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Understanding the Jira Align Enterprise Insights Data Schema | Atlassian

Jira Align Enterprise Insights is a data mart of normalized and transformed Jira Align data that enables you to create your own reports with any modern reporting platform. In this video, you will learn about the Jira Align Enterprise Insights data schema, as well as, tips and resources for getting started.

Confluence Mobile App | Atlassian

Move work forward from anywhere with the Confluence mobile app. Download it now for Apple or Android. Be connected. Be creative. Be anywhere. Confluence Mobile gives you instant access to your team, projects, and customers. Confluence is a team workspace where knowledge and collaboration meet. It's a central source of truth for fast-moving companies. Confluence keeps everyone organized and aligned – with everything from meeting notes to strategy docs and IT documentation – so they can make better decisions faster and be more responsive to change.

Product Insider - Atlassian Analytics | Community Leaders | Atlassian

Inder Singh, Senior Product Manager for Analytics Visualization Platform, and Tracy Chow, Senior Support Engineer for Atlassian Analytics, will give a demo of the new no-code visualization builder and interactive dashboards, talk about how users can leverage it, and be available for Q&A about Atlassian Analytics and the Atlassian Data Lake.

Jira Software Cloud and Data Center Feature Comparison | Cloud Migration Demo | Atlassian

Start your Cloud journey today with the Atlassian Migration Program . We’ve distilled the most critical resources and learnings for our customers into a single one-stop-shop giving you the tools, support, guidance, and promotions you need to migrate with confidence. Get started on your migration now to start taking advantage of the best Atlassian has to offer and to ensure a smooth, successful move.