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Increasing Productivity Through University Software (Leveraging Campus Management Software)

University software can help to elevate the productivity of all stakeholders. Higher education organizations are using campus management software to build a virtual environment for productivity. From team communication to student support, university management software creates a centralized virtual environment for all stakeholders at the university to thrive.

Creating Efficiency for University Operations through Software

University operations play a pivotal role in creating a productive and successful learning environment. These are the foundations upon which the institutions are built. ‍ In order to manage a large number of students, staff, and resources, universities need robust systems that provide real-time data and transparency across all areas of their operations. Universities are complex organizations with a myriad of moving parts. Each university department has its own objectives, budgets, and personnel.

6 Instant Messaging Apps Students Love the Most

Instant messaging is by far one of the best inventions of humanity. We bet that many young people will agree with this statement. This technology enables us to stay in touch with literally anyone in real time despite the distance. And it’s especially important for students. With the help of messengers, students can chat with their family and friends. At the same time, they can connect with their classmates and teachers to create collaborative learning opportunities.

6 student collaboration tools to improve online group projects

Student collaboration tools are becoming increasingly important in contemporary education. When students collaborate, they are engaged in the learning process. Thus, collaboration in the classroom can lead to improved learning outcomes. However, student collaboration takes many forms today. Since digital education is being introduced to schools and universities, a new way to collaborate outside the classroom had to be designed.

Why should you use software for education [+10 examples]

The educational sector is currently going through major changes. The pandemic has made all education switch online for a while - and this was a wake-up call for many schools and universities to start investing in software for education. It is evident that the whole education system is lagging behind when it comes to digital transformation. However, the pandemic kick-started the growth of the EdTech market, which is expected to reach $404B by 2025.

25 most popular open source software in education

‍ We are seeing more open source software being applied in the education industry. This is no surprise since its specific advantages make it extremely attractive for educational institutions such as schools and universities. The widespread imperative is that more investments need to be made to facilitate digital education. After the pandemic, this became apparent more than ever. This article brings you the list of the most popular open source software in education.

3 biggest benefits of open source in education

Open source software is making its way into education. Even though using open source software for educational purposes is nothing new, we observe an increased demand for it across higher education institutions. Why now, and why such a surge in interest? Well, there is hardly any industry that didn’t experience an impact made by the pandemic. The conclusion across the board is almost unanimous: the future is digital, and it’s approaching us at a greater speed than ever before.

What is EdTech? 10 companies transforming the way we learn

EdTech has been a crucial part of a digital learning experience for many students and teachers. Now, the market for online learning apps is drastically expanding. The abrupt increase in the number of EdTech users, fueled by the pandemic, has shown that digital education is necessary to equip students with the skills essential for their future. That’s why experts predict that the EdTech market will almost double in size by 2025 - meaning that the total EdTech spend will be $404 Billion.

Digital education: 10 benefits for universities and students

The world is growing more digital by the minute. Although digital transformation has impacted businesses the most, educational institutions also face an increased need for digital strategies. Ever since the world went completely digital due to the pandemic in 2020, digital education has become a priority for students, parents, teachers, and educational institutions alike.

Top 4 Chatbots That Help Students These Days

A few years ago, nobody knew about such a thing as a chatbot. Today, most companies use it for different purposes, from information updates and client communications to sales promotion. We are now used to the fact that these pieces of AI software are the first to answer when we ask a question. A human assistant gets connected when the machine cannot handle the case. Okay, it all makes sense for sales and customer service. But how are these chatbots useful if we talk about education?