Sydney, Australia
  |  By Natalie Mendes
The Editor-in-Chief of the Economist, one of the oldest newspapers in the world, answers our pressing questions on leadership in the midst of digital transformation.
  |  By Pega Davoudzadeh
Best practices for collecting and analyzing human data in the workplace.
  |  By Dr. Molly Sands
How to facilitate meetings that are worth everyone’s time and help you accomplish your goals.
  |  By Lisa Raphael
Fresh ways to turn your workplace woes into longer-term wins.
  |  By Dr. Molly Sands
How to de-clutter your calendar and regain control of your workday.
  |  By Kelli María Korducki
The benefits to employee wellbeing are obvious – but the well-intentioned laws could backfire. Here’s what leaders need to know.
  |  By Heather Krebsbach
As a Confluence user, you know the power of collaboration. Sharing information, ideas, and projects creates a work environment where everyone can contribute to the greater whole. And more and more people are concerned with creating collaborative work environments. As the Harvard Business Review put it, “Collaboration is taking over the workplace.” We’ve built Confluence to be the place for your team’s work, documents, and ideas, so that everyone can be on the same page.
  |  By Paul Friesen
Memos, post-its, endless meetings: these are a few of the ways you can slow down team productivity. You’re often much better off communicating ideas quickly and simply with diagrams. There are several great Confluence add-ons that help you easily create beautiful diagrams, including Confluence Diagramming by Creately, Gliffy, and Graphviz — that are intuitive, fast, and smart. They take care of creating and embedding simple, easy-to-use diagrams, so you can focus on what matters to you.
  |  By Shaina Rozen
The long-held popular theory that learning styles help us consume and retain information isn’t backed by evidence. Here’s what modern education experts recommend instead to help adult learners succeed.
  |  By Work Life Editorial Team
Two AI experts weigh in on how the technology can help teams do more and collaborate better.
  |  By Atlassian
Cloudflare Co-Founder Michelle Zatlyn and Atlassian Co-Founder Scott Farquhar shared how Cloudflare built and scaled with the Atlassian platform from MVP to IPO at Team '24. It’s never too early to start with Atlassian.
  |  By Atlassian
In this webinar, Jira Product Discovery Sr. Product Manager, Rohan Swami, shares real-life examples of how to do discovery and delivery together and connect them on the same Jira platform.
  |  By Atlassian
24 Hour Fitness worked with FMX Solutions to switch from BMC Remedy to Jira Service Management to reduce silos and save costs. Now 24 Hour Fitness is connecting Dev and Ops to collaborate better and make work more visible. Watch this Team 24 they’ve used Jira Service Management to transform their service management practices.
  |  By Atlassian
Learn how Deliveroo uses Jira Service Management to support their biggest customers and restaurant integrations, delivering more than 100M food orders per year. Hear this Team 24 session covering how they’ve created connected support experiences, automated their workflows, and brought development teams closer to customers.
  |  By Atlassian
Professor Genevieve Bell is technology’s first fortuneteller. After 18 years as Intel's resident anthropologist, Genevie joined the Australian National University, where she started ANU’s School of Cybernetics. Today, Genevieve is the 13th Vice-Chancellor and President of the Australian National University.
  |  By Atlassian
Discover the ins and outs of data residency at Atlassian. Learn how to maintain control over your data, comply with regulations, and build trust with your users. Understand what data residency means, how it works, and the scope of data it covers. Plus, gain tips on preparing for a smooth data migration.
  |  By Atlassian
Explore how developers can manage incidents in Jira Software using the new incidents tab. The incidents tab pulls relevant incidents from Jira Service Management and other third-party tools, into Jira Software so developers can focus on incidents impacting software components they’re responsible for in the same tool where their development backlog lives. For more about Incidents in Jira check out these articles.
  |  By Atlassian
Learn how to optimize your mindset with mindset coach Ben Crowe, who's worked with No.1 tennis champions, Olympic Gold medalists, champion surfers, record-breaking race car drivers, and execs from Nike. He chats with Atlassian's Dom Price about elite performance and the relationship between sports teams and business teams, "human being vs. human doing," and the ways we can tap into our mindset to find incremental improvements in how we see and relate to the world.

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