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AI in government: How is it transforming communication and services?

‍ Governments all over the globe face mounting pressure to improve efficiency, transparency, and service delivery. Traditional methods are falling short, leading to citizen frustration and operational bottlenecks. The public sector urgently needs a solution to bridge the gap between rising expectations and limited resources. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing how governments operate, communicate, and serve their citizens.

What are public engagement tools: 6 features to look for

‍ Over 5 billion internet users worldwide underscore the importance of digital public engagement tools. These tools enhance citizen participation in governance. Effective public engagement tools are vital for: These tools bridge the gap between policymakers and the public, ensuring governance that is transparent, accountable, inclusive, and sustainable. They provide a platform for everyone, decentralizing communication and fostering a responsible government.

Unveiling the Mystery: A Comprehensive Guide to VPNs

We rely on the internet daily. It keeps us in touch and entertained. Yet, risks exist—we might lose privacy or face security issues. That's where virtual private networks, or VPNs, can help. But what is a VPN, and how can it help you? This simple handbook plunges into the pool of VPNs. It breaks down how they work, their pros, and when you might need them. Tech experts and everyday web surfers alike, this guide prepares you. It helps you figure out if a VPN is the right online security tool for you.

6 Government communications strategy examples with best practices to follow

‍ A government communications strategy is a coordinated plan that aims to inform, engage, and influence the public. Effective communication is crucial for transparency, public trust, and successful policy implementation. Evaluating successful government communications strategy examples can help administrations design an effective approach to communication.

Disney's Slack breach tells an important story

News of Disney’s alleged Slack breach shows what can happen when organisations trust centralised communications platforms that don’t use end-to-end encryption; if an attacker gets inside, they have access to everything. By contrast, in an end-to-end encrypted system, data is instead only accessible by specific cryptographically identified users and their devices. Hopefully the master storyteller can help organisations learn that relying on popular but insecure platforms is a catastrophic risk.

How to choose the right civic engagement software

‍ Civic engagement software is a powerful tool that helps citizens interact with their governments. This technology is critical to modern governance as it allows for transparent communication, public feedback collection, and successful project management As citizens demand greater accountability and participation in decision-making processes, the value of a strong citizen engagement platform cannot be overstated.

Web Scraping: What It Is And How Companies Can Leverage It

In the contemporary digital landscape, information reigns supreme. The ability to extract, analyze, and utilize data effectively can significantly propel a business forward. Web scraping, a method of collecting data from websites, has emerged as a vital tool for companies seeking to harness the vast expanse of online information. This article delves into what web scraping is and explores the myriad ways companies can leverage this technique to gain a competitive edge.

Rocket.Chat and Bluescape forge strategic alliance to strengthen defense operations

Rocket.Chat has partnered with Bluescape, a mission-ready visual workplace, to provide a reliable solution for secure and unified defense operations. This integration will help defense and federal agencies to securely share and manage mission-critical information, collaborate on mission strategies in real-time, connect with key partners to exchange classified intelligence and protect confidential data from unauthorized access, interception, and tampering.