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What's New in Asana | September 2023

Welcome to the September edition of What’s New in Asana. First, add delight to your project tabs with an emoji. Put an emoji at the beginning of your project tab name to create a custom tab icon. Next, when setting a task to repeat monthly, select the “on the” option to choose which weekday the task will reoccur. Finally, create a rule to set the value of your project’s numeric or text custom field. For example, set a budget based on a task's assignee.

What's New in Asana | August 2023

Welcome to the August edition of What’s New in Asana. First, view-level saving in projects just got better. Change the default project view for everyone from the view name. And you’ll be able to save different filters and sorts for each view. Next, with “Editor” level access, you can manage who adds and edits tasks and messages within a project. Finally, subtasks will show like any other task in universal workload. To include subtasks, add an effort field, like estimated time, an assignee, and a due date.

What's New in Asana | July 2023

Welcome to the July edition of What’s New in Asana. First, standardize processes at scale with workflow bundles. Apply any combination of rules, fields, sections, and task templates across multiple projects at once. Next, variables in rules drive more context and clarity by connecting information from different projects. Reference variables, such as task assignee, task creator, due date, and custom fields in a task’s name, description, or comments.

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