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Product Release

Support Assist: Introducing New Machine Learning Capabilities to Service Desk

During InvGate’s presentation at SupportWorld Live 2022, we are proud to introduce Support Assist, our AI engine that enhances the support capabilities of service desks for all types of businesses and departments. One of InvGate's guiding principles is to "simplify what is complex," and so for the last year we’ve been finding ways to leverage our solutions with machine learning, testing different tools inside our platforms that could make a real difference for our users.

May Update: Automations and usability improvements Scoro

Automating small parts of your work can do wonders for your workflow. With this update, we’ve further tweaked automation options for you and finished a number of other tiny improvements to help you cut down on the clicks when managing your projects and finances. Here’s what’s updated in Scoro.

What we launched in April 2022

Every day at Miro, we’re cooking up new ways for teams to collaborate seamlessly, no matter where or how you work. This month, we released enhancements designed to streamline co-creation, improve security for your company’s internal processes, and increase accessibility for screen reader users. To see how Miro’s latest improvements can help your team innovate and connect, check out our roundup of releases from April.

Collaborate more efficiently with the new Rocket.Chat's Trello App

As a team collaboration solution, we at Rocket.Chat are always looking for ways to make collaboration more efficient. Today, we are happy to announce a new app to the Rocket.Chat Marketplace that will make it even more easy for teams to work together and get more done. Most teams use a project management app to keep up with their day-to-day tasks as well as bigger projects.

Our Enterprise Installer makes deploying Element on-premise easier than ever

Our team has been working hard behind the scenes on a dedicated enterprise installer for on-premise deployments of Element - and now it’s ready for launch! Many of our larger customers (especially those in areas such as public sector, telco, utilities and education) have strict compliance obligations that necessitate them hosting data on-premise. We’re committed to ensuring anyone can deploy Element on-premise securely, swiftly and without compromises.

Introducing the Zulip public access option for open communities

Today, we’re delighted to announce the general availability of Zulip’s public access option. Open-source projects and other open communities can now offer one-click access (no login required!) to part or all of their Zulip chat. For those who are not familiar with it, Zulip is a modern team collaboration tool with unique topic-based threading that is ideal for both live and asynchronous conversations. It is also a vibrant open-source project, developed by a values-focused organization.

Simpplr's Spring '22 Release: Hotaka

We’re excited to share our new Spring ‘22 release, Hotaka. This release helps further employee engagement and personalization with a range of new enhancements. Here is a quick overview of this release: With this release, we also previewed some future capabilities that are entering an early adopter phase.

Introducing Threads in Beta!

Trying to keep track of several conversations in one timeline at once can often feel (and look) like long division! Cross-talk, replies, and reactions make your timeline feel disjointed and messy. It’s less than ideal, especially if you use Element to enhance your productivity. Threads help you separate conversations from the main timeline.

What's New in Tasktop Hub 22.2

Say hello to Tasktop’s latest product release from its Value Stream Management platform. Tasktop Hub 22.2 is out today, making end-to-end toolchain integration faster, easier, and visibly impactful. The highlight of this release is the addition to Hub’s Metrics screen which now calculates the cost savings from your integrations.