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Product Release

Product Roundup: What's new in Rocket.Chat 6.9

We are committed to ensuring our customers’ voices are heard. With every new version, we are actively seeking ways to enhance Rocket.Chat as an effective platform for communication, collaboration, and business goals achievement. If you've been with us since the start of the year, you'll notice we've introduced a new version practically every month, illustrating our unwavering commitment to constant improvement.

ESS 24.05: now with Element Desktop MSIs!

In our most recent version of ESS 24.05 we’re pleased to offer a Windows MSI (Microsoft Installer) build of Element Desktop. Many larger customers prefer MSI files for software installation. They can automate deployments across many devices, ensuring consistency and reducing manual effort. As well as MSI builds we’ve also enhanced the way our message notifications work for all users. And we’ve improved Group Sync: our advanced identity and access management tool for IT administrators.

UI/UX Updates, Performance Enhancements, QoL Improvements (v10)

CurrentWare version 10.0 is here! This update includes a variety of performance and quality-of-life enhancements, including easier access to key tools and improvements to existing features and functions. As a CurrentWare customer, these quarterly product updates are included at no additional cost as a part of your subscription. Need help upgrading? Our team is here to assist you every step of the way.

What's new in Zendesk Workforce Management (WFM)

Last year, Zendesk acquired Tymeshift, which has now officially been rebranded as Zendesk Workforce Management (WFM). Zendesk WFM is the most efficient solution for agent management within Zendesk, leveraging AI to predict staffing needs with precision, automating agent scheduling based on these projects and providing insightful real-time and historical analytics on team performance.

Say hello to the updated Planning Overview

Today, we’re excited to roll out a brand new look and feel to the Planning Overview. It’s the same report you know and love, only we’ve given it a glow-up and boosted functionality to help you report on resourcing data alongside time, capacity, and staffing information. Before we jump in, let’s remind ourselves of why we would use the Planning Overview?

TeamSupport Launches AI Assist, a Powerful Suite of Tools for Customer Support

TeamSupport is thrilled to announce its latest suite of AI-powered tools, built to increase agent efficiency and help your team take customer support to the next level. TeamSupport’s AI Assist incorporates the latest conversational AI technology, acting as a seasoned copilot to help agents close tickets faster, bringing faster, more satisfying resolutions to customers with less tedious manual work for agents.

Revolutionize Your Workflow with the New GPT Time Tracking Assistant by TrackingTime

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest innovation, the GPT Time Tracking Assistant by TrackingTime. This pioneering tool promises to redefine how you manage your workday. This state-of-the-art assistant employs cutting-edge AI technology to make managing time as simple as having a conversation. Whether you’re creating new tasks or filling out timesheets, this tool integrates seamlessly into your workflow, boosting your productivity effortlessly.

Product Roundup: What's new in Rocket.Chat 6.8

Accessibility is not just a mere add-on, but a defining facet of Rocket.Chat. In order to ensure no one is left behind in the digital dialogue, we’ve made our platform easier to use and more accessible in this latest version. We firmly believe that communication shouldn't discriminate; it should be made accessible to everyone, taking into account differing technical competencies and physical capabilities. As we move into the second quarter of the year, we keep up the pace.

InsightsAI: Ready for a Fresh Take on Workforce Management?

Discover InsightsAI: the latest add-on from Insightful, designed to enhance workforce management with real-time data insights. Find out how the feature can simplify your decision-making process and help you build a more productive and agile workforce!

TeamSupport's Latest Product Release Gives Users the Ability to Create Custom Ticket Workflows

TeamSupport is excited to announce the launch of its newest release, Status Approval Workflow—the first release in a series of workflow options that will be available in TeamSupport in the coming year. TeamSupport currently allows any user within an organization to update the status of a ticket, but in some cases, these actions need to be signed off or approved by a specific team member.