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Types of communication styles leaders should know about

Communication styles are not innate. We are not born with them—we learn them. If you would like to learn how to communicate better at work or at home, or if you would like to teach employees, managers, or leaders how to use better communication styles to ease tension and inspire confidence, you can do that.


How to Encourage Participation in Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings have undeniably improved workplace communications. With so many remote team communication tools with advanced features like Q&A, breakout rooms, chat, reaction icons, virtual whiteboards, and so on, it has never been easier to ask questions and seek ideas from meeting attendees. But, think back to your virtual meetings this week. How many of them were successful? Are awkward silences the norm in your meetings?


Digital-First Workplaces: Transforming Leadership and Management Approaches

The digital-first workplace is here to stay, and businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve need to adapt their leadership and management styles accordingly. This blog post discusses how leaders can adapt their styles to accommodate the challenges and opportunities of the digital-first workplace. In addition, discover how tracking productivity for remote workers can enhance your digital workplace.


Importance of good leadership in the workplace for work-life harmony

Ten things I love about me: How bragging about yourself – in the nicest way possible, of course – enhances work-life harmony and leads you to your vein of gold within. Join us on this Cohesion podcast with Marla J Albertie, owner and founder of a multi-media coaching company, as we talk to her about her recently re-released work-life harmony journal.


The Top 11 Employee Incentives: How to Motivate Your Team with Rewards and Benefits

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of trying to motivate your team without much success? If the answer is a very tired: yes! Then, read on as in this blog post, we will breach the TOP Employee Incentives to Motivate Your Team with Rewards and Benefits! Employee incentives are becoming increasingly popular in the business world as a way to motivate employees and improve productivity.

time doctor

Empowering teams: How modern leadership practices are changing the game

Welcome, folks! In today’s ultra-connected and fast-paced world, the ‘boss behind the big desk’ leadership style no longer cuts it. Leadership styles have evolved, and modern leadership practices are stepping into the limelight, focusing on collaboration, flexibility, and empowerment. These aren’t just buzzwords, either. They’re the keys to driving successful teams and businesses in this day and age. But how does Time Doctor fit into this equation, you ask?


Exploring The Different Types of Leadership Styles

Understanding the different types of leadership styles is crucial for effective team management because leadership is vital to any organization’s success. Various circumstances necessitate various strategies. Therefore, leaders must modify their tactics in accordance. This results from a talent strategy that is constantly shifting and the ongoing skill shortage. Therefore, maintaining qualified employees and increasing productivity in the workplace are two important challenges for CEOs.