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Best Collaboration Tools for Remote Education and E-learning

Remote education and online learning are becoming increasingly important parts of how individuals and teams alike obtain knowledge and skills in today's business world. However, it can be difficult to collaborate on educational projects when remote teams are involved effectively. To help make the process of collaborating on remote education and e-learning projects easier and more efficient, there are several collaboration tools available that can make a big difference.

Why digital communication matters for education?

In 2023, many schools and universities are increasingly leveraging digital communication to further the goals of effective teaching and assessment. However, many institutions are yet to implement such forward-looking changes. Their efforts are often limited by a lack of funding, outdated infrastructure, or resistance to change. Digital transformation is changing how industries and sectors work, bringing transparency, efficiency and speed to manual processes. The field of education is no different.

10 ways to improve teacher-student communication in remote classrooms

Distance learning and digital education have opened up many opportunities for students worldwide, allowing them to learn flexibly and conveniently. With course materials and lectures made available online, students can learn on their own terms. By leveraging online tools and resources, teachers can provide a personalized learning experience for students' needs and learning styles. Therefore, effective teacher-student communication is key to ensuring the success of digital education.

10 tools for secure and effective distance learning

Distance learning tools provide students with flexibility and convenience, enabling them to take courses at their own pace. In addition, it offers the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills while still retaining the freedom to pursue other interests or commitments. Even through a computer screen, online collaborative learning tools can keep students interested and engaged. For all these reasons, it is not surprising that online education is continuing to grow.

25 most popular open source software in education

We are seeing more open source software being applied in the education industry. This is no surprise since its specific advantages make it extremely attractive for educational institutions such as schools and universities. The widespread imperative is that more investments need to be made to facilitate digital education. After the pandemic, this became apparent more than ever. This article brings you the list of the most popular open source software in education.


Your Guide to Shifting to Hybrid University Model

There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has completely redefined not just the workflow of businesses but also educational institutions. From holding online classes and board meetings remotely in the past two years, to shifting to yet another relatively new work setup, such changes further reinforced the need for innovation in modern governance.


4 Examples Of Good Customer Service In Schools And What You Can Learn From Each One Of Them

Customer service is often associated with consumer-facing companies, like Amazon or your favorite e-commerce store. When mentioned in relation to schools, it’s often overlooked. However, good customer service in schools can help build stronger ties with existing students and parents, as well as earn a reputation as a preferred educational institution that lasts for years to come.


Increasing Productivity Through University Software (Leveraging Campus Management Software)

University software can help to elevate the productivity of all stakeholders. Higher education organizations are using campus management software to build a virtual environment for productivity. From team communication to student support, university management software creates a centralized virtual environment for all stakeholders at the university to thrive.