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How to Foster Employee Connections When You Can't Stop for Donuts

Some years ago, I wrote a blog called Always Stop for Donuts. In it, I spoke about the employee experience and the impact of connection. In that blog, I touched on how to grow roots amidst the waves of change. Years ago, the formula for growing roots seemed simpler: connect with employees (people), know your stuff, grow yourself, take chances, never let off the gas (except to stop for doughnuts on the way to the office.)


Pinaki Kathiari on gratitude and the power of employee recognition

What do you do when your left brain pushes you toward engineering, but your right brain aches for creativity? You meet in the middle, of course, which is precisely what Pinaki Kathiari did when he became the CEO of Local Wisdom, a New Jersey-based communications agency focusing on internal and external communications.


The power of AI personalization: Tailoring meaningful content to individual employees

Internal communication is the heart and soul of any savvy company looking to create a solid company culture that values the employee experience (EX). And when your communications have AI and are tailored to the individual needs of your workers, this only improves EX.


Simpplrs' Anywhere Work employee experience survey report pinpoints HR trouble spots

In fact, as we discovered in our Anywhere Work 2023 Employee Experience Survey Report results, 79% of HR executives feel that this “anywhere work” shift has created disconnects on a number of fronts, making internal communications more challenging than it was before. The struggle is rooted in the fact that most organizations are ill-equipped to manage a hybrid workforce.


Internal communications: A view from the trenches

The idea of having a team dedicated to communicating with a company’s workforce isn’t new. Still, the last three years have intensified the need for an internal comms team as the workplace morphed from a single location to distributed locations, with employees spanning different cities, workplaces, and time zones.