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In-app chat vs. text: which is better for your business?

Communication plays a crucial role in building long-term relations with clients. Businesses have multiple ways of communicating with their clients, including voice calls, messages, and emails. Among all channels, messaging is becoming increasingly popular due to its directness, ease, and comfort. However, when discussing about their communication channels, many businesses have a dilemma regarding chat vs. SMS.


12 Best Android Apps for Productivity in 2023

The Google Play Store is bursting with apps promising to make life easier for both business and your day-to-day. The big question is: what is the best android app for productivity? If you’re determined to make the most of your time, there’s an app to help. Keep reading to discover the best productivity apps for Android depending on your needs.

Time Tracker App for Desk, Mobile & Remote Teams | Apploye

Apploye is the #1 time tracker app for desk, mobile and remote teams. It allows you to track time directly from Desktop App (Windows, Linux, macOS), Mobile App, and chrome extension. You can view timesheets (Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, and Custom view), screenshots, apps & Urls usages, reports based on time & activity, and track the location of deskless employees via GPS. Also, you can see the real-time view of who is working online and take real-time instant screenshots whenever you want.

5 mobile app features to help you work on the go

You’d be hard pressed to find a knowledge worker whose method of working hasn’t evolved over the last couple years. The concept of “office” has taken on an amorphous state of being—the choice of where and how to work is now left up to the individual. With all this newfound freedom comes a slew of different solutions for how to truly be effective while working outside of a traditional office. At times, this might not even entail sitting at a desk to work.

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15 Useful Mobile Time Tracking Apps

Whether your team works remotely or moves from one job site to another, a mobile time tracking app can help keep you in the loop. They can ensure your timesheets are accurate and that your team remains productive even when they’re out of the office. However some mobile tracking systems are better than others, so it’s essential to choose wisely. To help you out, we’ve detailed 15 great mobile time tracking apps, their key features, pricing, and customer reviews.


Designing the Perfect Mobile Push Notification

Here at Courier, we recently announced a new focus on mobile notifications, which is the next big step to meeting our goals for our product. The biggest reason to focus on mobile is because it will drastically improve the user experience for anyone using mobile apps - which at this point, is everyone. This post explores the importance of building better quality mobile notifications and how to go about creating them.

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5 Best Mobile Time Clock Apps for Construction (In-Depth Look)

Many construction businesses have workers spread out over different job sites, working on varying projects. Manually tracking their hours is a hassle, and it often leads to: A mobile time clock app for construction solves these issues. It provides you with features to keep employees honest (such as Geofencing, Photos on Punch, GPS Tracking, etc.), as well as features to speed up the payroll process (such as Payroll Provider Integrations, Time Off Tracking, On-Demand Payroll Reports, and so on.)


Best Practices for Internal Project Workflow Management

Technology is getting better every day. Tech giants are looking to create a safer infrastructure for technology to survive and thrive. We all know how cybersecurity concerns hinder technological advancement. Today if a brand creates a reliable mobile app, they also have to worry about its security. Therefore, brands need to emphasize security and technology to facilitate a perfect user experience. So, what can we expect from the mobile app development trends of 2022?


Apple Zero-Day: How to Spot Devices to Update in Your Company in Seconds

Just a couple of days after Google announced a high-risk zero-day vulnerability in Chrome, Apple disclosed two zero-day vulnerabilities affecting their operating system on both mobile and desktop devices. The company has already issued updates for its iOS and macOS users. The patched versions are as follows: As for the Apple zero-day exploits, they were reported anonymously.