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IT project management: best practices to keep you on schedule (and under budget)

IT project management is no joke. Among PM roles, it’s easily one of the most demanding and involves seriously high stakes. Why? Because IT projects are complex and expensive. Switching between software. Migrating servers. Onboarding new users to a platform. These are the sort of projects likely to experience overrun because they involve so many people. Specifically, stakeholders that don’t understand the steps involved.

What's new in Teamwork | January 2022

We’ve hit the ground running in 2022 at Teamwork by bringing you exciting new features to kick start the year! A few of the new features released this month are Improved Reports, Dark mode for Android, and Archive Agents in Desk. Check out each feature below in detail and see how you can enhance processes within your team throughout 2022.

How to best use project milestones in your agency

If you're reading this, you know all too well that projects are full of unexpected problems. Bottlenecks happen. Resources suddenly get stretched thin. And without project milestones in place, stakeholders climb an unending mountain toward project completion. That sounds extremely tiresome. But even for many successful project managers, this happens all the time.

The 5-step project cost management plan for busy agencies

Do you have a dedicated project cost management plan in place? Hey, we won’t judge you if you don’t. That said, better budgeting should be a top priority for any agency today. This is especially true in an era where only 43% of project managers actually complete projects on time or within budget. As an agency, it’s natural to get overambitious in an attempt to please your clients. Unfortunately, this often results in project overrun, unsustainable schedules, and blown-out budgets.

The realist's guide to effective team communication within your agency

Teams work better when they talk to each other and collaborate, but you don’t need us to tell you that. Connecting the dots between effective team communication and high-performance teams or agencies is where things start to get interesting. Poor team communication isn't just unproductive. It can create stress and waste a ton of valuable time—everything that top performers avoid. A lot of teams may think they’ve got effective communication when it may not be that great.

What's new in Teamwork | December 2021

With just a few weeks left in 2021, our product teams have been hard at work to bring you some exciting new updates. See the latest features released in Teamwork throughout December, such as Billable & Non-Billable settings, Shared Table views, and much more! Wishing you all a very happy Holiday season!

5 phases of the project life cycle: An end-to-end guide

If you've ever been responsible for planning and delivering a project, you know just how many moving parts fall into a project life cycle. First, you have to decide why this project is taking place and what it will accomplish. Then comes the task of planning, assigning, and setting deadlines. Of course, your project milestones need to be tracked every step of the way. Finally, the entire project needs to be delivered to your client on time and on budget. That’s a lot to plan and manage.

Why team culture is the unsung hero of collaboration

Why do so many organizations and leaders put emphasis on team culture? And what can a collaborative culture really do in terms of tangible outcomes like higher productivity, better quality, fewer bottlenecks, and happier team members? Good team culture is essential to your workflow, which ultimately leads to a better work environment for everyone. And it's no secret that great workplace environments result in increased productivity and happier employees.

Getting beyond the chaos with Teamwork

Beyond the Chaos helps small professional services businesses owners (up to 25 employees) simplify their operations and manage projects to help them grow their business and get their lives back. The business operates much like an in-house chief operating officer but scaled down to small business needs. Beyond the Chaos, a Teamwork Partner, has implemented Teamwork within small businesses for several years because they can rely on the thorough product to be the perfect space for its customers.