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What is a HIPAA Risk Assessment and is it Important?

If your business operates in the healthcare industry, then you need to be up to speed with the ins and outs of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA for short. For your information, some team chat apps are also employed with HIPAA standards to protect the business data. Like many pieces of legislation, this act requires compliance from organizations in a given sector in order to provide benefits to service users and customers.

How Rocket.Chat meets the needs of government agencies across the globe

Governmental agencies and public sector organizations are catching on to the digital transformation trend. Besides the need to upgrade their internal processes and services to citizens, they need to be extremely careful about data privacy and data security. Organizations in this sector look for secure ways to collaborate internally and with external partners. Moreover, they want to efficiently manage incoming citizens’ inquiries and requests.

12 Morning Motivation Tips to Kickstart a Productive Day

While it may be difficult, you shouldn’t ideally hurry into your day or despise mornings. They’re meant to be the highlight of the day. We have the perfect morning motivation ideas for you to empower your early hour routines and transform the mornings of your life. In this blog, you’ll uncover why mornings are so important for not only your day but your entire lifestyle and different ideas on how you can make them more motivated and inspirational.

Scaling Application to User Communication in an Event Driven Architecture

Troy Goode CEO of Courier, an API and UI for product notification infrastructure gives a talk on what one needs to think about when building a system like this, the complexities of it all, and the cost. Courier is the fastest way to design your notifications once and deliver them through push notifications, direct messages like Slack and Facebook Messenger, SMS, and email–with a single Courier API rather than having to integrate each provider API separately.

Collaborate more efficiently with the new Rocket.Chat's Trello App

As a team collaboration solution, we at Rocket.Chat are always looking for ways to make collaboration more efficient. Today, we are happy to announce a new app to the Rocket.Chat Marketplace that will make it even more easy for teams to work together and get more done. Most teams use a project management app to keep up with their day-to-day tasks as well as bigger projects.

Frontline workers and messenger apps; how to solve shadow IT

Around 2.7 billion people are frontline workers - that’s about 80 percent of the world’s working population. It covers a huge range of roles, spanning in-home support, hospitality, agriculture, logistics, construction, emergency services and much more. Being on the frontline means that people are often operating from a mobile device. So it’s easy to understand why 53% of frontline workers end up using unapproved consumer-grade messaging apps at work.

Why governmental organizations choose on-premise solutions

Governments and public sector organizations recognize the increasing need to protect their data. With the increase of cyber-attacks globally and growing demands from their citizens to protect their information, public sector organizations are more frequently moving away from cloud-based software toward on-premise solutions.