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New in Basecamp: Timesheet

Need to track time so you can bill your client? Want to know who's spending how much time on what? Introducing Timesheet, an add-on that makes tracking time simple. Track time by clicking the green timer at the top of to-dos, cards, docs, and more. To capture work that happened elsewhere, add time to the project itself on the project home page. You can add hours for other people on the project, too, which is handy if they forgot.

Introducing HEY for Families

Since HEY launched, we’ve heard from many of you who want to share all the goodness of HEY with the people in your family. We get it! We have partners, kids, and parents who would benefit from HEY, too. So, today we’re introducing HEY for Families — add up to 4 additional HEY accounts for just $179/year total! One person pays and invites everyone, but the accounts remain separate and private.

New in HEY! Search Improvements

We know how critical it is to find the email you’re looking for quickly, so we just shipped significant improvements to search. We’re surfacing more relevant search results and you can filter results by attachment — like PDF, images, and more. You can also select emails in the search results and take action on them. To make the searching easier, you’ll see a list of recent searches before you even start typing in the field.

For the Love of Linux - REWORK podcast

In this podcast episode, REWORK host Kimberly Rhodes talks with David Heinemeier Hansson, co-founder of 37signals and CTO, about his personal shift from using Apple products to exploring Linux and Windows platforms. He discusses the expanded platform integration at 37signals, which now includes all three operating systems.

New in Basecamp: See unassigned To-dos & Cards in one place

When you manage projects, you don’t want anything to fall through the cracks. Every detail should be captured, every task assigned. If no one is responsible, the work won't happen. Now in Basecamp, you can see everything that’s unassigned across your projects on a single page. Under Activity, you’ll see the new report: Unassigned to-dos and cards. The report is organized by project, so you can focus on one at a time. Click a project to see the to-dos and cards that aren't assigned yet.

New in Basecamp: Easier Edits

We're making Basecamp better! It's now easier to make quick edits. Before, editing titles or renaming tools in a Basecamp project took multiple steps, taking you to a different page, and then back again. We made it easier! Now, you can rename projects, tools, documents, messages and more without ever leaving the page. Simply click and make your changes.

New in HEY! Improved Email Threads

We just revamped an essential part of HEY — working with long email threads. Before, clicking one entry expanded all of them, which was disorienting. Now you can take a peek into individual messages in a thread, and the rest stay in place. HEY now reliably detects previous replies and tucks them away until you need them. Previous content will be collapsed, making reading and replying easier.