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WhatsApp vs Telegram - What are Your Priority Features or Privacy?

Given a choice, if you have to choose the best instant messenger and uninstall the other messengers, what they would be, I believe it has to be WhatsApp vs Telegram because, considering the estimated number of users on the aforementioned respective platforms, other platforms have fewer users comparatively. There were days when WhatsApp was predominantly used in many countries but due to its privacy policy that was announced in January 2021.

Introduction to Courier: Send API, Automations, and Recipient Lists

Welcome to Courier! We're really glad that you chose us to a be part of your journey to building an awesome, sophisticated communication system. In this video, we will give a brief introduction on how you can navigate our documentation and build your notifications with Courier using our APIs. We will also build a sample email digest and go demonstrate how the data log can be utilized for better observability into your outgoing notifications.

Mattermost v6.0 is Now Available

Mattermost v6.0 is generally available today, launching a redesigned integrated platform. This release includes new platform navigation, plus new features and improvements to Channels, Playbooks, and Boards. A new Mattermost Desktop v5.0 application is released, and multiple features have been promoted to generally available.


Introducing Mattermost 6.0: A New Approach to Developer Collaboration

Today, too many software organizations are in crisis. They face soaring expectations on delivering digital solutions, a complex and fast-changing array of new technologies and new threats to understand, and a limited pool of experienced developers, SRE, and SecOps professionals ready to execute in modern environments. What’s worse, technical talent is too often misconfigured.


5 Virtual Presentation Tips for Remote Team Communication

Presenting to your remote team is key to collaborating when you can’t be in the same room. But while we have plenty of software solutions at our fingertips, there’s more to effective engagement than just having the right tools. With many of us now working from home or moving to a hybrid workstyle, it’s never been more important to prioritize good communication and collaboration.

troop messenger

Using Zapier to Automate Tasks between Troop Messenger and Other Apps

Indeed, most of us keep switching between a lot of different apps to perform our project deliverables. This effort consumes plenty of productive work hours of an employee as well as the organization. Therefore, to reduce the time duration and extra effort for multi-tasks, we need a tool to do tasks that they can't do manually and speed up the work without re-intervention!