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10 Best Time Tracking Apps on Android (Features, Pricing)

As a business owner, tracking how employees spend their time is crucial to boosting productivity. You’ll be able to identify time-draining activities, improve employee focus, and analyze performance metrics. Fortunately, tons of applications let you track time right from the convenience of your Android device. But what is the best time tracking app Android has to offer? Let’s find out!


Why all Digital Transformation Leaders Have a Mobile-First Information Management Strategy

Even now, lots of businesses first design their website to work on laptops and desktops. Afterwards, they will also make sure those same sites function well enough on phones and tablets, almost like an afterthought. Surprisingly, that's what most people mean when they discuss responsive website design. In an era when even Google has advocated for mobile-first development, such a cart-before-the-horse approach doesn't signal digital transformation leadership.

Zoho Projects

Project management at your fingertips: All about the Zoho Projects iOS update

Business software that is thriving post the remote work culture are those that offer multi-platform support. Especially for project management, it’s about bringing people together. Hence collaboration and usability across platforms are crucial. We’re happy to introduce these new updates in our iOS apps to make your mobile project management experience smoother and more effective.


What are the Features of Availing Mobile Service Desk App for Your Business?

A service desk mobile application consists of customer service tools that enable agents to do their jobs effectively on a mobile device, as in most cases, mobile help desk includes a mobile application that brings the features available in your company’s help desk software to a small screen. A good help desk mobile application will offer the essential resources and functionality that an agent uses on their desktops but adapt to make it easier to use in the mobile.


How to use Apple Messages for Business for customer service

It’s hard to find a brand with a more loyal following of diehard supporters than Apple. According to a 2021 SellCell survey, brand loyalty for Apple customers is at “an all-time high of nearly 92 percent.” That’s up from (an already high) 90.5 percent in 2019. Those Apple users already likely spend much of their time in Apple’s Messages app—making it the perfect place for companies to reach customers and provide support.

Download Rake Mobile APP

The Rake mobile app supports omnichannel chat for two way communication with customers and prospects. The Rake mobile app also supports team communication or work chat with both direct messages and channel conversations. This is why Rake is UNIVERSAL CHAT. It's the combination of external and internal chat. Rake universal chat supports inbound messaging from Facebook Messenger, the Rake chat widget, SMS and directory and marketplace chat options connected to specific businesses or organizations. Simultaneously, Rake supports messaging with co-workers and partners in a familiar direct messages and channel conversations. In addition to messaging, the Rake mobile app supports task management, and website visitor monitoring with proactive chat invitations.

Rake Chat & Messaging mobile app overview

Rake helps you connect with co-workers and customers through convenient, modern, text communication. The mobile version of Rake is so powerful you can run a digital contact center from your phone. Engage in DMs with co-workers, chat with website visitors and engage with Facebook Messenger messages - all at the same time, from the same app. That's Rake!!