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9 Essential Marketing Tools for Small Teams

Competing with bigger companies with larger teams is no easy feat for a small business. Often, founders run a tight ship and only have a few employees to gear towards marketing activities. However, just because you have a small team doesn't mean you can't contend with the big boys. Over the years, many marketing tools have arrived to help small teams operate on the same levels as bigger ones.

Marketing calendar: How to build one + why it's important

Marketing often feels like herding cats, doesn’t it? It feels that way to company leadership, and often it feels that way to many of the people working in your marketing department. Marketing has become a broad discipline in just about every modern business, responsible for a dizzying array of tasks, campaigns, and deliverables. And in an environment like this, it’s no surprise that tasks and deliverables start falling through the cracks.

Should Companies Offshore Their Marketing? Pros, Cons, & Tips

Thanks to technological developments, businesses are no longer confined to their geographical location for finding customers and employees. Offshore marketing allows you to hire a team of experts from a different country anywhere in the world. This creates an opportunity to hire high-quality marketers while leveraging lower labor costs in those countries. In this article, we’ll explain what offshore marketing is, along with five benefits and three disadvantages.

How Do You Measure the Impact of Product Marketing On Customer Success?

When marketing your product, you work your way towards your end goal of customer success. This is when your customer gets what they want in the way that they wanted it. At its core, when a customer reaches customer success, that means your products have a perceived value. ‍ But how will you be able to know if your customers have found customer success? In this article, we’ll be breaking down the key metrics to track during the stages of your product marketing strategy.

What is the future of marketing automation?

A 2019 survey on the state of marketing automation found that 75% of companies were already using some form of marketing automation. Of those respondents, 66% indicated that the tools had been either ‘moderately’ or ‘very’ effective. The same survey looked into the leading marketing automation tools and determined that the top three were social media post scheduling (85%), email marketing (75%), and social media advertising (58%).

5 of the best marketing agency websites in 2022

When it comes to designing your marketing agency’s website, it's important to put your best foot forward. Showcasing top-notch work helps potential clients see just what your agency is capable of—and what they might expect if they choose to work with you. Agencies that do a great job marketing themselves build instant trust and credibility. It's where you can show off your best work and tell your brand's story, and it's also where first impressions are made.

Marketing Automation Vs Sales Automation

Assuming you are yet to begin automating your emails and work processes. You might be confused whether you want a sales automation or a marketing automation platform as there are multiple similarities between them. Both the tools can track inbox activities, iitiate event-based activities & guarantee to expand deals and income. Though there are lots in common, it is essential to understand them in and out.

Writing The Book On Marketing And Collaboration: One Novelist Tells All On Trello Views

We asked Jessica L. Elliot, a well-published romance and fantasy novelist and solo entrepreneur, to share how Trello’s Dashboard, Calendar, Timeline, and Table views help her business and teamwork thrive. Here are a few of her best organizing tips around organizing research, syncing up multiple calendars and schedules, and juggling everything from JPGs to social media posts. Says Elliot, “Trello really helps me see the rhythm of my year in a way that nothing else has.

What is Marketing Productivity? Metrics, Best Practices

Marketing is often associated with promotions, market research and advertisement, but seldom with productivity analysis. Do you ever wonder whether marketing alone is sufficient to attract customers and increase revenue? What if your marketing campaign is not working, but you are unaware and continue to pursue the strategy? You’d be at a great loss- in terms of revenue lost and opportunities missed, had the marketing strategy been implemented incorrectly.