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37signals: Live design review for "Basecamp project stacks"

In this live design review with Jason (product), Brian (product manager), and Dorin (designer), we discuss a new Basecamp feature in development that allows people to organize their projects into stacks. This design includes a round of simplification in response to a more complicated design we looked at last week (not part of this video).

TypeScript Drama and Open Source Opinions

Recently 37signals co-founders David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried found themselves at the center of an unexpected internet storm. It all began when David made a significant announcement: Turbo 8 would no longer be using TypeScript. What followed was a whirlwind of controversy and social media fireworks. In today's discussion, Kimberly Rhodes sits down with Jason and David to unpack the impact of social media on these types of discussions and the broader implications of these online controversies on open source contributions.

Are You an Underdog in Business? We Want to Hear from You!

In this episode of Rework, host Kimberly Rhodes sits down with 37signals founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson to hear about the company's fondness for underdogs – small businesses that are scrappy, do more with less, and use creativity over big budgets. If this sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you and just might have you on an episode of Rework to share your story. Plus, the lucky winner will get one year of Basecamp Pro Unlimited on us!

How Basecamp Became a 100% Remote Company

It’s been more than three years since we closed our office in Chicago, and since many companies are still trying to figure out what to do about their office space, we thought we’d share our story. Moving is never fun. It’s bad enough when it’s your stuff, but ten years of stuff makes it even worse. As folks outside of Basecamp learned of our impending office closure, I began to get some questions. The most common being “what did you do with the stuff?

Get that "We did it!" feeling with Basecamp

Small businesses are our favorite businesses. Small is not less than. It’s greater than. It’s faster than. It’s friendlier than. It’s better than. You don’t get to lose money like they do. Instead, you have to make it work. That means doing the great work that small organizations must do to survive, thrive, and stand out. Basecamp can absolutely help you with that. Our business is better because it runs on Basecamp, and we’re confident yours can be too.

Benefits of Project Management Software

Project management looks different for everyone and every business. Trust us. Over 20 million people have worked on a project inside Basecamp, so we’ve seen it all. And this front row seat has reinforced our belief in the power of projects. To us, project management is a no brainer. But to some, they don’t quite see the point. Usually, because they don’t really understand the benefits of project management to begin with. We hear it all the time by those who haven’t tried it.


Client Management Strategies for Agencies to Build Better Relationships

Good client experiences in the agency world aren’t always the norm. Here’s how to make them yours. Horror stories about poor client experiences make the rounds online, in friend circles, and between colleagues. These stories can include anything from a lack of communication to being scammed out of money for deliverables. Either way, your brand reputation extends beyond just your work; it encompasses the entire client experience.