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What is Horizontal Communication and How to Implement it in the Workplace?

Technological advancement is growing exponentially. Every day, there is something new that helps businesses reach their potential, and opens up many new opportunities for them. Innovative solutions play a positive role in creating new jobs and motivate employees to develop their skills. It’s no secret that improving skills and developing them helps professionals move up the career ladder. Sharpened skills add value to employees and make them desirable candidates for positions.


How a Financial Company Improved NPS Indicators with an Audit-Ready Service Structure

With 40,000 clients, EfectivoSí is a leading financial company in Argentina focused on satisfying the needs of the unbanked sector of the population. Due to the nature of the financial business, it faces great challenges in the management of services and technology. The financial industry holds particularly rigorous policies and regulations defined by the Central Bank.


M-Files' Head of Design Walks you Through our UX Refresh

At M-Files, we are actively investing in the user experience and want to keep continuously improving our products. This investment will lead us to launch several small and big updates during this year. We are also making changes to the way we focus on end-user needs, as we want to make M-Files a product that is not only highly functional and secure but also a pleasure to use.


Understanding OKRs for project management

OKRs can be a powerful tool in an organization’s arsenal for creating alignment, focusing on outcomes instead of just effort or task completions, and surfacing the right operational priorities. They’re just as powerful within departments and teams, and it’s in this latter area that project managers often start to get involved in the OKR process. But what about using OKRs within the project management discipline?


How e-commerce brands use conversational AI to reduce customer effort

The e-commerce market has exploded over the past few years and is continuing to grow at an accelerated rate. By 2023, online retail sales are anticipated to reach.17 trillion. With more people doing their shopping online than ever before, e-commerce CX has become a priority for many businesses. With a highly competitive landscape of as many as 12 million e-commerce companies, delivering easy and convenient customer experiences is more than a differentiator—it is a necessity for brand success.


How tech scale-ups can improve customer experience using data

To provide the best customer support at any phase in your customer’s lifecycle, your teams need access to contact and company data—and every team must have access to the same information. This requires a centralised location for all relevant communications and open support tickets, and the ability to streamline information between sales, marketing and support teams.


How to design a digital employee experience (DEX) for today's workforce

The digital employee experience (DEX) spans the entirety of an employee’s interactions with their digital workplace — new employee onboarding, managing healthcare benefits, company newsletters, employee engagement surveys, project management dashboards, and more. So, why are companies making so many mistakes with its design? We have answers.


How Time Management for Managers works in IT Industry

The information technology (IT) sphere includes many areas that need a careful and professional approach. It is vital to choose the right software for time reporting and tracking to handle any processes in your company, whether it is product development, marketing, design, or customer support. While project managers often try to combine many tools in their arsenal, you could find and use a single time management instrument to maximize the performance of your business activities.


Agile Project Managers' Guide To Hybrid Team Management

Have you heard of agile project management or hybrid team management before? Although the words might seem difficult and complicated, we assure you they are not. In fact, agile project management might even make it easier and faster for you and your hybrid team to complete projects. Hybrid teams have emerged across the business landscape as a result of the introduction of technological developments and cost pressure brought on by greater globalization.