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Best Practices for Managing Teams with Different Backgrounds

No matter the domain, managing teams, is one of the challenging and crucial duties for every manager. A manager will be recruited for more than just managing the Company's finances, profit, and loss; managing the team and groups is also a necessary duty. The most significant error made by small to large businesses is choosing employees for promotions or hiring based on their knowledge of the sector rather than their people management skills.


CEO activism can attract the best talent. Here's why CEOs might want to avoid it.

The world has become increasingly politically polarized, and leaders of its biggest companies aren’t immune. When a CEO shares their view on a divisive issue—via a tweet, an op-ed, or monetary donation—they will create admirers and enemies. However, taking a stand is increasingly seen as a signal of their authentic character and, by extension, leadership style. Every CEO takes a risk when they become sociopolitically active, and that decision has downstream effects.


How to Stay Connected with Your Remote Team: Tips for Building a Virtual Bond

Who would have thought 20 years ago that we would lead teams through a screen? Yes, the pandemic has forced us to change the way we interact with people. Leadership has evolved, and nowadays, the way we work and interact has drastically changed! As we know how tough it can be to stay connected with your remote team and to maintain a good working relationship with your remote employees, we have compiled the best tips for building a virtual bond with your remote team! Stay tuned.


How to Create and Manage Virtual Teams and What Challenges They May Face

Many organizations have moved to hybrid work – this means employees are establishing a new method of collaborating and communicating. Virtual teams undertake most of their work online rather than coming into the office and meeting with their colleagues in person. Let’s look at what makes a strong framework for virtual team members to collaborate and communicate.


The four functions of management: Overview + examples

Being or becoming a manager can feel like a daunting task in today’s business world. This is especially true if you’re new to management, recently stepped into a higher-level or unfamiliar role, or leading a rapidly growing company. While we can’t solve all the growing pains you face, we have some great news: No matter your industry or your level of management, you’ll perform the same set of four functions as a manager.


10 best practices to effectively manage distributed teams

Working from home is the new norm, with most employees embracing remote work. Flexible work models have plenty of benefits for both employees and companies while having little to no negative impact on productivity levels. However, distributed teams have their own challenges. Managers must adapt to workers in different time zones, implement asynchronous communication, and ensure remote workers are still engaged.


Leadership Skills in the Workplace

There is no question that effective leadership skills are essential for anyone who wants to succeed in business. In a constantly changing and evolving world, the ability to lead and persuade others is more important than ever. However, many people don’t know where to start when it comes to developing their essential leadership qualities. We’ve put together this list of 10 ways to increase your leadership skills!


Why asking, "How are you feeling today?" is so important for managers leading through change

When you’re driving change to your stakeholders—be it the executive team, your employees, the board, or even the customers—the situation comes with its own gravitational force. “You have every opportunity to lose trust and to see it erode. So being genuine and getting it right really matters,” Anna Binder, Asana’s Head of People, explains to me in her matter-of-fact style during a recent phone call.