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7 Best Management Practices to Improve Employee Productivity at Your Workplace

When you are running a business having employees who work together and help you to achieve your goals becomes important. Hence to do this, a company should focus on the methods that help to increase the employer’s productivity. Less efficient employees and low productivity inputs can affect your business negatively and may lead to its downfall in the longer run. Many workplaces consider employee feedback when they are looking for methods that can help increase productivity.

How to Manage the Three Types of Employees

What makes for a good leader? In the world of IT, there are several characteristics that immediately come to mind. Typically, we perceive a good leader as someone effortlessly extroverted and who loves dealing with people. But, believe it or not, this is far from the ultimate truth of leadership; being an introvert doesn’t mean you can’t be an effective leader in an IT team. What really makes a great leader is the ability to understand the different personalities in the team.

What Is Macromanagement? 5 Big Tips For Effective Macro Managers

When it comes to team management, think big. Every leader wants to support their team to drive results and do their best work. Helicopter leadership—micromanagement over every small detail—stifles creativity and makes employees feel powerless, rather than productive. Instead, macromanagement is an effective leadership strategy to inspire and empower employees to achieve objectives and enjoy a better employee experience. Here’s why.

So, Your Manager Just Quit-Now What?

The day starts out like any other. You get your morning coffee, hop into the car, and head to work. But just as you pop your head in for a “good morning” to your boss, you see a vision that changes your job forever: An empty desk. The rumor mill spins. You hear your manager just quit. Suddenly your work life becomes a maelstrom of decisions. What about that special project they had you running? What about your performance review in six weeks—who’s giving that?

8 Reliable Ways to Manage a Team

When managing a team, the first thing to get straight is that what's valid for individual assignments is also applicable for group projects. In other words, you will have to define the objectives, understand the tasks, and proceed with setting clear expectations. That said, in group work, you will have to face other complexities. Whether it is for a student project or handling a team in the office, you can try to implement the following practices to ensure the best outcome.

Employee Succession Planning: Are You Ready?

Succession planning can be essential for businesses that want to ensure continuity in critical tasks, even if key employees leave. However, succession planning can be difficult, and many businesses struggle to create a succession plan that works well for them. One reason for this is that businesses may not be aware of the skills that are in short supply.

How to Develop Leadership Skills (The Right Way)

Leadership skills are important for anyone who wants to be successful. Especially, as a manager, these skills will help you to reach your goals, and those of your team. However, how can you effectively develop leadership skills? Is there a guidebook to follow? Some type of IKEA-build-your-leadership-skills manual? Let’s find out! For starters, can we explain what is leadership with an exclusive concept? Are all leaders the same? Is leadership set in stone? No, no, and no.