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The essential guide to project integration management

Every project is a little bit different, each with its own unique set of objectives and desired outputs. Each may also see you and your team working with several different departments as you strive to create a finished product. It’s working with those different departments that makes project integration management a necessity. Without this type of management, it can be difficult to ensure that all teams are communicating well, and that processes are flowing as they should be.

How to become a successful technical project manager

What’s the difference between a project manager and a technical project manager? It might be easy to assume these are just two ways to refer to the same general job, but that isn’t the case here. Technical project managers fill a crucial role for certain teams and projects, bringing skills, knowledge, and leadership to the table that standard project managers don’t usually have.

4 tell-tale signs you have poor resource management at your agency

Your resources are your most valuable players at your agency. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for agencies to experience bouts of poor resource management which can lead to poor performance and dissatisfied employees and clients (which is never good!). Have you been wondering if your agency is struggling with resource management recently?

Implementation plan: What to include and 5 essential steps

A project plan or project implementation plan is a key strategic document that keeps teams on track throughout a project, indicating how a project is expected to run along with who’s responsible for what. It’s an extremely valuable planning tool — one that can be the difference between project success and project failure. It’s also a fairly comprehensive document, and if you’ve never built one before, the concept can feel a bit overwhelming.

8 agency-approved tips for tackling inbox overload

If you work in an agency or do any client work, your world likely revolves around your inbox. But what happens when what your world revolves around is completely and utterly...chaotic? Enter, inbox overload. In fact, it's more likely that most mornings you don’t even want to “enter” your inbox for fear of what you might find, or fall behind on! All joking aside, it is something to take seriously.

The most common resource management problems (and how to solve them)

Effective resource management is a key component of any successful business, but it’s particularly important for teams that deliver client work. Why? Well, when you’re juggling multiple projects at a time and have hard client deadlines to hit, efficient resource management becomes core to what you do. Want to reap the benefits of increased transparency within your team, maximize efficiency, and also prevent burnout? It starts by getting your resource management problems in check.

Agile release planning: How to effectively plan for success

Every project needs a plan. But sometimes, even the best, most carefully drafted plans need to change. That’s the basic premise behind agileproject management, a project managementmethodology that’s wildly popular among software development teams. In 2021, 86% of software development teams were using agile, and it's quickly becoming the dominant practice in industries where iteration and flexibility are essential.

What makes a successful marketing project manager?

Marketing teams bring so much to the table within an organization — but they aren’t typically known for their militant scheduling and detailed organizational skills. The same is true for creative agencies, from traditional marketing agencies to full-service digital marketing firms. On the flip side, project management as a discipline doesn’t have much of a reputation for being creativity-friendly or flexible.

The 5 biggest challenges facing creative agencies today

Agency life can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t come with its fair share of challenges (there’s certainly no shortage of those!). From differentiating your agency from the competition to focusing on delivering for your client—rather than reaching for awards—there are a number of challenges many creative agencies face that are true across the board.