thought to why? This is where self-management skills come into the role. Managing your work by using the right skills can certainly bring down your pressure.


Payroll Management Software for Faster & Accurate Payroll Processing

Payroll management is not an easy task, as many companies state it as a very tedious and time-consuming job. And when done manually, it holds a lot of errors during payroll. The payroll processing consists of employee salaries, bonuses, and deductions.


Time Blocking 101: A Perfect Approach to get the most out of your Daily Schedule

– Cal Newport, Deep Work author As we all know, there are multiple ways to manage your time: some people prefer scheduling everything in advance, while others like keeping things open-ended and flexible. But one thing that’s true no matter which approach you take is that it’s essential to have some kind of structure in place so that you don’t waste time or feel overwhelmed by all the things on your plate at once.

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New Real-Time Email Alerts Help You Instantly Act on Attendance Issues

Having attendance insights to review at the end of the day is useful for compliance, allocating human resources wisely, and keeping your team accountable — no matter where or when they work. But knowing when people are actively working or not working can also be critical for moment-to-moment management of your operations and service delivery.


Employee Work Hours Tracker for Small Business

In this fast-growing digital world, every business is operating to grow and improve its productivity at its best. And with the growing business requirements, the need for an employee work hours tracker has become very important to improve the overall efficiency of the complete workforce. In simple words, tracking software is a tool that permits you to track work done and time spent on work by employees during their working hours, where they are struggling, and what they are doing.


20 Time Tracking Best Practices Guide - Apploye

In the 21st century, companies are changing their working mode from in-office to remote. COVID-19 showed us the importance of virtual teams and let us know about the importance of time tracking. Time is the most important resource in a business organization. As a manager, you must have a clear idea of how your human resource uses their working hours. Whether they are wasting on online shops, social media, watching funny videos on video streaming platforms, and whatnot.

DeskTrack Employees Productivity Monitoring Software To Boost Remote Employee Productivity

Is your workplace unproductive because your employees are wasting time? The biggest reason is that companies do not properly monitor their teams. The traditional method is used to monitor employees. Nowadays, employee monitoring is increasingly automated. Most employers currently use employee monitoring software to keep an eye on their employees in an easy and effective manner, so they can move their teams toward greater productivity.

Introducing Our Fresh New Look and Roadmap

It’s been a decade since we started TrackingTime and a lot has changed since then. Looking ahead to the next ten years, we decided to revamp our brand to keep up with our product roadmap and evolution. We know where we want to be, and we want our brand to reflect that. The result is a brand new image to match our vision for the future of TrackingTime.