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How the team creating Basecamp uses Basecamp | Basecamp Office Hours

In this Basecamp Office Hours session (recorded live on February 8, 2023), Kimberly, Ashley and Chase share how the team at 37signals uses Basecamp to manage their day-to-day work. During this one-hour session, the team shows how the company uses Basecamp can be set up for company Human Resource functions, recruiting, and onboarding new employees.

New in Basecamp: Move Tools Between Projects

You've always been able to move individual items from one Basecamp project to another — a message, to-do list, or card. Now you can move an entire tool from one project to another. Maybe you're breaking a larger project into multiple, smaller projects. Or perhaps you want start a tool in a private project before sharing it with a group. With the new Move Tools feature, reorganizing your projects just got easier.

New in Basecamp: Filter Activity by People or Projects

The activity page shows everything that's happening across all your Basecamp projects. But what if you want to only see what members of your team have been working on? Or need to check in on just a handful of projects? It can be challenging to sift through everything and find what's important – but not anymore! Now you can filter activity by projects or by people. From the top of the activity page, choose how to filter your results, then search by people or projects to customize the report.

Visually track the progress of tasks with Basecamp Hill Charts

In this video, we break down Basecamp's Hill Chart feature for getting a visual representation of the status of a to-do list. Every piece of work has two phases. First there’s an uphill phase where you figure out your approach. You have a basic idea about the task, but you haven’t figured out what the solution is going to look like or how to solve all the unknowns. Eventually you reach a point where there aren’t any more unsolved problems. That’s like standing at the top of the hill. You can see clearly all the way down the other side. Then the downhill phase is just about execution.