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Highlights from our 2024 Intranet Innovations Virtual Summit

Want insight into the latest intranet innovations to transform employee experience and drive big business outcomes for your organization? Check out highlights from Simpplr’s 2024 Intranet Innovations Virtual Summit to hear from leading industry experts and intranet insiders about everything from content creation and user engagement to data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI)!

Zendesk Relate 2024 keynote highlights: AI, CX, WFM, QA, and more

👉 Zendesk Relate 2024 keynote highlights ⚡️ Join CEO Tom Eggemeier, Senior Vice President of Solutions and Product Marketing Lisa Kant, and Senior Vice President of Product Management Paxton Cooper as they announce the launch of autonomous AI agents, workflow automation, agent copilot, Workforce Management and Quality Assurance capabilities — all powered by Zendesk AI.

Halo Orbit 2023 - Where Innovation Took Flight

Halo hosted its inaugural Orbit conference, welcoming 150 partners at the McLaren Technology Centre – an exclusive privilege thanks to our Official Technology Partners at McLaren Racing. In the spirit of transparency, CEO Paul Hamilton guided partners through our philosophy, major company updates, stats and financial figures, paving the way for a deep dive of HaloITSM, while HaloPSA and HaloCRM showed how we are revolutionising the service delivery of MSPs and customer service respectively.

How to optimize your tech stack for AI, according to marketing leaders

The market is flooded with shiny new AI tools, all promising to help teams “do more with less.” In the midst of that noise, marketing leaders are faced with a delicate balance: How can they update their tech stack safely, to reap the benefits of AI without putting marketing outcomes—and budget—at risk? This was a core theme at The Work Innovation Summit, Asana’s marquee event showcasing how AI can unlock human potential at work.

Distributed '23 highlights: Enhanced AI, advanced diagramming, and more!

Product leaders, developers, and innovators from Miro’s community of more than 60 million global users brought their passion and energy to Distributed ’23, our annual community event designed to inspire and empower teams to create the next big thing.

10 Work Innovation Summit takeaways to unlock AI's potential

For many of us, the way we work is broken. But the combined power of humans and AI offers a potential solution. At The Work Innovation Summit, we explored the potential for AI to transform the way we work. The event highlighted the magic that unfolds when AI—rather than adding to the work pile—alleviates repetitive tasks and allows humans to channel their ingenuity, empathy, and passion into purposeful, meaningful work.

What We Learned at CXFS 2022: Netomi's Top 5 Takeaways and Insights

Last week, customer experience (CX) executives from around the world gathered in Boston for CXFS: Customer Experience for Financial Services to discuss the latest in CX design, innovation, culture and strategy in financial services. Several of us from Netomi attended these two days of thought-provoking sessions about digital transformation in the financial services world, and, like sponges, absorbed the content, nodding our heads along the way.

Greatest hits: Top takeaways for agency owners from our virtual summit, Bandwidth

We’re so glad you had the bandwidth to join us at our free virtual summit for agencies. We couldn't have asked for a better bunch of people to attend, so from all of us here at Teamwork, thank you for taking part! We kicked off our virtual summit with powerful and awe-inspiring words from New York Times bestselling author of Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life, Gary John Bishop.