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2023 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch

Ever see someone’s Facebook posts or Instagram stories and cringe? You know the ones. They follow the same lame script that was being used in 2018 (the last time that script actually worked). But what worked five years ago is now cringe-worthy. Hell, what worked a few months ago might be cause for cringe today. Social media trends change all the time. If you’re not paying attention, you’ll be left behind while others race on a completely different track.


How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency

Once upon a time, social media was used to share photos of your meals, blurry highlights from your night out with friends, and general life updates with your family. But then something magical happened. The influencer was born. All of a sudden, individuals with thousands and even millions of followers could post a photo wearing a certain sweater, and that sweater would sell out immediately. It wasn’t long before businesses took notice. Enter the age of social media marketing.