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How To Be A Good Manager

How to be a good manager? Is an important question that executives must ask themselves in order so that they can retain and hone in the best talent for their business. Executive managers should also think about some of the reasons for why do employees quit or take up another job? Can it be Better Salary? Or a Good Opportunity? Did they want a Promotion? Maybe, but in most cases, it is because of a lack of good leadership or management.


Talent Mobility: Why You Should Let Your Top Performers Move Around The Company

Ever heard the phrase “golden handcuffs?” If you’ve never experienced this phenomenon (and lucky you), it typically refers to the state of being so skilled and well-compensated at your work that you’re a bit stuck—the company needs you, so they’ll do and pay whatever it takes to get you to stay. If you truly love your job, maybe that’s not so bad. But often, this stagnation is a recipe for decreased job satisfaction, innovation, and productivity.


The Future Of Work Is Asynchronous-And These Companies Are Leading The Way

Imagine you’re a typical American worker in 1914, the tail end of the Industrial Revolution that standardized the 9-to-5 we know today. You work at a car factory on an assembly line (which Henry Ford introduced just a year prior). As the car moves along the conveyor belt, your one and only job is to attach the wheels and await the next car.


A Modern Leader's Guide To Organizational Transparency

We’re living in a more transparent world than ever before. Thanks to smartphones, social media, and the internet, constant real-time communication is now the norm. For better or worse, we pretty much always know what's going on with our friends, family, and colleagues. It’s debatable whether having 24/7 access to pictures of your cousin’s cat is a good thing.


9 Best Manager Tools To Work Better With Your Team

Manager tools are an important aspect of leading a team and ensuring success for everyone you are responsible for. Having the correct manager tools and software will help you do a better job and lead to a better company overall. Being a manager is a challenging job as there are always some unpredictable issues that you may not know how to manage. Furthermore, the wide range of tasks and collaborative processes makes this a tough and strenuous job.


A Manager's Ultimate Guide To Effective Succession Planning

You recently promoted one of your best employees. You’re thrilled that you were able to recognize and reward their hard work with a well-deserved step up the ladder. But you’ll be honest: There’s a tiny sliver of you that’s left thinking, “Ugh, now I’ve got a real mess to sort out.” After all, they were one of your best employees for a reason—they contributed a lot.


Navigating The "Great Resignation": How To Retain Employees When No One Else Can

In April of 2021, over 4 million Americans quit their jobs. This unprecedented number was the highest on record since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began collecting data in 2002. The trend has held steady throughout the year, hovering around 4 million quits per month in May, June, and July. The question employees are asking themselves is an obvious one: “Why would I stay at a job where I’m unhappy when I know now that things can be different—that they can be better?”


How team leaders are reimagining workflows

Now that many businesses have made the leap to remote and hybrid work, some teams are struggling to sustain connection and creative momentum. Teammates can feel isolated, and silos can form across workstreams, hampering your team’s ability to collaborate. It can be difficult to build efficient workflows that support virtual and hybrid projects. But with these challenges comes a great opportunity for team leaders to reimagine the workplace. And that’s exactly what they’re doing!