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Secure communications landscape is now 'Established,' says Forrester

The new Secure Communications Solutions Landscape Q2 2024 (subscription required) report, from Forrester Research, categorises the secure communications marketplace as having progressed from ‘Emerging’ to now be identified as ‘Established.’ There are many milestones on any journey, but we feel this is a significant one.

Salesforce Brings Slack AI to All Paid Customers, Adds Recap to Deliver Daily Morning Digests

Slack strengthens its AI-powered platform as it continues rolling out native generative AI capabilities to users, including enhanced search, channel and thread summaries, and a new recap feature. Customers like Wayfair, Beyond Better Foods, and more depend on Slack AI to stay ahead of the workday and better surface and prioritise information.

Marketing Your Game and Making Money: Choosing the Right Methods - and Keeping Your Team Working Smoothly Together

Launching a game into a jam-packed market and planning to make a profit requires more than just an original idea and slick gameplay to back it up. So much of success in this sphere boils down to picking the right marketing strategies that resonate with your target audience, as well as monetizing your pride and joy in an appropriate way. There’s also the fact that your team are the gears behind the scenes, and they need to mesh perfectly to drive your project forward properly at all points.

5 Examples Of Passive Communication and How To Deal With It

Professional communication can be tricky at times. When you send an email or a message, the person on the other end might not understand what you mean. Even if you spend time crafting your message, it can still be misinterpreted. This is important, whether you’re working remotely or in person. In emails or chats, you have to be extra careful with your words and punctuation to avoid confusion. As we continue to work remotely, dealing with difficult team members might become a challenge again.