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In-game chat: 6 features to drive player engagement in 2023

Gaming has always been more than just button-mashing and high scores. It's a sanctuary where social connections thrive — a virtual playground for over 3 billion people worldwide to gather, interact, and let their inner gamers shine. In this era of digital camaraderie, the power of in-game chat has become prominent, acting as the ultimate social glue that binds players together.

Embedded chat: A staple in excellent customer service

Using embedded chat on the websites enables visitors to communicate quickly with the organization's customer support teams. Given the competitiveness of today’s business landscape, offering a good UI/UX experience to tech-savvy customers and resolving their queries quickly helps businesses gain a competitive edge. In this blog, we explore how organizations use embedded chat to deliver an immersive experience to customers.

Real-time chat: definition, features, and use cases in 2023

Digital communication today has evolved to connect people from across the globe with each other in an instant. One of the most popular ways to communicate digitally is via real-time chat. This efficient mode of communication is used for personal communication, but also for business one. Organizations use real-time chat solutions to connect their distributed teams and to assist their customers.


Live Chat Software: The Missing Part Of Your Customer Experience

As a customer support professional, you understand that customer experience is one of the key components to a successful business. Because of this, you’re continuing to navigate through the ever changing landscape of customer service by implementing solutions that enhance the customer experience. Nowadays, one of the most prominent ways to revolutionize your customer support efforts is to offer multiple channels of communication for your customers to reach out to you, including live chat.

7 best open-source chat APIs for businesses

A reliable communication platform is imperative for businesses to communicate with customers and colleagues. Chat applications are becoming popular as they make collaboration easier and faster. Open-source chat APIs are a great way to integrate chat abilities into an existing application or deploy them stand-alone for live stream chat. In this blog, we have curated the best open-source chat API solutions for instant messaging and the benefits you can leverage from each.

8 best patient chat apps for easy and secure communication

Technological advancement has revolutionized patient chat in recent years. Healthcare is not only a matter of proper medical advice these days. Patients want better service from their healthcare providers and solid medical guidance. This is why, presently, the industry is prioritizing fast, secure, and reliable digital healthcare communication to provide customer satisfaction to patients who want instant updates via patient messaging.


What is Workplace Chat and How to Choose the Right One for Your Business?

One of the secrets to a positive and healthy working environment is effective communication. With a happy, motivated, and strongly connected team, goals are easily achieved and projects move forward with less friction. Unfortunately, the reality today is that many modern workplaces experience poor communication. Misunderstandings, unclear requirements, and confusion with tasks are common in teams that lack harmony and proper ways of communication.

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8 Ways Web Chat Software Can Improve Customer Service

Customer service can make or break you, especially how you handle web chat software issues. And the more companies, websites, brands, or customers you have, the more complicated it gets. With web chat software, you can handle incoming support requests with ease. There are several advantages to investing in live chat software for your customer service support requests.