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Ticket Summarization: Speed up Help Desk Ticket Resolution With GenAI

Some help desk tickets are solved in just one exchange. Others might need more interactions, more people to review them, or even require escalation. All that back and forth generates multiple messages, and new observers may need up to 10 minutes to catch up. You can now use the Ticket Summarization feature on InvGate Service Desk to speed this up! Using generative AI, this feature can create a brief ticket summary with the incident’s main activity.

AI And Knowledge Management: Turn Ticket Resolutions Into Articles

An updated knowledge base is an essential part of an organization's self-service offering. But keeping it updated is no easy task. What if you could have artificial intelligence (AI) work for you and help you with Knowledge Management? That’s what InvGate Service Desk Knowledge Article Generation feature does! According to a report by Microsoft, 88% of respondents expect a brand or organization to offer self-service support, and 66% begin with self-service when in need.

InvGate AI Hub: New Artificial Intelligence Capabilities For IT Teams

The IT world has always evolved quickly, but the explosion of generative AI and multimodal models is a major breakthrough in the industry. It is changing how we relate to technology – and now it will also change your IT service offering. We’re very excited to introduce you to InvGate AI Hub. InvGate AI Hub consists of a series of features that enable artificial intelligence for IT teams.

How remote work is reshaping the economy and boosting employment

The Australian workforce has embraced remote work in a way never seen before, representing a dramatic change in employment trends and how remote work is reshaping the economy and boosting employment. In the last year, there has been a notable surge in the number of Australians working for pay, with a significant rise in the percentage of those who work from home.

Remote workforce tripled since pre-pandemic

The COVID-19 epidemic has resulted in a substantial change in the way we operate. One thing is certain until everything settles and the globe adjusts to the new normal: remote work is here to stay but with some modifications. Let’s examine the most recent data and patterns that provide a clear picture of the state of remote work in the US and how it is changing.

Measuring and enhancing remote employee performance

The rise of remote work has fundamentally altered the landscape of job performance evaluation, posing new challenges and opening up fresh opportunities for companies across the globe. As organizations grapple with the nuances of managing remote employees, the need for effective strategies to measure and enhance remote employee performance has never been more critical.

Remote work faces a chill as job cuts rise

The changing nature of online work shows how the job market and office culture are changing in general, especially in the white-collar sector. As the story goes on, several important themes and meanings become clear. These will have a huge impact on the future of work. Fully remote staff were more likely to be cut last year than their colleagues who worked in office, according to Live Data Technologies, an employment data firm that analysed the status of two million white-collar workers.

Hiring Smarts: Red Flags to Watch Out for in New Hires

Hiring new employees is a high-stakes game for any business. When reviewing applicants, it’s crucial to watch for red flags that may indicate a bad fit. Key warning signs include the following: Screening for red flags allows managers to avoid disruptive and expensive hiring mistakes. It enables them to focus on candidates with real potential to excel in the role. Careful vetting during hiring is key to building a stellar team positioned for success.

What is Double Time Pay & How to Calculate it?

As business leaders, you must understand the pivotal role of compensation policies in fostering employee morale, work performance, and overall satisfaction within the company. In today’s business management approach, fair compensation for employees’ extra time and effort is a prominent aspect that continuously demands attention. Especially, during peak work times when employers ask their employees to work beyond regular hours.

Scheduled and Live Reports

Scheduled Reports: We’re thrilled to announce an upgrade to our scheduled reports feature! Now, you can effortlessly send reports to multiple email recipients, even including individuals outside your organization. Automatically send your time reports to the management or your clients. Live Shared Reports: Your Shared reports have received a significant upgrade – they now automatically update on the public URL.